Rotary Wafer Etching Equipment from Modutek

Rotary Wafer Etching Equipment from ModutekModutek’s Model-SPS rotary wafer etching equipment is a powerful machine capable of rotating continuously for up to 80rpm. Currently ranked as one of the best performing and most reliable in the market, this machine stands above the rest in terms of both usability and control, and promises unmatched safety.

The system is best described as an automated, economical, and ergonomically planned batch processing machine, built for precise chemical etching, stripping, developing, wafer reclaim, resist etching or cleaning of substrates or semiconductor wafers.

Here is all you need to know about the in-demand wafer etching system.

  • It is a dual-tank wet station
  • It allows for wafer cleaning or rinsing, or chemical etching with transfers occurring between tanks ergonomically.
  • Starting the system is simple. First, the operator loads wafer boats as appropriate into the carrier assembly then closes the fume door. With that accomplished, all you need to do is press a START button.
  • All system processes are pre-programmed. The carrier assembly transfers the wafer boats to the chemical process tanks and the processing proceeds with rotational agitation for a preset period of time.
  • Normally, you’ll want to allow the pre-set time to elapse and the system to return to an off-state automatically. However, you can choose to abort the process midway through. Whichever the case, once the system comes to a stop, the carrier assembly is transferred to a rinse tank for rinse cycles, also known as Quench-Quick, Dump-Overflow rinsing.
  • Rinsing is also the last process in the system. After rinsing the system will sound an audible alarm to signal the end of processing.
  • Meanwhile, the carrier assembly will continue to spin until you press the RESET button. At this point, the carrier is moved for removal to the drying unit.

System features

  • Closed loop motor control complete with an encoder for increased rotational agitation precision
  • High throughput
  • Microprocessor power and touch screen control. The control functions are easily accessible and easily operable.
  • Program up to five process “recipes” via the touch screen control interface. The interface will display all the recipes in an organized manner and display results on a single interface, increasing convenience of monitoring.
  • Continued rotation of the wafer boat during processing, and the rapid transfer between process baths and quench tanks ensure consistency in results.
  • Environment friendly
  • Double containment construction
  • Utilize the fail-safe feature when power at N2 pressure is out
  • Bath temperature control
  • Protection of all parts that come in contact with corrosive fluids. These parts are either constructed from inert plastic or sealed appropriately.

Wafer etching system specifications

Agitation- axial rotation over 0 – 80 rpm

Process chemistry temperature – control to +/- 1 / 2 degrees over ambient 100 degrees

Process time – between 0 – 9999 seconds or 0.0 – 999.9

Product capacity – 50 x 6” wafers or 25 x 8” wafers at a time

Pre-rinse time – within 0 – 9999 seconds

Quick dump cycle – between 0 – 9999 seconds

Other system options

The Model-SPS wafer etching equipment comes with several other system options including; gravity chemical refilling, fume condensation, process tank material options, resistivity monitoring in the rinse tank, chemical recirculation, heating/cooling in process tanks, and large-size wafer options.

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