Modutek Introduces Water Ring Seal (WRS) Option in Quartz Baths Products

Quartz_Baths_ProductsModutek’s new Water Ring Seal (WRS) option will extend the heater life of your high temperature quartz bath……guaranteed.  With our new WRS option, any high temperature quartz bath comes standard with a 30 month warranty.

Our WRS design gives you a true 360˚ water ring seal under the top flange of the quartz bath.  This labyrinth seal creates a water seal barrier preventing chemical fumes from entering the heater cavity on any of our quartz bathsSimilar to the AquaSeal®, our WRS design gives you a continuous water flow and a second resource for this option.

Besides the 30 month warranty, the WRS design will help with:

  • Reducing inventory control due to extended bath life
  • Eliminating process down times
  • Overall facilities saving
  • Improving yield
  • Eliminating the possibility of shipping your current quartz bathin for repair once a year

Our two main high temperature quartz bath series for your WRS options are the Qa and QFa Series.  All Modutek’s standard quartz baths come with an Inconel heating element bonded to semiconductor grade quartz.   Our QFa series took the original Qa design and added circulation (overflow) features.  This gives you the ability to continuously filter your chemical in a closed loop design.

Both the Qa and QFa Series Constant Temperature Quartz Baths are a result of over thirty years of evolutionary bath design and a passion for establishing the quality standard in quartz baths.  Since 1980 Modutek has sold over a thousand high temperature quartz baths.  At Modutek, we define quality by the degree of safety, reliability, and cost of ownership engineered into every aspect of all our products.

Our Service and Support:

We provide one year warranties on all of our products, accessories and now 30 months on our WRS option for quartz baths.  Our field support team is available to answer your questions and resolve equipment problems by calling our toll free number: 1-866-803-1533.

Our Equipment:

Our two main high temperature quartz baths for the WRS option consist of our QFa Series and Qa Series.  Both are highly reliable and we have sold thousands of units over the years.  Below are some of the benefits of our Quartz Baths:

  • Nested 4 sided heating element 360º serrated overflow weir
  • Seamless, sloped flange design
  • Dual safety snap switch
  • Facilitates laminar flow while minimizing particulate contamination
  • Fast, more even heating
  • Minimizes damages resulting from runaway temperatures
  • Improves up time and reliability due to longer vessel life

Contact us directly through the web site or by calling 1-866-803-1533.  We will respond within 24 hours during week days.

Modutek’s Differences You Can Depend On

modutek-graphicModutek Corporation is based in San Jose, CA and we’ve been in continuous business operation since 1980. During this time, we have grown through product advancements and company acquisitions and have always strived to provide products that exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. Having the ability to order all of your wet processing equipment with one manufacturer with all the equipment manufactured at one location is one of the key differences we offer.

All our quotation requests for the products are provided according to your specifications with our 30 plus years of industry experience behind it.  We don’t confine you to catalog ordering at Modutek. Our customization, commitment, product quality, dependability, service, support and equipment start-up is what sets us apart from the competition. We have sold wet benches along with a broad line of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to over 500 companies in the United States and internationally since 1980. Our extensive product line includes the following:

  • Fully automated wet benches
  • Semi-automated wet benches
  • Manual wet benches
  • Free standing IPA Vapor Dryer
  • Megasonic cleaning systems
  • Complete line of process components and rinsers
  • Control systems for all applications
  • Rotary etchers
  • Wet bench upgrade
  • Acid and base neutralization systems
  • Air Scrubbers
  • Chemical delivery and mixing systems
  • Chemical collection systems
  • In-house service and support
  • Contract manufacturing

Our Service and Support:

We provide one year warranties on all of our products and accessories, and our field support team is available to answer your questions and resolve equipment problems by calling our toll free number: 1-866-803-1533. The level of support would depend on your specific contract with Modutek Corporation. Our fully automated equipment has remote assess capability. This allows our engineers to update software and troubleshoot your station anytime with internet access. After the install is completed our support engineers will qualify the system and train your operators. Overall support would depend on your specific contract and requirements.

Our Equipment:

We design all our equipment in-house and our own staff of engineers will review your specific requirements. We will typically start with one of our proven standard platforms and design a custom system for your requirements. We have manufactured hundreds of systems, and many of these systems have very complex processes for etching, precision cleaning, stripping and chemical mixing. We offer manual operation and full-data logging in real time systems, communication support, monitoring / controlling process bath chemistry and many other system features.

Our Reputation

We’ve been referred to as the “best kept secret” by some of our current customers. This is due in part to our vast product line, willingness to work directly with you to solve your problems and give you the “one-stop support” to make your job easier.

Visit our web site at and see the difference. Contact us directly through the web site or by calling 1-866-803-1533.  We will respond within 24 hours during the week day.

Modutek’s Chemical Fume Hoods: Ordering Made Easy

Modutek-Chemical-Fume-HoodsWhen it comes ordering chemical fume hoods for your lab, Modutek gives you a wide variety of options to meet your requirements. With our wet processing capabilities, we can add the features you require that give you flexibility and overall design advantage. Whether you require a table top exhaust hood or a freestanding hood supported with a HEPA filter filtration system, Modutek can customize our equipment to meet your specifications and requirements.

There are no catalog numbers to limit your choices. All lab and research projects have their own unique equipment requirements. We are your one-stop shop that can provide all your lab equipment needs for all types of wet processing, wet bench and related manufacturing. Below are the features and benefits of Modutek’s chemical fume hoods and how we make ordering easy:

  • Modutek’s chemical fume hoods are made from high-quality materials. This includes stainless steel construction to handle solvent applications and white polypropylene to handle acid and base processes.
  • Each unit is manufactured having electrical outlets at deck level. The units can be manufactured using standard, ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFI) or explosion proof electrical outlets. GFI outlets are required in most states since they provide the best protection from electric shock. Explosion proof electrical outlets are used in hazardous and corrosive environments. Choose the outlet that best suits your manufacturing needs.
  • If you need a chemical fume hood built with a utility sink with a gooseneck faucet, we offer that option. This type of faucet is an option many of our customers choose as part of their requirements.
  • Temperature controlled chemical baths are also available with our chemical fume hoods or exhaust stations for your laboratory.
  • Modutek’s chemical fume hoods can also be designed with overhead fan filter units (FFU) if they are part of your requirements.
  • A carboy chemical containment system is included with our chemical fume hoods. This system captures waste solvents produced during wet processing, and other related chemical processing applications.
  • Counter balanced safety shields are also provided with the chemical fume hoods manufactured by Modutek.
  • Overhead LED lighting is also included on-deck.
  • Custom designed chemical fume hoods built per your specifications. What does your specific application require? What size and length chemical fume hoods do you need? We can create any size and length to meet your requirements.

Other options you can get on your Modutek chemical fume hood include dedicated drains to carboy with DOT containment, lift stations designed into the benches, fan filter units (HEPA), Teflon N2 gun and DI water hand spray, and extended warranty. If you need additional information on Modutek’s chemical fume hoods you can contact us at 866-803-1533.