Quick Tips About Using Wet Benches

Quick Tips About Using Wet BenchesAs a lab tech or process engineer, you understand that having the best tools and equipment to work with is critical. Whether you work in manufacturing or research, keeping up with the latest technology changes is sometimes what will save even the greatest products from falling short. At Modutek Corporation, we understand that using highly reliable wet benches and wet bench chemical equipment is a big part of your job. We have been working to provide excellent products for over 30 years, and we offer a great deal of expertise on all of our products which include fully automated, semi automated, and manual wet bench stations. Whether you are manufacturing semiconductors, solar panels, disk drives, flat panel displays, or any other highly specialized product, we can provide you with high quality and reliable wet bench equipment that meets all your requirements.

Getting the Right Equipment for the Job

Every process requires reliable equipment to complete the job. When purchasing wet benches, we work with you to insure our equipment will meet all your specific process requirements. In addition, we also build and design our equipment for future expansion, just in case you are in need of additional accessories or capacity in the future.

Selecting the Right Equipment at the Right Price

Every business or research facility should be able to afford the most advanced wet bench technology available. At Modutek, we carry three unique wet bench or wet processing stations depending on your application requirements:

  • Wet Bench Manual Stations: Manual stations are the most cost effective option when selecting your new equipment. Able to support both acid and solvent applications, our manual benches are an excellent solution that offers a wide range of safety features and perks without the robotics.    
  • Wet Bench Semi-Automated Stations: These high-tech wet benches come in countless configurations perfect for any application. Semi-automated systems allow users to experience process uniformity at a lower price than the fully automated systems.
  • Wet Bench Fully Automated Stations: For technicians who need all the bells and whistles of full robotics, our fully automated stations are designed specifically for your business. Our in-house engineers generate unique operating software right at our facility, allowing your unit to come prepared to work straight out of the box.

Keeping You Safe

All of our wet processing equipment either meets or exceeds all current safety standards. Each wet bench comes standard with PVC safety shields, Emergency Power Off (EPO) with mushroom button, and safety interlocks, keeping you and your coworkers safe from harmful chemicals.

If you have any questions regarding our wet benches or how they can improve your research or product, give us a call today at (866) 803-1533 or (408) 362-2000. You can also email us at [email protected] for more information and one of our service experts will contact you to discuss your requirements and also provide a free quote.

Modutek Selected for Equipment at Michigan State University’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) Project

Modutek-Michigan-State-Case-StudyModutek Corporation, which specializes in custom wet process equipment for various industries, has been selected to provide equipment for Michigan State University’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) project.  The equipment Modutek will provide is a precision cleaning tool for superconducting radiofrequency resonators, which are the essential parts of FRIB’s linear accelerator (known as LINAC).

FRIB has been organized and established by Michigan State University (MSU) as a U.S. Department of Energy Office and designated as a National Science user facility.  This facility will be used to support the mission of the Office of Nuclear Physics.  The FRIB project will accelerate various elements from hydrogen to uranium to over 200 MeV/nucleon (about half the speed of light) in a superconducting linear particle accelerator which will create rare isotope beams through in-flight separation. These rare isotope beams will allow scientists to make new discoveries in nuclear physics, astrophysics, and in beneficial applications of rare isotope beams.

Built according to MSU’s specifications in a 6-month time period, the 33 ft. long precision cleaning tool from Modutek is designed to clean the accelerator’s Niobium (Nb) metal tubes with harsh chemicals in very controlled environments.   High-purity (RRR) niobium tubes and cavities are used as resonators in superconducting accelerators because of their mechanical and superconducting properties.   Modutek needed to design the equipment to insure that the niobium tubes would be cleaned to remove any impurities so the cabinet and bench material will hold up to constant exposure to acids and harsh chemicals.

The precision cleaning tool consists of a chemical delivery and reclaim system, parts cleaning compartment, cavity etch compartment, waste water pumping system along with 55 gallon waste chemical drums that allows acids to be purged and neutralized.  The tightly controlled system includes multiple toxic gas sensors, alarms and automatic door locks for added safety.  In order to insure against leads, all of Modutek’s welders and tools are certified for plastic welding and plumbing of the chemical tanks.

As with the linear accelerator’s process tool for Michigan State, Modutek’s projects are about providing customization in order to meet the customer’s requirements.  Their process tools, process tanks and components are built to customer spec under highly guarded proprietary agreements.

From its beginnings back in 1980, Modutek has expanded over the last 30+ years from a component manufacturing company to a custom wet process tool manufacturing company. This transition included a series of acquisitions, including a robotics company which promoted the development of automated wet benches.   When the semiconductor manufacturing became more environmentally regulated in the late 80s, the company developed products for the acid neutralization and also added pollution control capabilities.

Today Modutek provides precision cleaning equipment to both domestic and international customers who need any type of wet processing equipment. This includes chemical delivery systems for pharmaceutical, biochemical, nuclear and solar as well as going with the ebb and flow of the chip industry with wet bench manufacturing.  Modutek is a well-positioned company, with capabilities in both chemical delivery as well as being its own OEM — essentially providing a turnkey solution for wet process system integration in a manufacturing operation.

Elite projects that include the MSU superconducting linear accelerator which require highly specialized equipment have become Modutek’s trademark. “The intricacies of this project, with materials like Flametec and our quality-control on welding and other techniques, open up a world of possibilities for us,” said Wagner.   “I think our hands-on approach and responsiveness will continue to propel us forward.”

Take advantage of the specialized knowledge and experience that Modutek can provide for your unique requirements. Call us at 866-803-1533 to discuss your requirements and get a free quote.