Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations: What They Do and the Benefits They Provide

Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations: What They Do and the Benefits They ProvideQuartz tubes are used in the processing of semiconductor wafers at high temperatures inside a diffusion furnace and must be cleaned with corrosive chemicals. Quartz tube cleaning stations have to be customized for the requirements of a particular process. With expertise in chemical handling and the customization of chemical delivery stations, Modutek is ideally situated as both a designer and supplier of quartz tube cleaning stations that meet the needs of their customers. A rugged design combined with automation and drying options make the stations a reliable and flexible choice for quartz tube cleaning.

Benefits that Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations Provide

Quartz tubes are delicate and cleaning them is a critical process. Ideally semiconductor manufacturers need cleaning solutions that are effective while keeping the handling of the tubes to a minimum. With Modutek’s quartz tube cleaning stations the tubes roll during etch this helps reduce chemical usage. Spray nozzles and tubes are then used for DI water rising. The custom design includes options for automation and drying with nitrogen. Construction of the station can reach ten feet in length. In addition to quartz tube cleaning, possible applications include EPI tube cleaning, Poly Silicon tube cleaning, and bottle washing.


Standard Modutek quartz tube cleaning stations are of white polypropylene construction and have manual or automated roller systems. The station has casters and leg levelers and is constructed to the specific size and length needed for the particular application. All stations incorporate an acid cycle and a rinse cycle. PVC safety shields, a Teflon nitrogen gun and a deionized water hand sprayers are standard features.

Options include changing the construction material to FM4910 material and adding a hot nitrogen drying system. Once the basic application features are determined, options such as holding tanks, on board bottle washer automation can be added. Third party certifications are available. Modutek will evaluate each option for the appropriate application and make corresponding recommendations.


Optional automation features include an automated tube roller system and automated program recipes. From the main screen, the operator can see the status of the system and select operations. Options such as drying and bottle washing are integrated into the automation system and can be controlled from there.

When selecting automatic operation, no further control action by the operator is required. When selecting manual operation, an additional screen will come up showing the controls and allowing the operator to carry out the necessary actions. Safety interlocks remain active and the operator can return to the main screen at any time.

The setup section of the automatic system allows authorized personnel to program system parameters such as acid soak time, rinse time and dry time. A maintenance section allows an operator access and test different parts of the system. Access codes for setup, operation and maintenance can be set to ensure only authorized personnel use the different parts of the system.

Both the manual and automated version of Modutek’s quartz tube cleaning stations offer superior performance, reducing product defects due to process impurities during semiconductor manufacturing. The self-contained but customized and flexible nature of the stations allow for easy installation and service. All stations are designed and built in house by Modutek, allowing the company to offer a complete spectrum of support. If you need help selecting a quartz tube cleaning station for your specific application or want a quote, contact Modutek at 866-803-1533 or email modutek@modutek.com.