Benefits of Using Quick Dump Rinsers for Silicon Wet Etching

Benefits for Using Quick Dump Rinsers for Silicon Wet EtchingQuick Dump Rinsers are used during the rinse cycle in the silicon wet etching process. The deionized water (DI) rinse cycle is a vital step in your wafer manufacturing process. In fact, DI water probably contacts your product more than any process solution. This makes an efficient rinsing system invaluable to particle and defect density reduction. Fortunately, Modutek Corporation offers the DR Series Quick Dump Rinser for thorough, economical cleaning. Their experienced specialists can upgrade existing rinsing modules and install fresh-from-the-factory wet bench process stations to suit your specific needs.

Features and Functionality

For optimal operations, Modutek includes two defining features into each DR Series Quick Dump Rinser: limited DI water use and easy installation into new or used stations. These properties complement complete rinsing enhanced by:

  • Ergonomic DI water spray nozzles
  • N2 agitation
  • Bottom filling
  • Optional rinse tank vortex agitation
  • Dual overhead spray manifolds

In addition, Modutek has reduced the interior volume of their Rinsers to suit the size of your wafer cassettes. This design expedites dump time through a large, machined dump door and utilizes a surrounding overflow weir to remove all contaminates while preventing recontamination on wafer surfaces.

A Compatible Controller 

Complete your DR Series Quick Dump Rinser with Modutek’s compatible C15sa Rinser Controller. Designed specifically for the wafer rinse module, the controller provides convenience with a high degree of adjustability. Engineers program the fill and dump cycles and initiate cascade and spray delay at the click of a button. Safety features include access code-protected resistivity to prevent unwanted changes to the program.

A Monitored Rinse

Use the Modutek Resistivity Monitor RM30a with the DR Series wafer rinse system for a meticulous oversight of your cleaning process. Along with measuring resistivity, the optional RM30a monitors in flowing water into your wet bench station and internal temperatures of the DR Series rinse system. For minimal DI water consumption, rinse cycles automatically finish after reaching the resistivity setting. This ensures a fully adjustable, conservative rinse.

Whether you desire to upgrade your old rinse system or customize a new wet bench, the Modutek DR Series Quick Dump Rinser installs seamlessly. Even if you choose the latter, Modutek’s rinse system design ensures you save money on water costs throughout years of operation. Also don’t forget to consider increased throughput on all of your manufacturing projects.

Modutek has over 30 years of experience in providing reliable wet bench equipment for all processes in silicon wet etching. Certified specialists will guide you through from design to installation and can provide a free quote on equipment to meet your specific requirements. Call Modutek at 866-803-1533 or an email to [email protected].

Using RCA Clean in a Wet Bench Process

Using RCA Clean in a Wet Bench ProcessBefore processing a silicon wafer under high temperatures, semiconductor process engineers will use RCA clean as part of a wet bench process. This procedure removes organic residue from a silicon wafer and replaces the surface layer of oxide with a thin, new layer. The application of two chemical solutions, SC-1 and SC-2, make up this process.

SC-1 removes impurities attached to silicon, quartz and oxide surfaces in a 15 minute soak. In addition, it initiates the regeneration of surface oxide layers. The mixture consists of:

  • 1 part NH4OH (ammonium hydroxide)
  • 1 part H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
  • 5 parts deionized (DI) water.

After an SC-1 application, cleanliness is ensured by soaking a wafer in SC-2 for 10 minutes. This mixture does not etch silicon, but targets and eliminates microscopic metal hydroxides, alkali residue and any other remaining metal. SC-2 consists of:

  • 1 part HCl (hydrochloric acid)
  • 1 part H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
  • 5 parts DI water

Fortunately, Modutek offers an array of wet bench equipment that support both steps of RCA clean. With a custom station, you can rinse and dry wafers in one place within 15 minutes.

