Using RCA Clean in a Wet Bench Process

Using RCA Clean in a Wet Bench ProcessBefore processing a silicon wafer under high temperatures, semiconductor process engineers will use RCA clean as part of a wet bench process. This procedure removes organic residue from a silicon wafer and replaces the surface layer of oxide with a thin, new layer. The application of two chemical solutions, SC-1 and SC-2, make up this process.

SC-1 removes impurities attached to silicon, quartz and oxide surfaces in a 15 minute soak. In addition, it initiates the regeneration of surface oxide layers. The mixture consists of:

  • 1 part NH4OH (ammonium hydroxide)
  • 1 part H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
  • 5 parts deionized (DI) water.

After an SC-1 application, cleanliness is ensured by soaking a wafer in SC-2 for 10 minutes. This mixture does not etch silicon, but targets and eliminates microscopic metal hydroxides, alkali residue and any other remaining metal. SC-2 consists of:

  • 1 part HCl (hydrochloric acid)
  • 1 part H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
  • 5 parts DI water

Fortunately, Modutek offers an array of wet bench equipment that support both steps of RCA clean. With a custom station, you can rinse and dry wafers in one place within 15 minutes.

Modutek Wet Bench Equipment

Modutek produces high-tech, high-yield wet bench processing equipment suited for RCA clean. Stations conserve DI water and operate with precise process controls via SolidWorks Flow Simulation software. Expedite your applications with a station designed in-house according to your specific requirements. Standard features include:

  • DI water hand spray
  • Continuous flow DI water chamber
  • Teflon N2 gun

Modutek IPA Vapor Dryer

Eliminate the need for separate rinsing and drying chambers with Modutek’s Marangoni drying system, also called an IPA Vapor Dryer. Incorporated into your wet bench, the IPA Vapor Dryer’s single chamber makes finalizing the cleaning process quick and convenient. In addition, this advanced system allows for ozone introduction in a post-solution clean. Safe and simple bottle change happens at deck level where IPA vapor precipitates inside your gallon container under level sensor protection. Additional safety features include an Emergency Power Off button and the absence of moving parts inside the drying chamber. IPA vapor distributes evenly through the top of the chamber, reducing IPA use while providing sufficient surface tension drying for all substrates and silicon wafers.

Modutek has been designing and manufacturing wet bench equipment for customers for 30+ years. Certified specialists will work with you from design to installation, ensuring you have the perfect wet bench and IPA Vapor Dryer for your cleaning and processing applications. Email [email protected] or call 866-803-1533 for inquiries.

Tips for Selecting the Right Wafer Fabrication Equipment for Your Application

Tips for Selecting the Right Wafer Fabrication Equipment for Your Application

Selecting the right wafer fabrication equipment for your company’s manufacturing requirements is an important decision. Whether you manufacture solar panels, semiconductors, or LED displays, it’s necessary to have a reliable wet bench station constructed by an experienced wet process equipment provider. From the military industry to the medical industry, process and facilities engineers need to consider five factors before selecting an appropriate bench.

High Quality Control Standards and Safety

Due to repeated use, wet bench stations should be both durable and safe. Modutek Corporation ensures equipment meets both conditions by minimal outsourcing of their design and manufacturing process. In addition, all stations come equipped with a chemical fume hood that efficiently expels hazardous chemicals. Testing at their facilities in San Jose, CA confirms functionality and compliance with all current safety standards.

Custom Fabrication Options

Production rates increase when wet bench stations are tailor-made according to your requirements and application. Modutek utilizes PFA, Halar, PVDF and PVC-C welding expertise to construct a station that makes meeting prototype specifications effortless. Modutek specializes in custom designs, providing numerous features for etching, plating, and cleaning. These include:

  • SolidWorks Flow Simulator software
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Teflon plumbing
  • Overhead deck lighting
  • CO2 fire suppression
  • Rear access

Wafer Size

Consider your specific applications and the wafer or substrate sizes a wet bench can handle before making a purchase. Modutek’s selection of wet bench stations process wafer sizes up to 12” and glass solar panels up to 30” x 60”.

A Full Service Vendor    

Don’t settle for off-site service and repair. Wafer fabrication equipment vendors should eliminate the issue of shipping faulty wet benches and related equipment. Fortunately, if your wet bench requires maintenance, Modutek’s specialists come to you. Receive a diagnosis and schedule a convenient repair over the phone.

