Modutek Receives Order for Single Chamber HF Last/ IPA Vapor Dryer

Modutek Corporation, a premier provider of semiconductor manufacturing equipment has received a customer order for a new innovative IPA vapor dryer. The new IPA vapor dryer includes HF (hydrofluoric acid) injection (ratio controlled) as a first step before the standard IPA vapor drying process. This provides an oxide etch to bare silicon. The Hydrophobic wafers are now rinsed to pH controlled level. Once the pH level is met the IPA vapor dry process begins in the same chamber.  This eliminates the requirement to move a cassette of Hydrophobic wafers to a separate drying station.  The new dryer system improves yields by reducing or eliminating water spots and reduces defects with particle-neutral drying.

IPA Vapor Dryer Features

Modutek’s IPA vapor dryer has a single drying chamber for DI water rinsing and IPA vapor drying. The on board HF metering ensures precision mix ratios. The oxide etch with IPA drying uses an in situ process with a rinse to pH before the IPA drying cycle begins. The system features a filter bypass for contamination control and no cassette contact points during etch, rinse and dry.

IPA vapor, generated in standard one-gallon bottles, is introduced into the drying tank through the top cover. The bottles are easy to change at deck level and the top entry of the IPA vapor ensures an even distribution. Modutek’s IPA vapor dryers handle all process sizes from standard wafer carriers to glass substrates. Modutek designs, assembles and tests all the company’s equipment in their facilities in San Jose California and does not subcontract the design or assembly of their dryers.

Modutek Dryer Benefits

Most Modutek dryer cycles conclude within 10 to 15 minutes with a very low consumption of IPA. The technology eliminates watermarks and, because there are no moving parts in the dryer, there is no chance of wafer breakage. By designing the dryer technology into the wet bench, one transfer step can be eliminated. Modutek has extensive experience with custom installations and can help design an IPA vapor dryer to meet the requirements of any application.

About Modutek:

Modutek serves domestic and international customers who have needs in any type of wet processing or lab setting and builds chemical delivery systems for pharma, biochemical, nuclear, solar and wet bench manufacturing. Modutek has a full background in chemical delivery and is a turnkey wet process system integration manufacturing operation.