Equipment Repairs

Before - Overflow quartz bath with broken flange and vesselAfter - Repaired Overflow quartz vesselModutek’s equipment repair department offers in-house repairs on all of our equipment. After 30+ years of continuous operation, we still support all of our past equipment. Most repairs cost half of the current list price, and you still get a minimum 6-month warranty on all repairs. This also applies to non-Modutek equipment. We repair any and all similar equipment, no matter who is the original manufacturer. Our specialty is quartz high-temperature baths, so do not disregard your older quartz baths. We are here to support your wet processing equipment.

Benefits Include:

  • Equipment repairs at discounted pricing
  • New established warranty
  • All repairs from other manufacturers are available
  • Spare parts are always available
  • One source purchase for new or service repair orders


Before - Broken flange and bad heaterAfter - Quartz bath with new vessel and heaterAll wet processing equipment