A Devoted Vendor with a Wide Selection

Whether you need a fully-automated, semi-automated, or manual wet bench, you want a vendor that employs quality resources and expertise to create them all. Modutek offers all three types of stations that are customized according to your requirements.

Fully-Automated Wet Benches

Enjoy a hands-off approach with fully-automated wet process stations. These are available in any size from Modutek. Standard features include Emergency Power Off (EPO) and a one year warranty on all parts.

Semi-Automated Wet Benches 

Etch and clean with precise semi-automatic wet benches. Modutek incorporates servo motor automated robots with touch screen controls in all of their semi-automatic stations. This supplies you with three degrees of flexibility for any processing need. In-house development gives you full turnkey support and the same consistency found in advanced, fully-automated systems.

Manual Wet Benches

Use manual wet benches to reduce the price of using robotics in your clean room applications. Modutek’s standard benches include all the safety features found in automated systems and support both acid and base processes with white polypropylene construction.

Modutek’s Experience

Modutek has built and supplied custom wafer fabrication equipment for 30+ years. Certified specialists work with you from design to final installation and supply future assistance through field service repair. Email [email protected] or call 866-803-1533 for a free quote.

How Standard Clean Particle Removal (SC1 Clean) is Supported in a Wet Bench Process

How Standard Clean Particle Removal (SC1 Clean) is Supported in a Wet Bench ProcessSC1 Clean is the first step in the RCA clean, the procedure required before the high-temperature processing of silicon wafers. Organic impurities attached to silicon, oxide and quartz surfaces by the solvating and oxidizing actions of NH4OH and H2O2 respectively are eliminated by the particle removing solution, SC1 Clean. This solution starts a slow regeneration process whereby the silicon wafer’s original surface layer of oxide is broken down and replaced with a new layer. This regeneration process is a highly significant part of particle removal.

SC1 solution is used at 75 or 80°C for approximately 10 minutes. It is composed of:

  • 5 parts deionized water
  • 1 part NH4OH
  • 1 part H2O2

The cleaning procedure begins by heating a mixture of the deionized water and NH4OH up to 75°C. Then, add H2O2 and allow the mixture to bubble violently before using. The silicon wafer will then be soaked in the solution for 15 minutes. After, rinse the silicon wafer in a container of deionized water in order to clean off the solution. You should change the water several times in order to prevent any removed residue from clinging back on to the surface of the silicon wafer. Remember, with the new oxide layer on the surface comes ionic contamination that should be cleaned off in the following steps of the RCA clean.

Modutek Megasonic Cleaning Equipment and Features

The particular demands of the semiconductor, FPD, hard disk, solar and crystal industries are met by Modutek’s precision megasonic cleaning system. In addition, partnering with Kaijo Corporation allows Modutek to supply engineers with cutting-edge high precision cleaning technology.

You can clear 0.1 µm particles while working up to 140°C with Modutek’s Indirect (MSI Series) bath design. Or, Modutek’s Direct (MSD Series) can give you identical results with the Teflon coated Megasonic transducer. Placed in the tank, the transducer plate is ideal for using SC1 Clean and is easily accessible for installation and upgrades. With the help of Modutek’s engineers, your manufacturing equipment will be designed to work according to the requirements of your application.

Modutek’s Megasonic cleaning features include:

  • Automatic frequency tracking system
  • High efficiency generator
  • Upper and lower limit controls
  • Available frequencies: 950kHz, 2MHz, 750kHz, 430kHz and 200kHz

Modutek’s Experience

Modutek has been in the business of supplying semiconductor manufacturing equipment for 30+ years. This history is sustained by associates who will work with you from design to final installation. For a free quote call 866-803-1533.

How to Develop a Requirements List When Buying Wet Bench Equipment

How-to-Develop-a-Requirements-List-When-Buying-Wet-Bench-EquipmentChoosing the right wet bench equipment is a huge challenge for a manufacturing company or research facility. The equipment represents a major investment and you don’t want to spend a lot of money to find out the system doesn’t meet all your requirements. Secondly, the complex nature of wet bench equipment often makes the selection process even more difficult. In many cases, wet benches are designed to handle specific processes for wafer manufacturing. You need to insure that the equipment can support all your chemical processing and through put requirements.

