How Modutek’s Wafer Fabrication Equipment Provides Optimum Results

How Modutek's Wafer Fabrication Equipment Provides Optimum ResultsIn 1980, Modutek began manufacturing wet-processing and wafer fabrication equipment for the semi-conductor industry. Working with industry leaders Modutek has stayed focused to their roots by providing high-quality clean room equipment for advanced technical applications. Today, their wafer fabrication equipment and wet bench stations are used in a variety of applications from commercial to academic.

Achieving optimum results with Modutek’s Wet Processing Stations.

Modutek’s wet processing stations provide high quality and optimum results for your manufacturing process. Available in fully-automatic, semi-automatic, and manual benches. All bring unique advantages for your process requirements.

Wet Bench Manual Stations: Offered in a cost effective package, manual stations will support acid and solvent applications. This is offered with various options including a host of safety features without the need for advanced robotics.

Wet Bench Semi-Automatic Stations: Ideal for professional, academic and business applications, Modutek’s Semi-Automatic stations provide a large variety of customizations while remaining competitively priced. Our stations are ideal at continually producing uniform steps for technical work.

Wet Bench Fully-Automatic Stations: Packaged with in-house software, fully automatic robotics and top-of-the line features, Modutek’s fully-automatic stations are the most advanced option for optimal etch rates.

Built exclusively for your needs

Modutek’s wet benches can be customized to handle a host of solvents and applications. In addition to handling all solvent applications, wet benches can be adapted to the following processes:

  • KOH Etching
  • Ozone Etching
  • Ozone Cleaning
  • SC1 & SC2 featuring Megasonic Cleaning
  • Precision Part Cleaning
  • BOE (Buffered Oxide Etching)
  • SPM Cleaning
  • Plating
  • Quartz cleaning
  • Hot phosphoric (Nitride Etching)

Customized with state-of-the-art features

Modutek’s units are use in leading medical, solar, and academic labs. Their popularity is founded from their units’ ability to produce uniform results while exceeding current safety requirements. Additional features may be added to assist in achieving optimal results including:

  • FM4910 (PVC-C) material of construction
  • Rear access design
  • Third party certification for NFPA 70 & 70
  • Semi standard, CE mark and NEC certification available
  • Seismic zone 4 structural certification
  • Fan Filter Units (HEPA)
  • Lift station designed into bench
  • Dedicated drains to carboy with DOT containment
  • Overhead deck lighting
  • Light tower (3-color)
  • Counter balance safety shields

No matter your need or application Modutek’s experienced engineers and technicians will customize, build and test your unit to meet your requirements to provide optimal results. Modutek provides world-class service, set-up and customer support. Their Wet Benches and Wet Process equipment  provide high reliable results for precision processes. Contact them by calling 866-803-1533 or by email from the site.

Batch Etching Processes Supported by Modutek’s Wet Processing Equipment

Batch Etching Processes Supported by Modutek's Wet Processing EquipmentModutek is one of the premier developers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment as well as wet bench solutions. They pride themselves on more than 30 years of continuous operation and for their high level of customer satisfaction when it comes to providing superior wet processing equipment and service solutions. This experience results in quality and reliability that puts customers first each and every time!

The services and products offered by Modutek are ideal for process engineers and facilities engineers who want and need to use reliable equipment that provides a consistent repeatable process in a high tech manufacturing environment. Their customers include semiconductor fabs, university and research facilities manufacturing semiconductors, solar flat panels, LED displays, hard disk drives, and other related products. Modutek’s in-house engineering team can design and tailor their manufacturing and other wet processing equipment to meet all the requirements that their customers would require to achieve best results.

Modutek’s experienced team of engineers and knowledgeable sales team, can help you find the most effective and affordable solution for all of your wet processing equipment and manufacturing needs. Customer satisfaction runs high and they are known for their excellence in providing quality and reliable services, training, equipment, and machinery – which always has been and always will be their first priority.

Services and Features

Modutek’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Wet Bench Expertise provides the following services and features:

  • Buffered Oxide Etch Services
  • Chrome Etch Options
  • Customized Flat Panel Display
  • Specialized Processes for Etching
  • KOH, LED, and MEMS Processes
  • Metal Etching and Wet Processing Equipment
  • High Quality Acid Neutralization
  • Plating Guidance and Services
  • Positive Resist Strip
  • Precision SC1 & SC2 Cleaning
  • Solar and Chemical Polishing

Modutek Equipment and Services

Modutek provides outstanding services and high quality equipment and machinery that meet their customer’s requirements to provide the best results. Below are four of the most popular products available:

Wafer Rotary Etching System: This specialized model offers an affordable, ergonomic, safe, and fully automated batch processor. The system is designed for a variety of uses including developing, stripping, precise chemical etching, wafer reclamation, and a variety of cleaning and processing needs.

Vacuum Metal Etcher: As a fully automated batch processor, this etcher is designed to make use of the wet chemical etching process and is specially designed for optimum results on the aluminum surfaces found on the wafers. The etching is done under in vacuum environment so any hydrogen bubbles created by the process, are removed before they cause flaws and issues with the wet processing equipment etching.

IPA Vapor Dryer: This is a system that yields a very competitive option when it comes to a variety of drying requirements. One drying chamber is all that is needed for optimum drying and finishing. With this special set up, IPA vapor is generated in a compact and easy system that makes reloads and changes very easy and quick.

Megasonic Cleaning Equipment: With this set up you get a platform and design that provides a cleaning system that has been specially developed with the Semiconductor, Solar, FPD, Hard Disk, and Crystal industries in mind. This is one of the few places that has the latest Megasonic advances available to customers and clients before anyone else!

It is easy to see why Modutek is a trusted provider when it comes to semiconductor manufacturing equipment and wet processing equipment. Whatever your business needs may be and whatever the scope of your field is, you can find a solution at Modutek. Contact them at 866-803-1533 for a quote or to ask any questions about their equipment and your manufacturing requirements.