Select Modutek Chemical Delivery Systems to Match Your Requirements

Select Modutek Chemical Delivery Systems to Match Your RequirementsWith extensive experience and a wide variety of equipment, Modutek can customize chemical delivery systems to match any application. The systems combine flexibility with excellent performance to provide optimum solutions for the handling of chemicals. They can take care of distribution, mixing and recovery of chemicals and work in conjunction with the complete range of Modutek wet bench and wet processing systems.

Modutek’s chemical delivery systems provide superior performance by minimizing waste and with designs resulting in ease of operation. The systems feature high reliability through careful selection of components and the use of high quality parts. Flexibility due to the availability of a wide range of control and design features allows Modutek to customize their systems to your needs. The chemical handling systems are especially suitable for supplying chemicals to wet processing equipment in semiconductor fabrication facilities, in research labs and in universities. They integrate easily with a wide variety of equipment, ranging from fully automated lines to manual wet processing stations. The following characteristics are important factors when deciding on which chemical delivery system best matches your needs.


Modutek conceives and writes all of its control software in house, resulting in seamless documentation and support for customers. The SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Flow Simulation software give rapid and accurate chemical delivery calculation results. Automated chemical delivery eliminates pouring and handling of chemicals by operators and increases accuracy and reliability.

Ease of Use

Both the physical plant and the software are designed for your specific application and to meet your needs for ease of operation and maintenance. A 55 gallon drum system can deliver your chemicals close to the process and a reserve tank ensures continued chemical delivery while drums are being changed. Large tote chemical containers with load cells allow you to deliver large volumes of chemical and eliminate frequent drum changes altogether. Throughput is high because chemical changes can be effected rapidly and efficiently. The software is easy to use and Modutek relies on the company’s 30 years of experience in the industry to ensure that its systems are user friendly.

Reliability and Safety

Components for the Modutek chemical delivery systems are selected for their durability, high quality and their influence on the safety and reliability of the installation. The chemical paths are all teflon and cabinets feature a double containment construction. The systems have leak detection throughout and double wall plumbing is available. Level sensing in the chemical drum or tote is displayed on a touch screen and incorporates high/high, high, low and low/low sensing. Data logging for the various alarms and values is available. The systems are designed for durability and safety, resulting in high reliability due to a low failure rate and low maintenance requirements.

Benefits of Modutek’s Chemical Delivery Systems

The specific benefits resulting from selecting a Modutek chemical delivery system include high efficiency, low waste, low labor costs and accurate chemical handling. Since the system is custom-designed to your requirements, it can be optimized to deliver peak performance. Automated chemical delivery eliminates spills and accidents while reducing waste. The software simulations allow you to calculate your chemical delivery values quickly and accurately. The Modutek systems can deliver, distribute, mix, recover and transport your chemicals exactly the way you want. If you need more information or would like a quote for your specific requirements, contact Modutek by calling 866-803-1533 or sending an email to