That’s why you need to carefully evaluate your needs as you prepare to buy a wet bench. Below are 7 things you need to consider when buying wet bench equipment.

  • Wafer or substrate size

Before you even think about the equipment you want to buy, consider what wafer or substrate sizes it can handle. Different applications utilize different processes and wafer sizes, which applications do you need? Fortunately Modutek’s wet bench stations can handle all manufacturing process and wafer sizes up to 12″, whichever wet station you choose; manual, automated, or semi-automated.

  • Cassettes per bath

How many wafer cassettes per bath can the wet bench equipment hold? Some equipment can hold 2 wafer cassettes per bath; others can only hold one cassette per bath. An even more important feature is how the wafers are moved between baths. In some equipment, the movement is manual while in others it is automatic.

  • Is FM approval required?

FM Global Standards form the basis approval assessment of manufacturing equipment used in the semiconductor industry. It is a general understanding in the industry that equipment addressed as FM Standard are custom built rather than produced in mass. The manufacturer’s ability to produce consistently standard products is assessed on a regular basis during FM Approval’s product follow-up program.

  • Is CO2 fire system required?

Considering the fire risk posed by wet bench processes when solvents are used, most manufacturers fit their equipment with fire extinguisher systems. A common trend is to fit the equipment with CO2 fire suppression systems (Acid benches do not require CO2). See if the fire extinguisher suppresses fires without leaving behind foam, water, or dry chemical that may damage sensitive equipment parts.

  • Is a third party electrical inspection needed?

SEMI S2, CE, and 3rd party tests are an excellent way to test your system for consistency and efficiency. Modutek uses SEMI S2, NFPA, and NEC as guidelines in manufacturing wet processing equipment and can also provide a quotation for inspection reports as requested. You’re guaranteed that all systems will pass 3rd party electrical inspections.

  • Wafer volume requirements per day/week

How many wafers do you expect to process per day/week? As most process engineers have discovered, Modutek’s dry-to-dry wet processing equipment eliminates the need to dry using a separate tool. Fitted with an MVD Series IPA Dryer, the equipment shortens overall manufacturing process allowing for greater yield per unit time.

  • Exhaust/chemical fume hood filtration requirements

Since hazardous fumes are produced in wet bench process, an exhaust mechanism is critical to all processes. Modutek provides a chemical fume hood that gives you a quick and low cost means to dispose of hazardous chemicals from the work station. Featuring white polypropylene construction for base and acid processes and stainless steel construction for solvent applications, the fume hoods are easy to install and set up, low cost, and meet or exceed all safety standards.


Remember that you always have the choice of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic wet bench stations. Other factors you may need to consider include: pump requirements, in-line heater needs, and station layout. For more information, contact Modutek on 866-803-1533 or 408-362-2000.

Modutek Featured at Semicon Conference in China

Modutek-Featured-at-Semicon-ConferenceModutek, a leading provider of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and wet bench stations, will have a factory representative at the Semicon Conference in Shanghai China in Hall W3 at booth 3243. The conference will be held from March 17-19, 2015 and will be attended by a large number of exhibitors in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Details and information about the Semicon Conference can be viewed on their site at

Modutek will provide information and can answer questions about their manufacturing equipment with Laserwort who is their local Rep in China. Information about the following products will be provided at the conference:

  • Semi-automated Wet Bench Equipment:
    • Benefits include:
      • Servo motor automation
      • Automation control with touch screen
      • All robotics and software designed in house
      • SolidWorks Simulation Professional software
      • SolidWorks Flow Simulation software
  • Fully-automated Wet Bench Equipment
    • Benefits include:
      • Servo motor automation
      • Full automation control with touch screen
      • SolidWorks Simulation Professional software
      • SolidWorks Flow Simulation software
      • All robotics and software designed in house

The semi-automated and fully-automated wet bench equipment supports the following applications:

  • MEMs processing
  • KOH Etching
  • Ozone Etching
  • Ozone Cleaning
  • Precision Part Cleaning
  • SC1 & SC2 featuring Megasonic Cleaning
  • Quartz cleaning
  • BOE (Buffered Oxide Etching)
  • SPM Cleaning
  • Plating
  • All solvent applications
  • Hot phosphoric (Nitride Etching)
  • IPA Vapor Dryer
    • Benefits include:
      • Very low IPA consumption
      • No watermarks
      • Most drying cycles completed within 10-15 minutes
      • No moving parts inside drying chamber which eliminates wafer breakage
      • Drying technology can be easily designed and integrated into your wet bench eliminating one transfer step


    • The IPA Vapor Dryer supports the following applications:
      • Ozone Cleaning
      • Wafer Drying

Modutek has over 30 years of experience designing and building semiconductor manufacturing equipment and wet bench stations to meet the requirements of customers around the world. Modutek provides world-class service, set-up, and customer support. Their Wet Benches and Wet Process equipment provides high reliable results for precision processes. Contact them by calling 866-803-1533 or by email from the site.

