Sub-Ambient Systems / BOE

F Series

Filtered Sub-Ambient Circulation Bath for BOE Applications

Filtered Etch BathThe F SERIES sub-ambient filtered etch bath is our time-tested solution to providing continuous filtration while reducing acid consumption in your BOE (Buffered Oxide Etch) or positive resist develop processes. A low cost of ownership has been engineered into every detail of our filter etch bath, making it one of our most consistent performers.

Our F-SERIES will significantly reduce acid consumption while providing continuous 10.0 to 0.2 micron filtration for reduced particulate count & improved yields. The two basic models available are the L & H version, which are constructed of natural polypropylene & polyvinyldilene fluoride (P.V.D.F ) & will operate in the 10-60ºC range respectively. Both models will maintain precise ± 1ºC control; 0.4ºC under certain conditions. The use of our F SERIES in your BOE process will dramatically reduce acid consumption. Connection our F SERIES with our RCe heat/chiller give your BOE the sub-ambient control required. Several sizes are available which will accommodate from 1 ea. 4” up to 2ea. 6” cassettes. Numerous available options will enable you to order an F SERIES to fill your process requirements.

Benefits Include:

Filtered Etch Bath for 1-6” carrier

  • Specifically designed for BOE process
  • Easy installation to upgrade existing stations
  • Sub ambient capability
  • Micron Filtration options
  • Remote pump and filter option

Features Include:

High flow pump *

  • Uniform flow return system
  • 360º serrated overflow weir

Ultra Efficient Filtration

  • 0.2u absolute filtration
  • Modutek-pioneered 360º weir for effective particulate removal.
  • Will accept any 10” cartridge filter.

Semiconductor Grade Environment

  • 360 degree overflow housing
  • Virgin, natural polypropylene (1 model) or polyvinyldilene (P.V.D.F.).h model.
  • No metals exposed to liquid or vapors.

Rugged Process Pump

  • Seal-less (no mechanical seal)
  • N2 purged

Uniform Flow Return System

  • Eliminates inconsistent sparagers
  • Provides desired consistent laminar flow across each and every wafer
  • Eliminates eddys and “dead spots” created by diffuser plate.
  • Removed for easy cleaning

Excellent Temperature Control

  • ± 1ºC, 0.4ºC under certain conditions
  • Wide range 10-60ºC, L” models, 10-80ºC, “H” models
  • Digital readout

User-Friendly Servicable Components

  • Easily removed pump/filter assembly (held in place by 2 each P.V.C. bolts)
  • Easily changed filter, can be removed in usually less than 5 minutes
  • 360ºweir assembly is easily removed for cleaning
  • Threaded drain can be removed in minutes

No Cost Extras

  • Clear P.V.C. cover retracts out of the way when not in use
  • Remotely actuated drain


  • Remote pneumatic pump
  • N2 manifold (for positive resist developing )
  • Low temp flow sensor
  • High temp flow sensor
  • 230 V 50 HZ electrical service
  • 0.1 micron filter 10-60ºC (B.O.E.)
  • 0-2 micron filter 10-80ºC
  • 10.0 micron filter 10-60ºC positive resist developing
  • MICROTIME process timer
  • .33, .5h.p. electric motors
  • Pneumatic pump
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Informative Digital Flowmeter
    • Filter loading (plugging) indication
    • Adjustable alarm setting, will alarm when filter requires changing, (based on flow rate)
    • Filter element flow evaluation


Product-Filter Etch, Positive Resist Developer Bath

Process- Filter etching, Positive Resist Developing

Chemical Usage- NH4 HF, CH3 COOH, HNO3P. Resist Developer

Temperature Range-L Model 10-40ºC, H Model 10-60ºC1


  • Permissible Operating Range:
    • L model 10-40ºC
    • H model 10-60ºC
  • Process Temperature Control: both models ± 1ºC (.4 obtainable under certain conditions)
  • Bath Liquid Stability: Internal gradients ± 0.5ºC
  • Flow Rates 3.5-8 g.p.m.

Construction Materials:

  • Process Module L model- Natural polypropylene
    • H model- P.V.D.F.
  • Pump /Filter Housing
    • L model- Natural polypropylene
    • H model- natural P.V.D.F.
  • Temperature Control Coils
    • L model- PFA
    • H model- PFA

“O” Rings: Viton is standard, other materials available
Drain: Natural polypropylene or Teflon
Cover: Clear P.V.C
Note: There are no exposed metals

  1. Motor: .125 h.p. standard (.33 and .5 available, please note size and configuration will change if ordered).
  2. Filter Housing: Will accept any 10” cartridge filter.
  3. Removable Protective Shroud: protects pump motor.
  4. N2 Purge Fitting: Creates positive N2 atmosphere to protect motor.
  5. Removable Pump/Filter Assembly: Held in place by two each P.V.C. screws for fast replacement.
  6. Power Cord: Acid Resistant.
  7. Housing: Rotomolded, seamless design
  8. Temperature Control Coils: For circulating temperature-controlled media (corrugated polypropylene or P.V.D.F. ).
  9. Flow Sensor: For determining filter loading (optional)
  10. Drain Valve: Pneumatically, remotely actuated (standard).
  11. Temperature Control Coils: To appropriate temperature control circulator.
  12. Inner Process Tank: Isolated, perforated for uniform flow, 360º overflow for effective particulate removal.
  13. Process Thermocouple: From temperature control circulator, Teflon encapsulated for long life.
  14. Process Cover: Clear P.V.C., retractable, hide-away.

F Series Dimensions Table

F16L / F16H 1 ea. 4″ to 6″ cassette 20.6 liters 7.8 x 7.8 x 7.3 15.8 x 11.3 x 16.0 18.8 x 12.8
F24L / F24H 2 ea. 4″ cassettes 24.7 liters 11.0 x 7.5 x 7.3 21.3 x 11.3 x 16.0 21.3 x 12.8
F25L / F25H 2 ea. 5″ cassettes 27.5 liters 13.0 x 7.5 x 7.3 19.1 x 11.3 x 16.0 22.1 x 12.8
F26L / F26H 2 ea. 6″ cassettes 31.7 liters 15.5 x 7.5 x 7.3 22.3 x 11.3 x 16.0 25.3 x 12.8
F18L / F18H 1 ea. 8″ cassette 11.5 x 10.5 x 11.5 20.1 x 14.3 x 20.3 23.1 x 15.8
PUMP(All models) .125 H.P. brushless, sealless


Model nomenclature: model code, number of cassettes and size of cassettes. eg. QFa26(QFa series-2-6”)
Note: Add approximately 4” for drain on overall depth