How Enhanced Automation Equipment Provides Precision Parts Cleaning

How Enhanced Automation Equipment Provides Precision Parts CleaningEnhanced automation equipment provides a more effective and efficient way to clean industrial parts while reducing costs and improving workplace safety. The cleaning methods range from baths with aggressive chemicals to Megasonic cleaning using high-frequency sound waves. For all these cleaning processes, automation can improve consistency and predictability. When the handling of sharp or heavy parts or the mixing of chemicals presents hazards for workers, automation can increase workplace safety. Using enhanced automation equipment can deliver these benefits by taking over the operation of the cleaning process and running it more efficiently.

Automation of the Cleaning Process Can Save You Money

Manual cleaning of parts and monitoring the cleaning process is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Workers must mix the chemicals and place the parts in the bath. If the parts are removed from the bath too soon, the remaining contamination has to be removed by hand. Human error can cause chemical spills or incorrect mixtures. Inconsistencies in the cleaning process can mean poor results that require additional part cleaning.

With enhanced automation, the cleaning process can be optimized. Chemical use is fixed and controlled at optimum values, and spills can be eliminated. Cleaning process times are set, and chemical waste is reduced. Operators can start the automated process and then do other more productive work. When they return, they can remove cleaned parts that are ready for further process steps. Automated precision parts cleaning can reduce costs with lower chemical use and lower workforce requirements.

Automated Cleaning Is Safe for Workers

When workers have to handle parts to be cleaned manually, they must follow safety procedures to minimize the possibility of injuries. Special safety equipment may also be required. Manual cleaning of sharp objects can result in injuries, and handling heavy parts is often difficult, especially when placing them in a chemical bath.

Automated precision parts cleaning systems eliminate many of these safety issues. Heavy parts can be placed in a basket, and the robotics take care of immersing the parts in the chemical bath. The automation system mixes the chemicals and times the cleaning process to ensure all parts are clean. The operators no longer have to handle the chemicals, and the need for manual cleaning is reduced.

Modutek’s Automated Process Stations Can Clean Industrial Parts and Equipment

Modutek has enhanced its automated process stations to clean industrial parts and equipment ranging from the smallest components to parts weighing up to 250 pounds. Typical parts weighing about 50 pounds made of metal or glass can fit into a 2-foot by 2-foot basket. Heavier parts can be placed on a cart and rolled up to the cleaning station. A robot loads the parts into the cleaning station bath, which goes through several automated cleaning and rinsing cycles. The stations can support baskets with parts weighing more than 250 pounds if required. The automated cleaning station design is aimed at cleaning industrial parts that are hard to handle manually.

The automated cleaning process can be observed on a touchscreen showing the major cleaning system components and their status. The touchscreen is also used for programming the cleaning cycles, setting the amounts of chemicals used, the process times, and the rinse cycles. Operators can run the cleaning process and then adapt settings to improve performance. The process is optimized to use the least amount of chemicals to achieve excellent cleaning results.

Modutek’s Expertise in Designing Automated Equipment

Modutek has extensive in-house experience and expertise in designing and building automated process systems. This means Modutek can evaluate customer cleaning processes and requirements and deliver the corresponding industrial parts cleaning equipment to meet their requirements. Modutek’s enhanced automation allows the cleaning stations to reduce chemical use, improve cleaning performance and provide a safer working environment. If you need automated industrial parts cleaning equipment, contact Modutek for a free consultation.

How Precision Parts Cleaning is Supported with Automation

Precision cleaning of industrial parts can be time-consuming and expensive. Manual brushing and scraping are labor-intensive and can result in injuries to the workers or damage to the parts. Handling heavy parts from manufacturing equipment is often difficult, especially when they have to be placed in a chemical bath. The chemicals themselves are expensive and spills or errors in mixing can be dangerous.

When precision parts cleaning is automated, chemical use is clearly defined and waste is reduced. The automated system handles the parts so worker safety is improved. Workers can carry out other tasks while the automated system carries out the cleaning. In this way, automation can save time, reduce precision cleaning costs and improve cleaning performance.

Fully Automated Precision Cleaning Results in Consistent Cleaning Performance

The automated precision parts cleaning system is made up of the cleaning station, robotics, and automation. The cleaning station includes the cleaning tank, an enclosure, and the piping for the cleaning chemicals and solutions while the robotics handles the parts to be cleaned. The automation system runs the cleaning process and has an operator interface used to program the system and to observe the cleaning process.

Once the automation system is programmed for a cleaning application, the operator can place the parts to be cleaned in a basket. The robotics transfers the basket to the cleaning station and positions it for cleaning. The automation system goes through the programmed cleaning cycle, whether it involves di-water cleaning, megasonic cleaning, immersion, or other cleaning processes, adding chemicals and draining the baths as needed. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the robotics removes the basket from the cleaning station and presents the clean parts to the operator.

Fully automated precision cleaning is especially valuable when the same or similar parts are cleaned repeatedly or when manufactured parts have to be cleaned before shipment. Sample parts can be cleaned and checked to see whether the cleaning performance is adequate. Once the automatic cleaning is satisfactory, the program can be run repeatedly to give consistent results. A series of parts are cleaned exactly the same way and present the same level of cleanliness.

The Modutek Automated Precision Cleaning Stations Support Customer Requirements

Modutek offers a fully automated solution for precision industrial cleaning of small, mid-sized, and large parts, usually made of metal or glass that typically weigh up to 45 pounds. A 2 X 2-foot basket can hold one or more parts and has a payload of 100 pounds. Baskets with payloads of 150 pounds or more can also be supported. The basket takes the parts to be cleaned and places them in position inside the cleaning station. Once started, the cleaning process runs without operator intervention until the cleaning cycle is complete and the basket brings out the clean parts for operator pickup.

A touch screen can show the progress of the cleaning process and the operation of the station. The touch screen can also be used for configuring the automated cycles and for operating the cleaning station. Normally, once the cleaning cycle has been programmed, the station will run until the clean parts are ready to be taken away. Modutek’s precision cleaning stations are ideal for precise cleaning of industrial parts that are not easily manipulated for manual cleaning. The automation and the robotic part handling equipment reduce the possibility of operator error and worker injury. Modutek’s industrial parts cleaning equipment can be designed and built to meet your specific application requirements.

Modutek is a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer, that has in-house experience and expertise in designing equipment for wet processing and silicon wafer cleaning applications. The company can advise customers on the type of automated cleaning systems needed to meet manufacturing requirements. Contact Modutek for a free consultation to discuss the specific cleaning needed for your industrial parts.