Options for Silicon Etching Equipment

Options for Silicon Etching Equipment ModutekIf your company needs silicon etching equipment, look no further than Modutek. We have been in business for over 30 years providing silicon wet etching products and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Turn to a company that has experience and an in-house manufacturing team that works with you to create the product you need.

Silicon wet etching, used to create Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) components, often require components as small as 0-100 microns. They are used in countless products today in many industries. Two of these industries – automotive and medical – use MEMS components in products such as sensors for car air bags (MEMS accelerometers) and blood glucose meters for Diabetics.

When you’re looking for silicon etching equipment, you may be curious about the options available. Modutek offers Quartz Baths and Sub-Ambient System (BOE), Temperature Controlled Circulator or Nitride Etch Baths. All silicon wet etching equipment is built to your manufacturing needs, so please feel free to explain your specific needs when you call our office.

  • The QFa Series Quartz Bath is a high temperature recirculating quartz bath offering these options: liquid level sensor, quartz diffuser plate, process temperature controller, auto lid and custom vessel sizes.
  • The Qa series Quartz Bath provides a bonded 5-sided circuit heating element, redundant safety devices and seamless sloped flange design. It offers these options: magnetic stirrer, dilution valve system, gravity drain, remote operation timer switches, process controller and quartz bubbler.
  • F Series Sub-Ambient Circulation Bath for BOE applications offers continuous filtration as it reduces the acid consumption. This equipment offers an N2 blanket, low temp flow sensor, high temp flow sensor, 120VAC, 60Hz standard electrical service, varying sizes of micron filters, electrical or pneumatic pump.
  • Nitride Etch Baths for silicon wet etching. The Nb Series silicon nitride etch bath has been designed to provide the best possible process control, safety and flexibility in silicon etching equipment. Options include a pneumatically actuated auto cover, aspirator valve system, Teflon® gravity drain system, remote operation timer switches and more. Read the Theory of Operation PDF doc on our site.

Consider your needs for silicon etching equipment. What do you want to accomplish with the equipment? Is a silicon wet etching product the correct choice? We will work with you to determine if silicon etching equipment is the right choice or if another type of equipment would be better. We will also be able to help you determine which options are best suited for your application.

Obviously, not every business or industry will need to use silicon etching equipment. If your company does, the team at Modutek has the experience and knowledge to help you design a silicon wet etching product that will be perfect for your application and your needs.