Custom Fabrication

Custom carrier with manual rotation featureOne of Modutek’s commitments is custom fabrication. Our engineering team and manufacturing group are set up for custom design projects. This gives you flexibility for all of your prototype requirements. Besides our custom product capability, all of Modutek’s plastic fabricators have been certified for welding and plumbing. This gives your confidence when choosing Modutek for your custom plastic tank, process stations or custom projects. We specialize in wielding PFA, Halar, PVDF, and PVC-C. Our 4-axis and 2-axis CNC allows for custom machining of any type of parts. All these features help us design custom carriers for R&D projects and start-up companies.

Benefits Include:

Custom CarrierCustom plumbing project

  • No minimum order requirement
  • Certified welders
  • Custom machining with two types of CNC machines
  • Perfect for R&D facilities or start-up companies
  • Custom upgrades to existing equipment are available


Field upgrade to high precision chemical dispense systemPFA cylinder tanksAll wet processing equipment
Custom product carriers