Modutek’s DR Series Quick Dump Rinser

Modutek Quick Drump Rinser DR Series

Modutek’s DR Series Quick Dump Rinser

Throughout wafer manufacturing, few steps are as critical as the D.I. (deionized water) rinse cycle. In most cases, your product is exposed to more D.I. water than any other process fluid. For this reason, a truly effective rinsing system can contribute dramatically to the reduction of particles and defect densities. A considerable amount of time has been given to help you make this transaction into our DR series quick dump rinser easy and affordable. Whether it’s upgrading your existing rinsing line or installing new wet process station we have the plan that will work best for you.

Our overall DR series Quick Dump Rinser is designed with two major features. One: Easy installation into new or used equipment and two: Low DI water consumption due to our rinse features.

Modutek's Quick Dump Rinser during the spray cycleSuperior and consistent rinsing is achieved by (1) strategically located D.I water spray nozzles, (2) bottom filling (3) N2 agitation and (4) bottom fill that creates a vortex agitation in the rinse tank (optional).

The interior volume of the DR Series Quick Dump Rinser was reduced to minimum size relative to the wafer cassette. This, along with a 360˚ overflow weir and rapid dump time ensures that all large and small contaminants are quickly removed from the surface of the wafer and surrounding areas, thereby preventing recontamination of the wafer.

Modutek C15sa Rinser Controller is used in conjunction with the Quick Dump RinserModutek’s C15sa Rinser Controller is specifically designed for use with the DR Series Quick Dump Rinser wafer rinse system and provides a high degree of process flexibility. The user has the ability to program dump cycle, fill cycles, start cascade and spray delay. In addition, our C15sa controller has the ability to be programmed for resistivity and incorporates an access code which prevents tampering with the program.

In order to rinse to resistivity, the DR Series is used in conjunction with the Modutek Resistivity Monitor RM30a (optional feature). The RM30a has the ability to monitor resistivity and temperature inside the DR series rinser as well as incoming water into the wet bench. Once resistivity setting is reached inside the Quick Dump Rinser the rinse cycle discontinues at the next full level. This results in a process specific rinse, ensuring that a minimal amount of DI water is used.

Modutek Quick Dump Rinser during full rinse cycleIn addition to all of these features Modutek’s Quick Dump Rinser is designed for new or used wet bench installations. With this design you can easily upgrade your old rinser and not incur the cost of a new wet bench. The water savings and the increased throughput will help cover the cost of the overall upgrade. If you would like to learn more about Modutek’s Quick Dump Rinser and how it can improve your wafer manufacturing process, call 866-803-1533 or email [email protected].

Wafer Processing Equipment Designed to Meet Your Requirements

Wafer Processing Equipment Designed to Meet Your Requirements

Modutek Corporation has been a leader in the design and production of Wafer Processing Equipment for over 30 years. When you need to purchase high quality reliable Wafer Processing Equipment, turn to a company you can trust that has a long track record of experience and expertise.

Manufacturing semiconductor wafers for integrated circuits with continually reduced geometry sizes requires the use of Wafer Processing Equipment that provides highly reliable and consistent results. Modutek Corporation keeps abreast of the latest technology changes and implements this technology as needed in the semiconductor wafer processing equipment they design and manufacture. Whether your company manufactures semiconductors for medical, industrial, solar, military, or another industries, Modutek has silicon Wafer Processing Equipment that will meet your requirements.

  • Wet Processing Manual Stations are available in different configurations to support both solvent and acid applications. Some of the benefits of these manual wet processing stations include meeting or exceeding all current standards for safety, lower cost than semi and fully automated equipment and the equipment can be designed to meet your requirements.
  • Semi-Automated Stations can also be configured to meet your company’s needs. The robots included with the semi-automated Wafer Processing Equipment ensure uniform processing without the fully-automated price. If precise developing, cleaning and/or etching processes are important, take a closer look at the Semi-Automated Acid Station. Benefits of this equipment include SolidWorks Simulation Professional and Flow Simulation software which is developed in-house. We also include servo motor automation and automation controls with the ease of a touch screen.
  • Fully Automated Stations provide the high degree of automation for silicon wafer processing. To ensure you receive the best possible Wafer Processing Equipment for your application, our team of engineers will work closely with you from testing to final delivery. Not only can we design the best equipment to meet your requirements, our in-house software engineers will revise the SolidWorks Flow Simulation software to your specifications. With over 30 years of continuous operation and excellent customer support, you can trust Modutek Corporation to provide the right Wafer Processing Equipment for your needs.
  • The Rotary Wafer Etching System allows for automated batch processing for chemical etching, resist etching, developing, stripping or cleaning of semiconductor substrates. It uses a dual tank wet station in a compact design. After the initial preset process is complete, the system transfers the carrier assembly to the Quench-Quick Dump-Overflow rinse cycles. Some of the benefits of the Rotary Wafer Etching System include an automated wafer transfer from process to rinse that takes less than 3 seconds, along with a continuous rotation which is adjustable up to 80 rpm. Its compact design is also freestanding, and it can handle multiple wafer sizes.
  • Silicon Wafer Cleaning Equipment moved to the forefront of the semiconductor wafer technology market due to the increase of the wafer reclaim marketing in 2013. Modutek Corporation specializes in microelectronic cleaning and has provided semiconductor manufacturing and wafer cleaning equipment for more than 30 years.

When you need the right Wafer Process Equipment for your business’ needs, call us to discuss your requirements. We can provide a free quote on any of the equipment we manufacture. Call us today at 866-803-1533 or send an email to [email protected] for more information.