Modutek Wet Bench Equipment

Modutek produces high-tech, high-yield wet bench processing equipment suited for RCA clean. Stations conserve DI water and operate with precise process controls via SolidWorks Flow Simulation software. Expedite your applications with a station designed in-house according to your specific requirements. Standard features include:

  • DI water hand spray
  • Continuous flow DI water chamber
  • Teflon N2 gun

Modutek IPA Vapor Dryer

Eliminate the need for separate rinsing and drying chambers with Modutek’s Marangoni drying system, also called an IPA Vapor Dryer. Incorporated into your wet bench, the IPA Vapor Dryer’s single chamber makes finalizing the cleaning process quick and convenient. In addition, this advanced system allows for ozone introduction in a post-solution clean. Safe and simple bottle change happens at deck level where IPA vapor precipitates inside your gallon container under level sensor protection. Additional safety features include an Emergency Power Off button and the absence of moving parts inside the drying chamber. IPA vapor distributes evenly through the top of the chamber, reducing IPA use while providing sufficient surface tension drying for all substrates and silicon wafers.

Modutek has been designing and manufacturing wet bench equipment for customers for 30+ years. Certified specialists will work with you from design to installation, ensuring you have the perfect wet bench and IPA Vapor Dryer for your cleaning and processing applications. Email [email protected] or call 866-803-1533 for inquiries.

Tips for Selecting the Right Wafer Fabrication Equipment for Your Application

Tips for Selecting the Right Wafer Fabrication Equipment for Your Application

Selecting the right wafer fabrication equipment for your company’s manufacturing requirements is an important decision. Whether you manufacture solar panels, semiconductors, or LED displays, it’s necessary to have a reliable wet bench station constructed by an experienced wet process equipment provider. From the military industry to the medical industry, process and facilities engineers need to consider five factors before selecting an appropriate bench.

High Quality Control Standards and Safety

Due to repeated use, wet bench stations should be both durable and safe. Modutek Corporation ensures equipment meets both conditions by minimal outsourcing of their design and manufacturing process. In addition, all stations come equipped with a chemical fume hood that efficiently expels hazardous chemicals. Testing at their facilities in San Jose, CA confirms functionality and compliance with all current safety standards.

Custom Fabrication Options

Production rates increase when wet bench stations are tailor-made according to your requirements and application. Modutek utilizes PFA, Halar, PVDF and PVC-C welding expertise to construct a station that makes meeting prototype specifications effortless. Modutek specializes in custom designs, providing numerous features for etching, plating, and cleaning. These include:

  • SolidWorks Flow Simulator software
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Teflon plumbing
  • Overhead deck lighting
  • CO2 fire suppression
  • Rear access

Wafer Size

Consider your specific applications and the wafer or substrate sizes a wet bench can handle before making a purchase. Modutek’s selection of wet bench stations process wafer sizes up to 12” and glass solar panels up to 30” x 60”.

A Full Service Vendor    

Don’t settle for off-site service and repair. Wafer fabrication equipment vendors should eliminate the issue of shipping faulty wet benches and related equipment. Fortunately, if your wet bench requires maintenance, Modutek’s specialists come to you. Receive a diagnosis and schedule a convenient repair over the phone.

A Devoted Vendor with a Wide Selection

Whether you need a fully-automated, semi-automated, or manual wet bench, you want a vendor that employs quality resources and expertise to create them all. Modutek offers all three types of stations that are customized according to your requirements.

Fully-Automated Wet Benches

Enjoy a hands-off approach with fully-automated wet process stations. These are available in any size from Modutek. Standard features include Emergency Power Off (EPO) and a one year warranty on all parts.

Semi-Automated Wet Benches 

Etch and clean with precise semi-automatic wet benches. Modutek incorporates servo motor automated robots with touch screen controls in all of their semi-automatic stations. This supplies you with three degrees of flexibility for any processing need. In-house development gives you full turnkey support and the same consistency found in advanced, fully-automated systems.

Manual Wet Benches

Use manual wet benches to reduce the price of using robotics in your clean room applications. Modutek’s standard benches include all the safety features found in automated systems and support both acid and base processes with white polypropylene construction.

