10 Quick Tips on Selecting Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

10 quick tipsFacilities management can be a challenging profession, particularly when it comes to purchasing semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Managers must ensure each piece of machinery is suited to the exact needs of a company, whether one is seeking wafer fabrication equipment or in search of chemical delivery systems.

Such equipment should be procured from companies offering quality customer service, the ability to upgrade, and expansive product lines featuring an array of choices. Thankfully, Modutek has what it takes to provide all of the above to clients. The following list can help those at the helm of vital industry processes choose the items that best suits their needs.

1. Insist on Thorough Instructions With All Equipment

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment requires a great deal of documentation to ensure top-performance. This includes everything from electrical schematics to information pertaining to spare parts.

Because this machinery is so complex, proper documentation is essential to functionality. Following the provided instructions will also be helpful to getting the most out of a piece of equipment. Durable machinery means a longer life-span, which makes purchases that much more cost-effective.

2. Choose a Company That Covers Many Different Applications

There are many differing needs within the field of process engineering. As a result, acquiring equipment from a company that offers a range of options is crucial. Modutek provides solutions related to numerous industry applications, including the following:

  • Ozone Process (standard clean and photo-resist strip)
  • Plating
  • Silicon Etch
  • Precision Cleaning
  • Flat Panel Display
  • Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

3. Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

Modutek makes it a point to keep abreast of the latest equipment advances, which allows a seamless integration of this new technology into their trusted operational model. This includes equipment suited to a variety of industries, from military applications to industrial concerns.

4. Don’t Forget About Safety

When purchasing equipment, it’s essential that all safety measures and operational requirements be clearly defined. The right company will work diligently create a line of safe and secure products that include the appropriate features.

5. Look for a Company Offering Onsite Repair

In those instances where onsite repair is necessary, it’s important to purchase equipment from a company that offers reliable service. This includes sending technicians to specific locations to deal with technical issues if necessary.

6. Get Acquainted With a Company’s Product Line

Knowledge of a company’s product line can help simplify the selection process. For instance, Modutek offers a number of items suited to many different functions/applications. These include:

  • Wet Processing Equipment – Etching systems, vapor dryers, cleaning stations
  • Chemical Stations – Manual and automated wet benches, fume hoods
  • Process Components – Circulators, quartz baths, sub-ambient systems, tanks
  • Handling Equipment – Scrubbers, acid neutralization systems, lift stations, pump carts

7. Ensure That Tech Support Is a Top Priority

A complex piece of equipment may require additional attention, whether that entails troubleshooting, upgrades, or just customer service. It’s also a good idea to purchase products that come with a warranty, which can offer coverage in the event of a significant malfunction.

8. Make Use of Custom Fabrication

Some jobs require highly-specialized machinery. In this case, Modutek’s custom fabrication of equipment can make all the difference. Our staff can create a customized product based on the exact specifications provided. We also offer pieces with additional welding and plumbing capabilities for future additions.

9. Have a Firm Understanding of Equipment Specs

Fully comprehending equipment specifications is vital to making certain that a piece of machinery is right for the job. This is especially relevant when selecting semiconductor manufacturing equipment due to the sheer variety of items, functions and requirements.

Reading up on equipment before purchasing is greatly encouraged in this respect. It also helps to work with experts and engineers well-versed in such products. This will prevent facility managers from purchasing items that fail to meet a company’s requirements.

10.  Rely on the Expertise of an Established Company

Selecting the right equipment from an established company that has expertise and experience is essential when it involves manufacturing tasks integral to process engineering. Modutek has been providing semiconductor manufacturing equipment, wet benches and related wafer fabrication equipment to meet the needs of customers in the high tech industry for over 30 years. For more information on all the products and services Modutek can provide for your company, please contact us toll free at 866-803-1533 or email [email protected].

Choose Modutek’s Quartz Baths When Safety and Reliability Are a Must

Choose Modutek's Quartz Baths When Safety and Reliability Are a MustThe Quartz Baths designed and manufactured by Modutek Corporation are safe and reliable as well as being cost-effective so it can be integrated into your current production system. With over 30 years of experience developing and evolving the bath designs, they are seen in the industry as the quality standard of quartz baths.

Pure quartz is nearly inert and will not react with most other substances. It is for this reason quartz is the perfect choice for semiconductor processes. Not only is it non-reactive, it is also stable at relatively high temperatures. It has a Mohs hardness of 7 and lacks cleavage which enables it to handle most demanding applications.

Modutek offers different Quartz Bath Products to meet your processing needs:

The QFa Series Quartz Baths provide the following benefits:

  • Fast heating that is more even than other manufacturers
  • A nested, 4-sided heating element that heats to 360 degrees Fahrenheit with a serrated overflow barrier
  • A seamless, sloped flange design
  • Minimizes damages which could result from runaway temperatures
  • Dual safety snap switch
  • Improved up-time and reliability because of the longer vessel life
  • Easier laminar flow while it reduces particulate contamination

It can be used with a variety of chemicals including H2SO4, H202, SC1 and other chemicals. It has an operating range of 30 º – 180 ºC. The operating temperature range can be controlled in ± 1 ºC (depends on controller and process). The operating temperature range has a heat-up rate of 2 º C per minute. (This rate will be affected by the size of the system, the fluid being used and other factors.) It can be used for cleaning, etching and stripping and has a ¾” male Flaretek circulating fluid inlet/outlet.

Options include a liquid level sensor, process temperature controller, custom vessel sizes to meet your specifications, quartz diffuser plate and autolid.

The Qa Series Quartz Bath is a constant temperature quartz bath. It has redundant safety devices, seamless, sloped flange design and a bonded, 5-sided circuit heating element. Benefits include improved process yield by faster, more efficient, and even heating. It minimizes the potential damage caused by runaway temperatures. It also increases uptime and reliability because of longer vessel life.

The options available for the Qa Series Quartz Baths include having a magnetic stirrer, a gravity drain, an aspirator (dilution) valve system, remote operation timer switches, quartz bubbler, and process controller.

Both Series Quartz Baths come in a variety of sizes. If you would like to learn more about the Modutek Corporation Quartz Bath models or want a quote, you may reach us at 866-803-1533.