Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment: Benefits of Purchasing from Modutek Corporation

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (SME) from Modutek Corporation is designed and configured according to the client’s specifications and are key components used in semiconductor manufacturing operations worldwide. Whether a company uses one of the manual wet benches, a fully automated wet bench station or a rotary wafer etching system, you can depend on Modutek to work closely with you to understand your specific application and supply a system that meets your application needs.

Semiconductor devices are used in nearly every industry today. They permit different machines to communicate with one another and with us. Through robotics, they do many jobs that are considered unsafe or too exacting that a human could never repeat them as often and as exacting as needed. They allow us to explore the universe around us and are as near as your computer.

Semiconductor manufacturing requires four basic steps:

  • Producing pure silicon ingots and then silicon wafers;
  • Making integrated circuits onto the silicon wafers;
  • Assembling the integrated circuits into a finished product;
  • Testing the back-end process of these products.

Our team of experts understands Semiconductor Manufacturing equipment and the industry requirements and has a combined 76 years of experience. You can trust that our team will know and understand your specific manufacturing requirements and will provide you the equipment that meets or exceed them.

What industries use Modutek Corporation SME systems? Obviously, the Semiconductor industry is one of the industries using our equipment. You will also find Modutek Corporation equipment being used in the Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) industry, Solar, Wafer Reclaim, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical and Biomed, Electroless Plating and Electroplating companies.

Modutek has been in continuous operation in the Semiconductor Manufacturing industry since 1980, and we are experts in process control which is needed in process engineering. With our process control, any process engineer can easily design his or her process around our highly reliable products and equipment.

Some of the benefits of using semiconductor manufacturing equipment developed by Modutek  include:

  • Reliable chemical flow throughout the bath for better process control
  • Specially designed tanks to help meet your process requirements
  • Long company history with manufacturing design experience
  • Advanced documents for long-term support (electrical schematics, P&ID and BOM)
  • All chemical baths are guaranteed for continuous temperature control and flow control
  • True process control allows for process engineers to build their process around our consistent application environment.

When you turn to Modutek Corporation, you be assured that we are able to meet or exceed your semiconductor manufacturing equipment needs. Contact us at 866-803-1533 or via email at to speak with us today.