Chemical Lift Stations

Chemical Lift Station with 30 GPM pumps

Modutek’s Chemical Lift Stations allows you to pump used chemical and used rinse water directly from your wet processing station to your neutralization area. All chemical lift stations are designed to meet your flow requirements for single or multiple station layouts. As chemical enters the lift station tank our level sensors recognizes flow and automatically activates the pump. On new wet process station s we can incorporate your lift station right in the actual process station. This prevents the requirement to install your lift station behind your process station and saves you floor space. For existing wet processing stations we have a complete line of chemical lift stations for installation outside the wet processing station. Our engineers work directly with you facilities engineer to design the proper chemical lift station that will work best for your current facility layout.

Benefit’s Include:

Chemical Lift Station with 50 GPM pumps

  • Option of having your chemical lift station incorporated into you wet process station
  • Double containment option
  • Automatic “on” feature using level control sensing
  • Custom designs to meet your flow requirements
  • All plastic fluid path for corrosion resistance construction


Wet statoin with chemical lift station incorporated

  • Polypro holding tank
  • Any size holding tank can be built for your application
  • Double containment and pumping – optional
  • Pump out tank will incorporate four (4) float type level sensors
    • Low/Low
    • Low
    • High/High
    • High
  • Vertical centrifugal polypro pumps standard
  • Other pump options available
  • Pump rated per you requirement
  • Remote control panel
  • All chemical lift station are built here at our Modutek facilities so custom designs welcomed


Duplex Chemical Lift Station

  • Wet processing stations
  • Tech benches
  • Fume hoods
  • Plating station
  • Precision cleaning stations
  • Acid exhaust hoods