Modutek’s Experience

Modutek has built and supplied custom wafer fabrication equipment for 30+ years. Certified specialists work with you from design to final installation and supply future assistance through field service repair. Email [email protected] or call 866-803-1533 for a free quote.

5 Things About Wet Benches You Should Know

wet benches

As a Process Engineer you probably know a lot about using wet benches and chemical stations. You know that wet benches are for wet etching and that a very precise process needs to be maintained for cleaning wafers and devices. You also know the difference between wet benches and litho benches. While wet benches are used for wet etching, litho benches are used for resist processing.

However, there may be a number of other things you’re yet to know about wet benches. Here are 5 things you need to know about wet benches;



  • Manual vs. semi automatic vs. automatic wet benches

Advanced manufacturers like Modutek also have manual, automatic, and semi-automatic wafer benches. The main difference comes in operation. Manual wet benches are operated 100% manually. However, the wet benches are still exhaustive featuring all the functionalities you may need. Moreover, you can request custom designs and processes. Modutek’s semi-automated wet benches are servo controlled with 3 degrees of freedom which gives you precise developing, etching, and cleaning processes. Fully automated wet benches are the most expensive of the three but also the most extensive in design. Complete with SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Flow Simulation Software, these wet benches complete most tasks with ease.

  • Dry-to-Dry wet benches eliminate the need to dry in separate tools

Dry-to-Dry wet benches are your ultimate tool. Modutek’s dry-to-dry wet benches utilize the MVD Series IPA Dryer. With this Dryer, your wafer comes out dried and can proceed to the next step without going through a separate Drying tool. This instantly eliminates transfer time which is in affective way to improve throughput.

  • The stainless steel solvent station guarantees clean room applications

Modutek currently has a dry-to-dry stainless steel solvent station in which solvent applications are achieved with minimal strain. Made from 304 stainless-steel, the construction is available for manual, semi-automatic, as well as fully-automated applications. Complete with SolidWorks Flow Simulation and SolidWorks Simulation Professional, the solvent station provides high etch rates and increased throughput. Moreover all the robotic parts to be designed and assembled and tested at Modutek’s San Jose facility. Modutek provides highly reliable equipment with a one year guarantee.

  • Wet benches can be hazardous

For all their benefits, wet benches can be hazardous and must be handled carefully throughout. Hydrogen fluoride which is present in the acids used in wet bench processes may cause delayed tissue damage upon contact with the skin. It depletes of calcium from muscles and bones. When working with wet benches, it’s important to wear appropriate gloves (such as chemical resistant Nitrile clean-room gloves) at all time. Additional protective gear including face shields and chemical aprons are also recommended.

  • You can actually nullify some of the threat using a chemical fume hood

While it’s almost impossible to eliminate all the risks posed by the chemicals and processes associated with wet benches, you can always use a fume hood to increase safety at the workplace. Modutek’s chemical fume hood is constructed from standard polypropylene and supports both acids and bases. The hood comes complete with utility sinks, GFI electrical outlets, and a goose neck faucet. It’s easy to install though you can always contact Modutek for assistance. You can even request a custom design.


Modutek has 30+ years in designing and supporting wet benches and wet bench equipment.  We are best known for developing very high quality and highly reliable equipment, and for supporting consistent manufacturing processes. Contact us on 866-803-1533 or 408-362-2000 for more information.


What Modutek’s Dry to Dry Etching Process Equipment Provides

What Modutek’s Dry to Dry Etching Process Equipment ProvidesDry to Dry base / acid wet process from Modutek Corporation is fully automated equipment which is available in many different configurations to serve your requirements for wet process. Modutek’s engineering team put a lot of effort into designing the most effective equipment to support a dry to dry etching process  for your application. All the process sizes are handled from wafer carriers which are standard silicon wafer, glass substrates to glass solar panels of 30” X 60”.