Tips on Buying Silicon Wafer Cleaning Equipment

Tips on Buying Silicon Wafer Cleaning EquipmentFor all manufacturing involving semiconductors and micro electrical mechanical systems (MEMs), one of the most important requirements is to maintain a precise cleaning process of silicon. This reduces yield problems that occur from both the organic and inorganic residues. As the size geometry and size of semiconductors continue to become smaller, there are higher risks associated with contamination of wafers especially by particle contaminators. For increased efficiency in your manufacturing processes you will need to purchase high quality and reliable silicon wafer cleaning equipment for your manufacturing facility.

Here are 5 factors to consider when shopping for silicon wafer cleaning equipment:

  • Buy from a company with experience and expertise

Silicon wafer cleaners are different from other products you will buy on the market and fit into manufacturing environment.  When you are purchasing this equipment you will need to look for a company that has a proven track record with in-house expertise and support. You also need to confirm that the equipment they provide will meet all of your manufacturing requirements.   Upcoming companies with little experience are likely to sell you substandard products or products that are not fully qualified to meet your requirements. Companies that have been in the field for a long time will offer various equipment options based on their experience working with various customers.

  • Buy equipment manufactured using the latest technology

As the quality and geometry of the MEMs and semiconductors advance, the technology used to make wafer cleaners have also advanced. Finer geometries require finely washed and cleaned silicon unlike in previous years which involved just simple immersions in hot alkaline. The modern cleaning equipment uses megasonic cleaning, centrifugal spraying, and ultrasonic cleaning technologies. The enclosed systems effectively clean all particles and contaminant films. You’re better off buying from a company that implements such advanced technology.

Photoresists require sophisticated cleaning methods like the piranha cleaning process which uses a mixture of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide to clean organic residues off substrates. This process requires that the equipment and procedure used be carefully followed to insure safety.

  • Confirm that the equipment supports user manufacturing requirements

Cleaning equipment will always feature different cleaning aspects. You should check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that they match your requirements to ensure optimization of the resource. Wafer cleaners with additional features may be unnecessarily expensive if you never use some of the features.

  • High quality and reliable tools

Money will always be a factor when it comes to purchasing wafer cleaning equipment, but quality and reliability must never be compromised. High quality and reliable equipment will last longer, work better and will not compromise the reputation of the manufacturer.

  • Buy from a company that offers technical support and onsite repair

Many companies will sell you a product, but will not always offer good technical support and onsite repair if there is a problem. If a manufacturer does not offer good technical support or if the system does not work reliably, your manufacturing yields will be compromised. It is advisable to buy from a company that will offer technical support and repair of their wafer cleaning equipment in case of breakdown or malfunction.


With these factors in mind, work with a manufacturing supplier that provides reasonably priced yet effective silicon wafer cleaning equipment that is both efficient and durable. At Modutek Corporation, we strive to do this for all our customers and have been providing the high quality of equipment, service and support for over 30 years. Call us for a free quote at 866-803-1533 or visit our site at

Batch Etching Processes Supported by Modutek’s Wet Processing Equipment

Batch Etching Processes Supported by Modutek's Wet Processing EquipmentModutek is one of the premier developers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment as well as wet bench solutions. They pride themselves on more than 30 years of continuous operation and for their high level of customer satisfaction when it comes to providing superior wet processing equipment and service solutions. This experience results in quality and reliability that puts customers first each and every time!

The services and products offered by Modutek are ideal for process engineers and facilities engineers who want and need to use reliable equipment that provides a consistent repeatable process in a high tech manufacturing environment. Their customers include semiconductor fabs, university and research facilities manufacturing semiconductors, solar flat panels, LED displays, hard disk drives, and other related products. Modutek’s in-house engineering team can design and tailor their manufacturing and other wet processing equipment to meet all the requirements that their customers would require to achieve best results.

