Modutek’s Field Service and Repairs

Modutek provides field service and support to repair or upgrade existing equipment and systems, and can also develop customized equipment for unique manufacturing requirements. Our station upgrade, repair, field service and custom equipment support services are summarized below.

Station Upgrades: Modutek has always offered process equipment for wet processing components. Our experience and expertise in supporting wet processing stations has also allowed us to support customers upgrading existing process stations. We offer upgrades to your existing equipment and can service used wet processing stations.

Equipment Repairs: Modutek’s equipment repair services offers in-house repairs on all of our equipment. With over 35 years of continuous operation we still support all of our old equipment and systems. We offer a 6 month warranty on all equipment repairs. When possible we will also service and repair similar equipment to our own no matter who is the original manufacturer.

Field Service: Modutek’s Field Service will support equipment worldwide.  Our Technicians can travel to a customers facility to upgrade or repair equipment on site.  This eliminates the need for customers to ship equipment or components to Modutek for repair. Modutek can diagnose some equipment remotely or information can be emailed directly to Modutek’s customer support.  Modutek will review diagnostic findings with customers in detail and present a written quote. Service and maintenance contracts are available that can save customers money and provide regular preventative maintenance support.

Customized Equipment: Modutek provides customized fabrication so equipment and components can be designed to meet a customers specific requirements. Our engineering and manufacturing teams have the expertise and capacity to custom design projects. This provides flexibility and allowing us to support a customers prototype requirements. In addition to our custom product capability, all of Modutek’s plastic fabricators are certified for welding and plumbing. This allows us to provide the highest level of expertise  in designing custom tanks, wet processing stations and customized systems.

If you have any questions about our field service support for equipment repairs, station upgrades, or have unique equipment requirements call us at 866-803-1533.