How Modutek Supports Customers Using Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

How Modutek Supports Customers Using Semiconductor Manufacturing EquipmentSemiconductor manufacturing equipment from Modutek Corporation can tailored to meet a wide variety of customer requirements and the support offered by the company ensures that products work as expected. Process engineers and facility managers in wafer manufacturing facilities, research labs and universities can rely on customized wet processing equipment supported by experienced service teams for onsite testing and subsequent maintenance. Such testing and support ensures that installations operate efficiently, deliver high throughput and experience low levels of downtime.

Equipment Testing

Modutek provides final acceptance testing (FAT) of equipment at their company facilities in San Jose, CA. Customer personnel can be present for the verification process and review the final equipment testing. Customer site acceptance testing (SAT), includes onsite start-up training with experienced Modutek personnel showing operators how the equipment works. Follow-up operational training can be given at all levels, from facility managers to equipment operators.

Service Contracts

Service contracts ensure that the equipment is working optimally and that all settings and adjustments work according to specifications. Modutek offers service contracts for both new and used equipment. Services include verification that the equipment meets factory standards, and checks to make sure the equipment is correctly calibrated.  Recommendations are provided if the equipment is not performing to factory specifications.

Modutek’s service contracts help customers protect their investment and ensure the performance and production characteristics of the equipment meet expectations. For used or for older wet bench systems, Modutek can evaluate equipment condition and performance and suggest updates, revisions or upgrades for improvements that use the latest technology.

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Modutek offers preventive maintenance contracts to help ensure their customer’s equipment continues to perform optimally. Service checks on Modutek equipment or on the equipment of some competitors are done to detect problems that could slow production, affect quality or lead to unexpected downtime. Service checks can be one-time, or customers can schedule quarterly or annual checks. In each case, any or all of the equipment supplied by Modutek can be verified and Modutek can make recommendations to address potential problems.

Field Service and Support

In addition to testing, training and service contracts, Modutek offers field service for customers who need repairs, who want to upgrade their equipment or who need customized parts to improve their process. Modutek’s field service and support operate worldwide and can undertake repairs and modifications on site. Diagnosis of equipment problems is often possible by remote access, over the phone or via email. Modutek can walk customers through the possible fixes before quoting on an agreed solution.

Modutek’s experience in wet bench technology lets the company provide extensive on site support with the possibility of shipping units back for in house repairs or upgrades if that is the better solution for the customer. When equipment is repaired or modified, a new warranty applies, even on non-Modutek equipment. With more than 35 years of operation, Modutek still supports all their older equipment, and repairs or upgrades may be less expensive than new equipment.

Managers at semiconductor fabs and research facilities can depend on Modutek’s service and support. In addition to supplying state-of-the-art technology and reliable, efficient equipment that produces quality output, the company protects customer investments by supporting its products over their lifetime. In addition, they will identify upgrades and improvements that extend useful life, and offer comprehensive repair services when parts fail. For Modutek, customer service and support is as important as supplying the right equipment for the customer’s needs. If you need quality service and support for the semiconductor manufacturing equipment used at your facility call Modutek for a free quote at 866-803-1533 or email