Using Wet Benches and Wet Bench Stations

Wet Benches - Fully Automated Stations

Industries using Wet Benches and Wet Bench Stations have a wide range of options from which to choose. Modutek designs and manufactures a variety of manual to semi-automated wet benches as well as fully automated wet bench stations. Wet Bench Station technology is used in manufacturing semi-conductors, some medical components, computer hardware and solar cells, among others. All integrated circuits are manufactured using Wet Benches and Wet Bench Stations.

As mentioned above, Modutek manufactures and carries a full range of wet benches that can be configured to meet your specific requirements. We provide various options that will work for your requirements and budget. Consider the following options when selecting equipment for your Wet Processing needs.

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Discover the Advantages of Modutek’s IPA Vapor Dryer

IPA vapor dryer (Marangoni Drying) in fab

Our IPA Vapor Dryer, also called Marangoni Drying, provides an alternative to current drying processes used in semiconductor and related manufacturing. The Modutek IPA Vapor Drying system is housed in one free-standing chamber. The unit also allows for quick and easy bottle changes to eliminate down time. Discover the other advantages of the Modutek IPA Vapor Dryer.

Why is Marangoni Drying so popular for semiconductor production? The process originally developed in 1990, allows for the production of ultra clean and dried surfaces on flat substrates. This is accomplished as the water/IPA slowly drains around the substrate wafer. Nitrogen gas breaks the surface tension of the wetting film which dries the substrate. The process also allows for very low particle counts, no watermarks and no feature damage.

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