Modutek’s experienced team of engineers and knowledgeable sales team, can help you find the most effective and affordable solution for all of your wet processing equipment and manufacturing needs. Customer satisfaction runs high and they are known for their excellence in providing quality and reliable services, training, equipment, and machinery – which always has been and always will be their first priority.

Services and Features

Modutek’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Wet Bench Expertise provides the following services and features:

  • Buffered Oxide Etch Services
  • Chrome Etch Options
  • Customized Flat Panel Display
  • Specialized Processes for Etching
  • KOH, LED, and MEMS Processes
  • Metal Etching and Wet Processing Equipment
  • High Quality Acid Neutralization
  • Plating Guidance and Services
  • Positive Resist Strip
  • Precision SC1 & SC2 Cleaning
  • Solar and Chemical Polishing

Modutek Equipment and Services

Modutek provides outstanding services and high quality equipment and machinery that meet their customer’s requirements to provide the best results. Below are four of the most popular products available:

Wafer Rotary Etching System: This specialized model offers an affordable, ergonomic, safe, and fully automated batch processor. The system is designed for a variety of uses including developing, stripping, precise chemical etching, wafer reclamation, and a variety of cleaning and processing needs.

Vacuum Metal Etcher: As a fully automated batch processor, this etcher is designed to make use of the wet chemical etching process and is specially designed for optimum results on the aluminum surfaces found on the wafers. The etching is done under in vacuum environment so any hydrogen bubbles created by the process, are removed before they cause flaws and issues with the wet processing equipment etching.

IPA Vapor Dryer: This is a system that yields a very competitive option when it comes to a variety of drying requirements. One drying chamber is all that is needed for optimum drying and finishing. With this special set up, IPA vapor is generated in a compact and easy system that makes reloads and changes very easy and quick.

Megasonic Cleaning Equipment: With this set up you get a platform and design that provides a cleaning system that has been specially developed with the Semiconductor, Solar, FPD, Hard Disk, and Crystal industries in mind. This is one of the few places that has the latest Megasonic advances available to customers and clients before anyone else!

It is easy to see why Modutek is a trusted provider when it comes to semiconductor manufacturing equipment and wet processing equipment. Whatever your business needs may be and whatever the scope of your field is, you can find a solution at Modutek. Contact them at 866-803-1533 for a quote or to ask any questions about their equipment and your manufacturing requirements.

Rotary Wafer Etching Equipment from Modutek

Rotary Wafer Etching Equipment from ModutekModutek’s Model-SPS rotary wafer etching equipment is a powerful machine capable of rotating continuously for up to 80rpm. Currently ranked as one of the best performing and most reliable in the market, this machine stands above the rest in terms of both usability and control, and promises unmatched safety.

The system is best described as an automated, economical, and ergonomically planned batch processing machine, built for precise chemical etching, stripping, developing, wafer reclaim, resist etching or cleaning of substrates or semiconductor wafers.

Here is all you need to know about the in-demand wafer etching system.

  • It is a dual-tank wet station
  • It allows for wafer cleaning or rinsing, or chemical etching with transfers occurring between tanks ergonomically.
  • Starting the system is simple. First, the operator loads wafer boats as appropriate into the carrier assembly then closes the fume door. With that accomplished, all you need to do is press a START button.
  • All system processes are pre-programmed. The carrier assembly transfers the wafer boats to the chemical process tanks and the processing proceeds with rotational agitation for a preset period of time.
  • Normally, you’ll want to allow the pre-set time to elapse and the system to return to an off-state automatically. However, you can choose to abort the process midway through. Whichever the case, once the system comes to a stop, the carrier assembly is transferred to a rinse tank for rinse cycles, also known as Quench-Quick, Dump-Overflow rinsing.
  • Rinsing is also the last process in the system. After rinsing the system will sound an audible alarm to signal the end of processing.
  • Meanwhile, the carrier assembly will continue to spin until you press the RESET button. At this point, the carrier is moved for removal to the drying unit.

