Chemical Handling Equipment to Address Your High Tech Manufacturing Requirements

Chemical Handling Equipment to Address Your High Tech Manufacturing RequirementsIf your company has to work with chemicals at any point during the manufacturing process, you already know the problems with finding the right chemical handling equipment that is both reliable and meets all of the regulation specifications. Since it is nearly impossible to manufacture without the use of chemicals, you need to work with a supplier that provides expertise, experience as well as good service to insure any issues are addressed while using their equipment.  Once you find the right supplier who understands your needs and meets your requirements, you will be able to turn your attention to other areas of the business, such as improving manufacturing procedures and processes.

Modutek has the experience and knowledge to allow you to focus on other business aspects without having to worry about the quality and reliability of your chemical handling equipment. From process components to chemical handling equipment and stations to more advanced processing equipment, Modutek can provide you with the right equipment to handle any chemical at any stage in your manufacturing process.

Chemical Handling Equipment Products

Modutek provides a full range of chemical handling equipment to meet a wide variety of manufacturing needs.

  • Fume Scrubbers effectively use a minimal amount of water to remove harzardous gases, fumes and other air pollutants from the air. Modutek’s fume scrubbers are designed to meet your quality air standards and can provide an air flow rate from 500-25,000 CFM. Many manufacturers use fume scrubbers to work with wet processing and plating stations. These can be custom designed to meet your requirements.
  • Acid neutralization and acid neutralization systems that create a smooth process flow with the other components of your chemical process. Modutek offers both continuous flow as well as batch systems. The throughput capacity of these systems can be designed to meet the specific requirements needed by any production facility.
  • Having a reliable set of chemical handling equipment that follows the chemical flow is easiest when you purchase equipment that is designed to work together. Using Modutek’s chemical lift stations, pump carts, and chemical collection systems can insure that your process does not have any gaps and issues with less reliable or compatible equipment.

Process Components and Advanced Equipment

Chemical handling equipment goes beyond just the pieces made specifically to deal with the chemicals.

  • Quartz baths give you a way to process your quartz and minimize chemical issues.
  • Temperature controlled circulators lets you control the temperature of both heating and cooling processors.
  • Vacuum metal etchers provide the safety you need in an automated batch processor to get your product through numerous chemical processes.

There are many different types of chemical handling equipment you can get to make your manufacturing floor run at maximum capacity with the highest degree of safety. Modutek can recommend the right equipment to meet your specific needs, whether chemicals are a major part of your production or just a byproduct. For more specific information or to get a quote call 866-803-1533.