Acid Neutralization Systems from Modutek

Acid Neutralization SystemModutek Corporation designs and manufactures a complete line of self contained industrial waste acid neutralization systems that are easy to install and inexpensive to operate. Batch sequence reactor systems as well as Continuous flow neutralization systems are also available.

The task of all neutralization systems is to adjust the pH of the process stream to a defined acceptable discharge range. Normally adjusting the pH balance to a neutral range from 6 to 9 pH is what most industrial applications are held to before discharging water into the public sewer. Generally continuous flow neutralization systems are well suited for relatively high flows of mildly acidic or alkaline (e.g. 2.0 < pH < 12.0) waste water. Compared to batching systems continuous systems are smaller and less costly, however, they are also more limited. For more demanding industrial applications, such as those with fluctuating pH balance flows or those characterized by highly acidic or highly alkaline waste water, a batch system would be the better choice since it only discharges when the treated effluent meets a specific discharge criteria.

Applications where continuous flow neutralization systems are typically used include:

  • Influent chemistry is relatively constant and not characterized by large swings with incoming pH or chemistry
  • Influent flow is relatively constant and not characterized by large flow surges
  • Used as a single stage in a more complex application such as fluoride removal or heavy metal reduction
  • Effluent pH limit is not highly constrained (range of < 2.0 pH units)

Continuous Flow Neutralization systems

Modutek offers compact two and three stage continuous flow neutralization systems that are completely self-contained. They provide fully automatic operation and use a compact design in either single or double containment and range in size from 5 to 500 gpm.

Acid Neutralization System Features:

  • Available in many sizes -from 5 to 500 gpm in single or double containment
  • Indoor/Outdoor Installation -for installation flexibility
  • Fully Automatic Operation- Treats both alkaline or acidic waste streams in a fully automatic operation
  • Two or Three Stage Systems
    • Two stage systems can handle normal applications
    • Three stage systems are used for the most demanding plant conditions
  • Microprocessor Based pH Control
    • High accuracy, ease of calibration and reliability
    • Strip chart recorder for continuous monitor and record
  • Unitized Construction
    • 5 to 100 gpm systems use unitized construction with steel reinforced thermo welded polypropylene
    • Larger sizes designed with skid mounted process tanks in fiberglass, polyethylene, or lined steel
  • System Alarms- PLC w/Touch screen
    • High and low pH in final chamber
    • Low level reagent storage tanks
    • Liquid sensor in double containment
    • Remote Ethernet Access
  • Light Tower
  • Reagent chemicals injected with two metering pumps per stage
  • Large flow systems utilize pressurized control valves and larger pumps

Electrical Requirements

  • Control system – 115 volts. Mixers and pumps can be 115, 230, or 460 volts.

Batch Sequence Reactor Systems

Modutek’s Batch Sequence Reactor Systems provide effective treatment of wastewater that contains common heavy metals such as Copper, Nickel, Lead and Zinc as well as metal anions, Fluorides, and chelated or complex metals.

Modutek’s Batch Sequence Reactor system can effectively remove and can effectively address the following:

  • Common Heavy Metals Removed by Precipitation and Flocculation-Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc.
  • Metal Anions Chemically Reduced – Chromium, Arsenic.
  • Fluorides Removed by Calcium or Magnesium
  • Trace Metals Removed by Ion Exchange Resins or Flocculation

Modutek’s Batch Sequence Reactor System provides high reliability and programmed automation and includes the following features:

  • Programmed chlorination and pH adjustment to eliminate bacteria.
  • Programmed Reaction Sequences – Multiple reagents may be fed, including a polymer flocculent to aid growth of precipitate particles.
  • Built-in Holding Tank – Wastewater is stored in holding tank and is automatically processed when sufficient volume is collected.
  • Double Containment – The entire system is double contained in a triple-welded polypro outer shell with leak detection.
  • Alarms will sound to alert for high/low pH, low reagent levels, high tank levels, and leakage in double containment space. Final Monitor and Alarms –Specific ion measurements are available.

For more details on system specifications refer to the acid neutralization systems site page. If you need more information about selecting the right neutralization system for your application or want a quote, call us at 866-803-1533.