What Modutek’s Dry to Dry Etching Process Equipment Provides

What Modutek’s Dry to Dry Etching Process Equipment ProvidesDry to Dry base / acid wet process from Modutek Corporation is fully automated equipment which is available in many different configurations to serve your requirements for wet process. Modutek’s engineering team put a lot of effort into designing the most effective equipment to support a dry to dry etching process  for your application. All the process sizes are handled from wafer carriers which are standard silicon wafer, glass substrates to glass solar panels of 30” X 60”.

All cleaning, wet process or etching components are designed and built in-house and provides you complete turnkey support. Station of dry to dry utilizes the MVD (Modutek Vapor Dryer) Series IPA Vapor Dryer. This allows you to proceed to the step in processing without using a separate tool in drying. Therefore it eliminates the need of transfer time, and this is a very effective way of improving both throughput and yield. The advanced software will increase your yield, improve your throughput and etch rate. The entire robotic system is completely designed, assembled and quality tested at San Jose, CA with the professionals from Modutek Corporation. All quality procedures use DI water for testing.

This wet process equipment has several features which are useful in your day to day applications. The features give it several advantages that will offer various benefits to you.

 Standard features:

  • Has a IPA Vapor Dryer on board (MDV Series)
  • White polypropylene construction
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) is equipped with all safety locks
  • Available in multiple sizes and lengths to cater to your specific needs
  • Stations are all wired according to NFPA 70 and 79
  • Every wet process tank has 1” lip exhaust
  • PLC has  touch screen/ graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Servo motor motors has encoder feed back
  • One year warranty (all parts)
  • Leg levelers and casters
  • DI water manifold continuously flow
  • Hand spray for DI water and Teflon N2 gun
  • PVC safety shields
  • Photohelic interlocked to EPO
  • 2-copies of manual paper and a complete paperless set

Benefits include:

  • On board drying tool included
  • Long period of continuous operation (over 35 years)
  • All designing, assembly and testing is done at a single location
  • Software Design includes SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Flow Simulation
  • No outsourcing for either software or robotic design


  • Diffusion Clean
  • Ozone Etching
  • Ozone Cleaning
  • KOH Etching
  • Buffered Oxide Etching (BOE)
  • Silicon Nitride Etch
  • SPM Clean
  • SC1 and SC2 containing Megasonic Energy

Optional Ozone Feature (Dry Zone)

The DryZone is a patented revolutionary new solvent gradient dryer. It exceeds the most vigorous total organic carbon (TOC) or volatile organic carbon (VOC) environmental concerns.

Silicon substrates are first rinsed in deionized water to remove any water inorganic impurities. After rinsing, the substrates enter a solvent chamber to develop a boundary layer, which will remove organic impurities. The substrates are then processed through an ozone chamber, either with or without ultraviolet light exposure, to convert all traces of organic materials into carbon dioxide gas. The substrate surfaces are then free from moisture, trace organics, and other particles. The substrate surfaces are stable hydrophilic surfaces. For silicon wafers, the surface is Si-O terminated. If hydrophobic surfaces are needed, a short 10 second post ozone conversion step renders silicon wafers Si-H terminated.

The dryer has no detectable VOC’s in the exhaust, and supports green chemistry initiatives, unlike isopropyl alcohol consuming dryers. Since the dryer uses reactive chemistries, it is more than just particle neutral, it is particle reducing!


The features, benefits, and applications discussed above say it all. Modutek’s engineering team designs the most effective etching or cleaning equipment needed for your application. If you have any questions or want to get a quote call us at 866-803-1533.

Why You Need Modutek’s Complete Line of Wet Processing Equipment

Why You Need Modutek’s Complete Line of Wet Processing EquipmentWith almost four decades of experience manufacturing wet process equipment for the chemical etching industry, Modutek prides itself on the outstanding quality, durability and cost-effectiveness of its products. Our product line covers the entire range of industry techniques and can support your efforts in any of the following processes:

  • Silicon Nitride Etch
  • Aluminum Etch
  • RCA Clean (SC1 and SC2)
  • Buffered Oxide Etch
  • Develop Process
  • Photo Resist Strip
  • Piranha
  • HF
  • KOH (Anisotropic Etch)
  • Aqua Regia
  • Metal Etch

The Features

Whether you opt for white polypropylene construction for acid and base processes or stainless steel construction for solvent applications, our stations are available in any size or length. Secondly, they are all wired per NFPA 70 & 79 with an EPO mushroom button as well as all safety interlocks. All benches have an N2 head case purge with photohelic interlock to the EPO. Of course, they include a continuous flow DI water manifold plus casters for easy movement and leg levelers for when you get there. All of our equipment comes with a one-year warranty and we even provide the manual on paper as well as an online document.

There are also a range of optional features available including PVC-C construction, third-party certification (NFPA, CE mark or NEC), seismic zone 4 structural certification, HEPA fan filters, dedicated drains and carboys with DOT containment, overhead deck lighting, 3-color light towers and counterbalance safety shields.

The Benefits

Modutek’s full line of wet processing equipment – manual or automatic, standard or custom – offers a host of benefits including proven design that meets all price requirements and safety standards, a low cost of ownership, built-in expansion capabilities, all at a competitive price. In short, Modutek has the exact high-end wet processing equipment to suit your current and future needs.

The Bottom Line

Building a custom wet etching station? Upgrading your existing process? Purchasing new wet stations? Modutek can help! In fact, our line of in-house manufacturing equipment encompasses every process. In particular, we can supply you with:

  • Quartz: High temperature acid baths with available circulation and filtration.
  • Stainless Steel: Solvent applications with circulation and filtration.
  • Plastic: Certified welders; PVDF, Halar, Teflon, HDPE, Polypro and FM4910 material
  • Support Equipment: IPA Vapor dryers, Chemical Neutralizers, Fume Scrubber, Sub-Ambient Systems, Chemical Mixing, Chemical Delivery and Chemical Collect.

Modutek- Proven Experience

Modutek prides itself on 35+ years of continuous operation in providing semiconductor, MEMS and solar manufacturing equipment solutions. This experience gives you the reliability you deserve. From beginning to end, we work directly with you, from design approval to installation and final acceptance. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities of wet processing equipment to the final design and build of your custom process stations, we are your one-stop destination. For more specific information about our wet process equipment, please visit us online at Modutek.com or call us directly at 866-803-1533.