Acid Neutralization Systems Provided by Modutek

Acid Neutralization Systems Provided by ModutekAn Acid Neutralization System is vitally important for any company that uses chemicals in their manufacturing process. Chemicals need to be neutralized before they can be discharged. Normally, the requirement in most industries is that chemical waste be discharged with pH range of between 5 to 9 pH. The benefits of Modutek’s Acid Neutralization Systems are discussed below.

Modutek has been designing and manufacturing Acid Neutralization Systems since in the 1990s. Each system is self-contained, is inexpensive to operate, and can be installed easily at your company. Because these Acid Neutralization Systems are designed in-house, they can be modified to fit in the space you have available. Along with the physical dimensions of the Acid Neutralization System, the throughput capacity can also be tailored for your specific production needs.

Industries that generally use Acid Neutralization Systems include Photovoltaic Solar Cell Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology, Semiconductors, Aerospace, Laboratories, Chemical Processing/Manufacturing, Metal Plating/Finishing, and Medical Devices. No matter what industry your company is in, if you need an Acid Neutralization System, the systems manufactured by Modutek Corporation have many benefits:

  • All Acid Neutralization Systems manufactured by Modutek Corporation are completely self-contained
  • The compact systems are available in two-stage or three-stage systems
  • They are available in many sizes ranging from 5 to 500 gpm
  • They can be installed indoors or outdoors for added flexibility
  • They feature fully automatic operation that treats both acidic or alkaline waste streams
  • Automatic discharge occurs only within desired limits
  • The final monitor chamber is set up for ease of sampling and recording all pH before discharge occurs
  • Stripchart recorders offer continuous monitoring and recording of the pH discharge
  • The system includes an alarm system for high and low pH in the final chamber as well as a PLC with Touch Screen

The Acid Neutralization Systems from Modutek provide the following options:

  • Integrated Lift Stations
  • BMS Systems
  • Surge Pumps
  • Paperless Chart Recorders
  • Data Logging
  • Remote Alarm Panels
  • Process Equipment Integration

The Acid Neutralization Systems from Modutek can easily be incorporated with the other equipment used in your manufacturing process. We offer various sizes which can be customized to meet your requirements. If you would like to learn more about Acid Neutralization Systems produced by Modutek Corporation, call 866-803-1533 or email

Wafer Processing Equipment Designed to Meet Your Requirements

Wafer Processing Equipment Designed to Meet Your Requirements

Modutek Corporation has been a leader in the design and production of Wafer Processing Equipment for over 30 years. When you need to purchase high quality reliable Wafer Processing Equipment, turn to a company you can trust that has a long track record of experience and expertise.

Manufacturing semiconductor wafers for integrated circuits with continually reduced geometry sizes requires the use of Wafer Processing Equipment that provides highly reliable and consistent results. Modutek Corporation keeps abreast of the latest technology changes and implements this technology as needed in the semiconductor wafer processing equipment they design and manufacture. Whether your company manufactures semiconductors for medical, industrial, solar, military, or another industries, Modutek has silicon Wafer Processing Equipment that will meet your requirements.

  • Wet Processing Manual Stations are available in different configurations to support both solvent and acid applications. Some of the benefits of these manual wet processing stations include meeting or exceeding all current standards for safety, lower cost than semi and fully automated equipment and the equipment can be designed to meet your requirements.
  • Semi-Automated Stations can also be configured to meet your company’s needs. The robots included with the semi-automated Wafer Processing Equipment ensure uniform processing without the fully-automated price. If precise developing, cleaning and/or etching processes are important, take a closer look at the Semi-Automated Acid Station. Benefits of this equipment include SolidWorks Simulation Professional and Flow Simulation software which is developed in-house. We also include servo motor automation and automation controls with the ease of a touch screen.
  • Fully Automated Stations provide the high degree of automation for silicon wafer processing. To ensure you receive the best possible Wafer Processing Equipment for your application, our team of engineers will work closely with you from testing to final delivery. Not only can we design the best equipment to meet your requirements, our in-house software engineers will revise the SolidWorks Flow Simulation software to your specifications. With over 30 years of continuous operation and excellent customer support, you can trust Modutek Corporation to provide the right Wafer Processing Equipment for your needs.
  • The Rotary Wafer Etching System allows for automated batch processing for chemical etching, resist etching, developing, stripping or cleaning of semiconductor substrates. It uses a dual tank wet station in a compact design. After the initial preset process is complete, the system transfers the carrier assembly to the Quench-Quick Dump-Overflow rinse cycles. Some of the benefits of the Rotary Wafer Etching System include an automated wafer transfer from process to rinse that takes less than 3 seconds, along with a continuous rotation which is adjustable up to 80 rpm. Its compact design is also freestanding, and it can handle multiple wafer sizes.
  • Silicon Wafer Cleaning Equipment moved to the forefront of the semiconductor wafer technology market due to the increase of the wafer reclaim marketing in 2013. Modutek Corporation specializes in microelectronic cleaning and has provided semiconductor manufacturing and wafer cleaning equipment for more than 30 years.