System features

  • Closed loop motor control complete with an encoder for increased rotational agitation precision
  • High throughput
  • Microprocessor power and touch screen control. The control functions are easily accessible and easily operable.
  • Program up to five process “recipes” via the touch screen control interface. The interface will display all the recipes in an organized manner and display results on a single interface, increasing convenience of monitoring.
  • Continued rotation of the wafer boat during processing, and the rapid transfer between process baths and quench tanks ensure consistency in results.
  • Environment friendly
  • Double containment construction
  • Utilize the fail-safe feature when power at N2 pressure is out
  • Bath temperature control
  • Protection of all parts that come in contact with corrosive fluids. These parts are either constructed from inert plastic or sealed appropriately.

Wafer etching system specifications

Agitation- axial rotation over 0 – 80 rpm

Process chemistry temperature – control to +/- 1 / 2 degrees over ambient 100 degrees

Process time – between 0 – 9999 seconds or 0.0 – 999.9

Product capacity – 50 x 6” wafers or 25 x 8” wafers at a time

Pre-rinse time – within 0 – 9999 seconds

Quick dump cycle – between 0 – 9999 seconds

Other system options

The Model-SPS wafer etching equipment comes with several other system options including; gravity chemical refilling, fume condensation, process tank material options, resistivity monitoring in the rinse tank, chemical recirculation, heating/cooling in process tanks, and large-size wafer options.

Contact us

Modutek is your preferred semiconductor/wafer etching equipment supplier in San Jose, California with over 30 years experience in providing; industry-standard electrical schematics, solid models, plumbing and instrumentation design, and flow simulation services for high-tech manufacturers, research facilities, and universities.

Visit our offices on 6387 San Ignacio Avenue or call us on 866-803-1533 for more information.

Modutek Selected for Equipment at Michigan State University’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) Project

Modutek-Michigan-State-Case-StudyModutek Corporation, which specializes in custom wet process equipment for various industries, has been selected to provide equipment for Michigan State University’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) project.  The equipment Modutek will provide is a precision cleaning tool for superconducting radiofrequency resonators, which are the essential parts of FRIB’s linear accelerator (known as LINAC).

FRIB has been organized and established by Michigan State University (MSU) as a U.S. Department of Energy Office and designated as a National Science user facility.  This facility will be used to support the mission of the Office of Nuclear Physics.  The FRIB project will accelerate various elements from hydrogen to uranium to over 200 MeV/nucleon (about half the speed of light) in a superconducting linear particle accelerator which will create rare isotope beams through in-flight separation. These rare isotope beams will allow scientists to make new discoveries in nuclear physics, astrophysics, and in beneficial applications of rare isotope beams.

Built according to MSU’s specifications in a 6-month time period, the 33 ft. long precision cleaning tool from Modutek is designed to clean the accelerator’s Niobium (Nb) metal tubes with harsh chemicals in very controlled environments.   High-purity (RRR) niobium tubes and cavities are used as resonators in superconducting accelerators because of their mechanical and superconducting properties.   Modutek needed to design the equipment to insure that the niobium tubes would be cleaned to remove any impurities so the cabinet and bench material will hold up to constant exposure to acids and harsh chemicals.

The precision cleaning tool consists of a chemical delivery and reclaim system, parts cleaning compartment, cavity etch compartment, waste water pumping system along with 55 gallon waste chemical drums that allows acids to be purged and neutralized.  The tightly controlled system includes multiple toxic gas sensors, alarms and automatic door locks for added safety.  In order to insure against leads, all of Modutek’s welders and tools are certified for plastic welding and plumbing of the chemical tanks.

As with the linear accelerator’s process tool for Michigan State, Modutek’s projects are about providing customization in order to meet the customer’s requirements.  Their process tools, process tanks and components are built to customer spec under highly guarded proprietary agreements.

From its beginnings back in 1980, Modutek has expanded over the last 30+ years from a component manufacturing company to a custom wet process tool manufacturing company. This transition included a series of acquisitions, including a robotics company which promoted the development of automated wet benches.   When the semiconductor manufacturing became more environmentally regulated in the late 80s, the company developed products for the acid neutralization and also added pollution control capabilities.

Today Modutek provides precision cleaning equipment to both domestic and international customers who need any type of wet processing equipment. This includes chemical delivery systems for pharmaceutical, biochemical, nuclear and solar as well as going with the ebb and flow of the chip industry with wet bench manufacturing.  Modutek is a well-positioned company, with capabilities in both chemical delivery as well as being its own OEM — essentially providing a turnkey solution for wet process system integration in a manufacturing operation.

