Modutek’s Advanced Wet Benches and Wet Process Equipment

Wet-Benches-and-Wet-Bench-C2bModutek offers a full line of Wet Benches and Wet Process Equipment to meet your needs. These include Manual, Semi-Automated, Fully Automated, Linear Robot, Rotary Etch, Dry to Dry, and Stainless steel. These can all be designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

Modutek’s wet processing and wet bench systems provides high-quality and affordable semiconductor and batch immersion process tools with safety and reliability designed into every tool.  Modutek’s equipment is engineered to your processes and chemistry, with additional options that include megasonic and ultrasonic tanks, custom robots, materials of choice and exhaust options.

Modutek’s wet benches and wet processing systems are being used in major semiconductor, medical and solar fab facilities across the country, as well as worldwide. Our Wet Benches are designed for Semiconductor Etching, Cleaning & Striping, Solar Wafer Processing, University Research Labs, Precision Parts Cleaning and other related applications.

Wet Bench Sample Process Applications Include:

  • Etching: Nitride, Silicon Etch, Oxide, KOH and TMAH Etching
  • Stripping: Solvent Resist Strip, Acid Resist Strip
  • Cleaning: Pre-Photo, Photomask Clean, Pre-Diffusion, Pre-Epi, Wafer Reclaim, Pre-Panel Build Clean and Post-Saw Clean

Modutek has over 30 years of extensive experience creating semiconductor wet bench equipment, tanks and baths for many processes.  Our equipment can handle most acids, chemicals, solvents in ultra-clean environments.  We also have an outstanding record when it comes to safety, wet bench reliability, maintainability and cost of ownership. We offer several material choices including: FM4910 (PVC-C), Stainless Steel or Polypropylene.

A Customized Design Integrated with Our Wet Process Equipment

All of Modutek’s wet benches, batch immersion systems, wet processing systems, chemical delivery systems and chemical handling equipment are fully customizable equipment, and can be engineered according to the specific use and constraints of your fab.  All of our wet bench systems are designed to be used with our automated chemical delivery systems and integrated chemical delivery and wet process systems. These systems can all be designed with flow guarantees by utilizing our SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Flow Simulation that provides the process flow characteristic you require. This advanced software will improve your etch rates and throughput which increases yields.  This gives you a turn laminar flow effect in process tank.

Customized Wet Benches, Wet Stations, Wet Processing Systems, Wet Bench Systems and Silicon Wafer Cleaning and Wafer Etching Systems:

All of Modutek’s wet benches and wet processing equipment are:

    • Flexible and Upgradeable according to your needs
    • Easy to Use and Well Controlled

All wet bench systems are designed from one of our flexible platforms to your process and fab design, via Modutek’s unique design process.

    • Low Maintenance

Modutek’s SolidWorks Simulation Professional provides easy to use, flexible and configurable controls. Modutek designs and manufactures all of its own robotics.

    • Designed Specifically to Your Requirements

Up-time and reliability is everything. Our design provides easy access to all component areas, and Modutek uses OEM, not custom components so spares and replacements are readily obtainable.

    • Production Ready

Quality and safety are designed and built right into our wet benches. We focus on equipment footprint, high throughput and low cost of ownership to meet your process needs. Our PLC and touch screen GUI allow for process recipes and data logging.

    • Designed for Safety

Modutek’s design elements, including exhausting, safety interlocks, material of construction, proper ergonomics, provide low maintenance and high reliability.

    • Highly Reliable

Field proven reliability developed from our 30+ years of experience. Each Modutek system is designed using our SolidWorks simulation professional and SoldWorks flow simulation software.

    • Well Supported

Modutek provides world-class service, installation and support. Our high quality Wet Benches and Wet Process equipment  provide reliability, precision, throughput, usability and up-time. Contact us by calling 866-803-1533 or by email from our site.