Chemical Pump Carts

Acid Cart with drain & fill capabilityModutek’s chemical pump carts allow for safe removal or dispensing of acid or solvent within your clean room. Our chemical pump carts will remove chemical from your process baths and store them safety into a DOT approval container. The DOT approved container is double contained inside our cart. You can easily roll the cart up to the process station and using the on-board suction wand, pump the chemical out of your chemical tank. Various options are available, so contact Modutek at 866-803-1533 so we can provide the chemical pump cart that best fits your requirements.

Benefits of Chemical Pump Carts:

Acid Chemical Pump Carts (pump out only)

  • No house neutralization system required
  • Low cost of ownership
  • One cart will support multiple applications

Standard Features of Chemical Pump Carts:

Solvent & Acid Chemical Pump Carts

  • Polypropylene cart 18” wide x 36” long x 42” tall (approximately)
  • Cart designed for HF
  • Independent suction and discharge tube
  • White Polypropylene construction
  • 5 gallon holding tank (natural polypro)
  • 150% double containment
  • Teflon 3/8” pneumatic pump
  • All pneumatic operation, no electrical required
  • All Teflon plumbing
  • High level holding tank sensor with pump interlock
  • Swivel casters with breaks

Options for Chemical Pump Carts:

Chemical Pump Cart Controls

  • Stainless steel design for solvent applications
  • Pressure interlock safety switch
  • Double dump design
  • Large capacity holding tank