When you need the right Wafer Process Equipment for your business’ needs, call us to discuss your requirements. We can provide a free quote on any of the equipment we manufacture. Call us today at 866-803-1533 or send an email to for more information.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: Benefits of Purchasing from Modutek Corporation

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (SME) from Modutek Corporation is designed and configured according to the client’s specifications and are key components used in semiconductor manufacturing operations worldwide. Whether a company uses one of the manual wet benches, a fully automated wet bench station or a rotary wafer etching system, you can depend on Modutek to work closely with you to understand your specific application and supply a system that meets your application needs.

Semiconductor devices are used in nearly every industry today. They permit different machines to communicate with one another and with us. Through robotics, they do many jobs that are considered unsafe or too exacting that a human could never repeat them as often and as exacting as needed. They allow us to explore the universe around us and are as near as your computer.

Semiconductor manufacturing requires four basic steps:

  • Producing pure silicon ingots and then silicon wafers;
  • Making integrated circuits onto the silicon wafers;
  • Assembling the integrated circuits into a finished product;
  • Testing the back-end process of these products.

Our team of experts understands Semiconductor Manufacturing equipment and the industry requirements and has a combined 76 years of experience. You can trust that our team will know and understand your specific manufacturing requirements and will provide you the equipment that meets or exceed them.

What industries use Modutek Corporation SME systems? Obviously, the Semiconductor industry is one of the industries using our equipment. You will also find Modutek Corporation equipment being used in the Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) industry, Solar, Wafer Reclaim, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical and Biomed, Electroless Plating and Electroplating companies.

Modutek has been in continuous operation in the Semiconductor Manufacturing industry since 1980, and we are experts in process control which is needed in process engineering. With our process control, any process engineer can easily design his or her process around our highly reliable products and equipment.

Some of the benefits of using semiconductor manufacturing equipment developed by Modutek  include:

  • Reliable chemical flow throughout the bath for better process control
  • Specially designed tanks to help meet your process requirements
  • Long company history with manufacturing design experience
  • Advanced documents for long-term support (electrical schematics, P&ID and BOM)
  • All chemical baths are guaranteed for continuous temperature control and flow control
  • True process control allows for process engineers to build their process around our consistent application environment.

When you turn to Modutek Corporation, you be assured that we are able to meet or exceed your semiconductor manufacturing equipment needs. Contact us at 866-803-1533 or via email at to speak with us today.

Chemical Fume Hoods – Using Technology to Keep Workers Safe

Chemical Fume Hoods are necessary for businesses that use caustic chemicals or cleaners that are hazardous for those working around them. Modutek Corporation, which has been in business since 1980, manufactures some of the best Chemical Fume Hoods available today.

Properly designed and installed Chemical Fume Hoods are necessary to reduce a lab worker’s exposure to hazardous fumes, vapors, gases and dust created during lab tests. They are also used for Research and Development (R&D) analysis and in University laboratories. A Chemical Fume Hood works by confining any hazardous airborne material as well as diluting it with large amounts of air. This is drawn through an exhaust and filter system which is then expelled through the roof of a building or, if a company chooses a ductless system, the air is filtered and re-circulated.

Chemical Fume Hoods designed and manufactured by Modutek are used in a variety of applications in a number of different industries. They can remove and filter smells, fumes, gases, airborne chemicals, dust and other related airborne contaminants. Modutek’s Chemical Fume Hoods provide quick and low-cost hazardous chemical exhausting to keep your work area safe for your employees.

Some of the benefits of using the Modutek’s Chemical Fume Hood system include:

  • Low-cost of ownership that comes with a one-year warranty on all parts; however an extended warranty is available.
  • Meets or exceeds all current industry safety standards.
  • Our Chemical Fume Hoods are easy to install and set up.
  • Chemical Fume Hoods can be designed to meet your current testing needs.
  • We work closely with each client to setup a specific custom design or configuration.
  • The equipment is designed to allow for future expansion.

There are a number of options available for Modutek’s Chemical Fume Hoods including a ductless fume hood design that collects fumes directly from the source and re-circulates the filtered air. The ductless application comes with carbon filter, dust filter or can be used with fume/air scrubbers. Ductless Chemical Fume Hoods can be used with a fume/air scrubber or other similar filters and do not evacuate air to the outside.

Other options for the Chemical Fume Hoods designed and manufactured by Modutek include, but are not limited to:

  • FM4910 (PVC-C) material of construction
  • Utility sink with gooseneck faucet
  • Easily accessible electrical outlets at deck level
  • Fan Filter Units (HEPA)
  • A lift station designed into the bench
  • Drains dedicated to carboy with DOT containment
  • Overhead deck lighting
  • Teflon N2 gun and DI water hand spray
  • Counter balance safety shields

If you would like more information about the Modutek Corporation Chemical Fume Hoods, or any of our other products, please contact us today at 866-803-1533.