Modutek’s Temperature Control Circulator Provides Reliability for Etching Applications

Modutek’s Temperature Control Circulator Provides Reliability for Etching Applications

Modutek’s RCe Series line of sub-ambient Temperature Control Circulator is an excellent choice for your Buffered Oxide Etch (BOE) and HF application. Temperature control varying by only 0.2ºC is the result of interfacing our temperature control circulator with your silicon wet etching bath or other etch bath (whether you purchase a new one or use your existing equipment). Its design is compact and measures 20.5” x 25.0” x 15.5”, allowing it to fit easily behind or under a wet processing station.

Replacing a non-compliant R22 Freon compressor unit with our 134A Freon compressor will be an advantage, as it will assure that your unit meets current codes. Compressor size, heater size, and fluid parts options will allow you to select a temperature control circulator that will meet your requirements.

The electrical box with on board logic control will monitor temperatures of processes, heaters, and coolers. It will monitor reservoir levels and wi10px;ll sound an alarm for low flow. It will also alert you if the temperature is over what it should be for those processes that require a specific or constant temperature.

Circulator units all come with a 1500 watt stainless steel heater. 2500 watt and 3500 watt upgrades are available, as well, should they be required. Our line includes an upgrade to Deionized (DI) water all stainless steel fluid path, which is unique to our circulators. The water requirement for our RCe-01 standard series is the industry standard, reverse osmosis or city water.

While the ¼ hp compress is standard for our temperature control circulator units, alternate options available include ½ hp, ¾ hp, and 1 hp. Our team of engineers will work closely with your engineers to ensure you have the right system for your application. We can also make some modifications, if they are needed, all in-house rather than outsourcing them.

Our temperature control circulators are environmentally friendly and CE compliant. They include independent circuit breaker protection. An external status display makes it easy to see what is happening. Maintenance on our units is reasonably easy.

Please keep in mind the Modutek’s RCe Series temperature control circulator does have specific facility requirements. Main power requirement of 120 VAC, 50/60HZ, 20A rating for the standard RCe025-1500. The large compress and heater line of the RCe series will have similar requirements with 208VAC, 4-wire Circuit rating. A ½” FNPT inlet/outlet will be needed for circulating fluid.

Precise temperature control is assured when you choose Modutek for your silicon wet etching process or when you choose to replace an existing chiller that is non-compliant. Modutek’s temperature control circulator was designed to be the most advanced chiller/heater unit available. It is reliable as well as safe. Consider using Modutek for precise temperature control in your etching process or replacing your existing non-compliant chiller. Call us at 866-803-1533 or send an email to if you would like more information or a quote.

Advantages of Modutek’s Complete Line of Wet Processing Chemical Stations

Advantages of Modutek’s Complete Line of Wet Processing Chemical Stations

Modutek’s complete line of wet processing stations covers any and all of your manufacturing requirements. From manual process equipment to a full Dry to Dry process, we have numerous designs from which to choose. Our advantage is that we build according to your specifications which eliminate catalog purchases. This gives you the exact equipment you require rather than having to accept the limits of what is available. All equipment is designed and built in at our facility in San Jose, CA. This eliminates the “middleman” and gives you a one stop purchasing experience. This will definitely save you money and time. Please review the manufacturing advantages we offer on each wet bench design listed below.

Dry to Dry Wet Processing Benches

Like our Fully Automated Equipment, Dry to Dry process equipment can be obtained from Modutek in a variety of configurations to satisfy your wet process requirements. Our mechanical and electrical engineers work with your engineering team together to design the best equipment for your application, whether you require cleaning, etching or a combination drying. Since process sizes can vary from smaller wafer carriers to large (30”x60”) glass solar panels, so can our stations. In-house design and building of cleaning, etching or wet process stations means you have turnkey support. Our MVD Series IPA Dryer is used in our dry to dry process station, allowing you to move on to the next step in the process without needing a separate tool for drying in between. Throughput and yield are improved by eliminating transfer time. Process flow is aided by use of our SolidWorks Flow Simulation and SolidWorks Simulation Professional, which is advanced software made to improve throughput and etch rates, resulting in increased yields. We never outsource or subcontract the design of our robotics, but design, manufacture and test all robotics at our location in San Jose, CA. Modutek offers final acceptance testing, and all testing uses DI water.

Fully Automated Wet Processing Benches

A complete line of wafer fabrication equipment, which is fully automated, is available from Modutek in a variety of configurations. Our mechanical & electrical engineers will coordinate with your engineers to design the most efficient wet processing equipment for your budget. Most applications include cleaning, etching and drying with custom specifications welcomed. All process sizes are available from 30”x60” solar panels all the way down to standard wafer carriers. In-house design, fabrication, and testing means you have complete turnkey support for wafer fabrication equipment purchased from Modutek. The software is designed and coded by our software engineers, as well, and the SolidWorks Flow Simulation and SolidWorks Simulation Professional are designed to give you your required process flow characteristics. The advanced software provides improved etch rates along with throughput which will result in increased yields. Our facility in San Jose, CA, is where all robotic equipment is completed, from designing and building to testing. No outsourcing or subcontracting is done with our automation design. Modutek always offers final acceptance testing and DI water is used for all wafer fabrication equipment testing.

Semi-Automated Wet Processing Benches

Semi-Automated Stations are another option you can choose when you use Modutek’s Wafer Processing Equipment. This format includes manual wet benches, which can be configured in a wide variety of ways. Semi-automated robots offer uniformity at a lower cost than the fully automated equipment. Servo controlled robots have 3 degrees of freedom. Precise etching or cleaning processes are possible due to this motion control. In-house design and manufacture of robots result in turnkey support. In-house software engineers design and code our software at our facility. SolidWorks Flow Simulation and SolidWorks Simulation Professional are made to help you with required process flow characteristics. All automation design is done in-house, never outsourced or subcontracted. Modutek has a new line of automation that expands the Sysmax Inc. line. Modutek acquired Sysmax Inc. in 2002 and supports their complete SPS Series product line, as well as the Vac Etch (VES) Series and the Transfer Automation System (TAS) series equipment.

Manual Wet Processing Benches

A wide variety of configurations are possible with Modutek’s manual wet processing stations. Both solvent and acid applications are supported by the standard construction. All benches, whether manual or automated, offer the same process and safety features, but the manual benches do not have robotics, so their cost is lower. Each wet bench order has sign off drawings prepared by our electrical and mechanical engineers. You receive the satisfaction you deserve due to our more than 30 years of continuous business operation. Complete turnkey support is available due to all components being designed and built in-house.

Stainless Steel Solvent Wet Benches

Stainless Steel Solvent Stations by Modutek offer a Dry to Dry configuration and Fume Hood design, in manual, semi-automated, or fully automated. Solvent applications can be easily achieved with this stainless steel construction. A few process operations for which these benches can be used include acetone, photo resist striping, and IPA. The process flow characteristics required can be achieved with the help of our SolidWorks Flow Simulation or SolidWorks Simulation Professional software. It is advanced software that increases yields by improving etch rates and throughput.

If your application requires robotics, these are designed, assembled and tested at our facility in San Jose, CA. No outsourcing or subcontracting – our robotic design is all done in-house. Stainless Steel Solvent Stations final acceptance testing can be done any time at Modutek, and all testing uses DI water. Modutek provides a complete line of Wet Benches and Wet Processing Stations designed to meet your specific needs.