Advanced Ozone Cleaning Process for Photoresist Strip, Etch and Clean

Advanced Ozone Cleaning Process for Photoresist Strip, Etch and CleanAs a company, are you spending too much money on chemicals and chemical disposal costs? You can save money by using Modutek’s Advanced Ozone Cleaning Process equipment. Modutek will work closely with you to design and manufacture the best possible ozone cleaning process for your application.

Take time to research and discover the advantages of our ozone cleaning process. Awarded with a Green Technology certificate, we can substantially reduce your process chemical dependencies. Our ozone cleaning process can strip, clean or etch your wafers, substrates and solar devices for less than half the cost of conventional technology.

Our patented technology allows us to process your components using a combination of Ozone/water or Ozone and a mild acid to achieve what very expensive chemicals do and we are environmentally friendly.

Below is a list of advantages our ozone cleaning process has over your standard Piranha process.

  • It is safer – Our Ozone and water cleaning process operates at room temperature and gets the same results as your Piranha (sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide which is heated to 130C)
  • It is faster – Our Ozone cleaning process is Faster than Piranha with 100 Wafer Batches and 6 Batches per hour per Process Tank (@1.2-1.5um)
  • It is compatible – Our Ozone cleaning process is compatible with many Metal Films where Piranha is NOT suitable
  • It is cleaner – Our Ozone cleaning process does not leave metal or particle residues on Wafers, Piranha DOES
  • It is less expensive – Our Ozone cleaning is Less Expensive and EPA Approved (Green Chemistry); Piranha is More Expensive and NOT EPA Endorsed
  • It is cost effective – Our Ozone cleaning solution lifetime is > 1 week with 24/7 operation, the Piranha solution lifetime varies between 8-24 hours depending on Peroxide Concentration and Process Temperature

Break-Thru O3 Technology

  • Works with all metals tested – Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Tantalum, Titanium, Tungsten, and many others
  • Delivers Exact Chemistry to Point of Use
  • Replaces 2-3 Traditional Wet Benches process

Other Ozone process replacements:

  • Resist removal
  • Metal etch
  • Surface etch
  • Surface preparation
  • Final clean

If you would like to learn more about our ozone cleaning process or set an appointment for us to sample process your product, call us at 866-803-1533. We look forward to speaking with you and helping to meet your ozone cleaning process needs.