Elite projects that include the MSU superconducting linear accelerator which require highly specialized equipment have become Modutek’s trademark. “The intricacies of this project, with materials like Flametec and our quality-control on welding and other techniques, open up a world of possibilities for us,” said Wagner.   “I think our hands-on approach and responsiveness will continue to propel us forward.”

Take advantage of the specialized knowledge and experience that Modutek can provide for your unique requirements. Call us at 866-803-1533 to discuss your requirements and get a free quote.

10 Quick Tips on Selecting Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

10 quick tipsFacilities management can be a challenging profession, particularly when it comes to purchasing semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Managers must ensure each piece of machinery is suited to the exact needs of a company, whether one is seeking wafer fabrication equipment or in search of chemical delivery systems.

Such equipment should be procured from companies offering quality customer service, the ability to upgrade, and expansive product lines featuring an array of choices. Thankfully, Modutek has what it takes to provide all of the above to clients. The following list can help those at the helm of vital industry processes choose the items that best suits their needs.

1. Insist on Thorough Instructions With All Equipment

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment requires a great deal of documentation to ensure top-performance. This includes everything from electrical schematics to information pertaining to spare parts.

Because this machinery is so complex, proper documentation is essential to functionality. Following the provided instructions will also be helpful to getting the most out of a piece of equipment. Durable machinery means a longer life-span, which makes purchases that much more cost-effective.

2. Choose a Company That Covers Many Different Applications

There are many differing needs within the field of process engineering. As a result, acquiring equipment from a company that offers a range of options is crucial. Modutek provides solutions related to numerous industry applications, including the following:

  • Ozone Process (standard clean and photo-resist strip)
  • Plating
  • Silicon Etch
  • Precision Cleaning
  • Flat Panel Display
  • Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

3. Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

Modutek makes it a point to keep abreast of the latest equipment advances, which allows a seamless integration of this new technology into their trusted operational model. This includes equipment suited to a variety of industries, from military applications to industrial concerns.

4. Don’t Forget About Safety

When purchasing equipment, it’s essential that all safety measures and operational requirements be clearly defined. The right company will work diligently create a line of safe and secure products that include the appropriate features.

5. Look for a Company Offering Onsite Repair

In those instances where onsite repair is necessary, it’s important to purchase equipment from a company that offers reliable service. This includes sending technicians to specific locations to deal with technical issues if necessary.

6. Get Acquainted With a Company’s Product Line

Knowledge of a company’s product line can help simplify the selection process. For instance, Modutek offers a number of items suited to many different functions/applications. These include:

  • Wet Processing Equipment – Etching systems, vapor dryers, cleaning stations
  • Chemical Stations – Manual and automated wet benches, fume hoods
  • Process Components – Circulators, quartz baths, sub-ambient systems, tanks
  • Handling Equipment – Scrubbers, acid neutralization systems, lift stations, pump carts

7. Ensure That Tech Support Is a Top Priority

A complex piece of equipment may require additional attention, whether that entails troubleshooting, upgrades, or just customer service. It’s also a good idea to purchase products that come with a warranty, which can offer coverage in the event of a significant malfunction.

8. Make Use of Custom Fabrication

Some jobs require highly-specialized machinery. In this case, Modutek’s custom fabrication of equipment can make all the difference. Our staff can create a customized product based on the exact specifications provided. We also offer pieces with additional welding and plumbing capabilities for future additions.

9. Have a Firm Understanding of Equipment Specs

Fully comprehending equipment specifications is vital to making certain that a piece of machinery is right for the job. This is especially relevant when selecting semiconductor manufacturing equipment due to the sheer variety of items, functions and requirements.

Reading up on equipment before purchasing is greatly encouraged in this respect. It also helps to work with experts and engineers well-versed in such products. This will prevent facility managers from purchasing items that fail to meet a company’s requirements.

10.  Rely on the Expertise of an Established Company

Selecting the right equipment from an established company that has expertise and experience is essential when it involves manufacturing tasks integral to process engineering. Modutek has been providing semiconductor manufacturing equipment, wet benches and related wafer fabrication equipment to meet the needs of customers in the high tech industry for over 30 years. For more information on all the products and services Modutek can provide for your company, please contact us toll free at 866-803-1533 or email [email protected].