All cleaning, wet process or etching components are designed and built in-house and provides you complete turnkey support. Station of dry to dry utilizes the MVD (Modutek Vapor Dryer) Series IPA Vapor Dryer. This allows you to proceed to the step in processing without using a separate tool in drying. Therefore it eliminates the need of transfer time, and this is a very effective way of improving both throughput and yield. The advanced software will increase your yield, improve your throughput and etch rate. The entire robotic system is completely designed, assembled and quality tested at San Jose, CA with the professionals from Modutek Corporation. All quality procedures use DI water for testing.

This wet process equipment has several features which are useful in your day to day applications. The features give it several advantages that will offer various benefits to you.

 Standard features:

  • Has a IPA Vapor Dryer on board (MDV Series)
  • White polypropylene construction
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) is equipped with all safety locks
  • Available in multiple sizes and lengths to cater to your specific needs
  • Stations are all wired according to NFPA 70 and 79
  • Every wet process tank has 1” lip exhaust
  • PLC has  touch screen/ graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Servo motor motors has encoder feed back
  • One year warranty (all parts)
  • Leg levelers and casters
  • DI water manifold continuously flow
  • Hand spray for DI water and Teflon N2 gun
  • PVC safety shields
  • Photohelic interlocked to EPO
  • 2-copies of manual paper and a complete paperless set

Benefits include:

  • On board drying tool included
  • Long period of continuous operation (over 35 years)
  • All designing, assembly and testing is done at a single location
  • Software Design includes SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Flow Simulation
  • No outsourcing for either software or robotic design


  • Diffusion Clean
  • Ozone Etching
  • Ozone Cleaning
  • KOH Etching
  • Buffered Oxide Etching (BOE)
  • Silicon Nitride Etch
  • SPM Clean
  • SC1 and SC2 containing Megasonic Energy

Optional Ozone Feature (Dry Zone)

The DryZone is a patented revolutionary new solvent gradient dryer. It exceeds the most vigorous total organic carbon (TOC) or volatile organic carbon (VOC) environmental concerns.

Silicon substrates are first rinsed in deionized water to remove any water inorganic impurities. After rinsing, the substrates enter a solvent chamber to develop a boundary layer, which will remove organic impurities. The substrates are then processed through an ozone chamber, either with or without ultraviolet light exposure, to convert all traces of organic materials into carbon dioxide gas. The substrate surfaces are then free from moisture, trace organics, and other particles. The substrate surfaces are stable hydrophilic surfaces. For silicon wafers, the surface is Si-O terminated. If hydrophobic surfaces are needed, a short 10 second post ozone conversion step renders silicon wafers Si-H terminated.

The dryer has no detectable VOC’s in the exhaust, and supports green chemistry initiatives, unlike isopropyl alcohol consuming dryers. Since the dryer uses reactive chemistries, it is more than just particle neutral, it is particle reducing!


The features, benefits, and applications discussed above say it all. Modutek’s engineering team designs the most effective etching or cleaning equipment needed for your application. If you have any questions or want to get a quote call us at 866-803-1533.

Quick Tips About Using Wet Benches

Quick Tips About Using Wet BenchesAs a lab tech or process engineer, you understand that having the best tools and equipment to work with is critical. Whether you work in manufacturing or research, keeping up with the latest technology changes is sometimes what will save even the greatest products from falling short. At Modutek Corporation, we understand that using highly reliable wet benches and wet bench chemical equipment is a big part of your job. We have been working to provide excellent products for over 30 years, and we offer a great deal of expertise on all of our products which include fully automated, semi automated, and manual wet bench stations. Whether you are manufacturing semiconductors, solar panels, disk drives, flat panel displays, or any other highly specialized product, we can provide you with high quality and reliable wet bench equipment that meets all your requirements.

Getting the Right Equipment for the Job

Every process requires reliable equipment to complete the job. When purchasing wet benches, we work with you to insure our equipment will meet all your specific process requirements. In addition, we also build and design our equipment for future expansion, just in case you are in need of additional accessories or capacity in the future.

Selecting the Right Equipment at the Right Price

Every business or research facility should be able to afford the most advanced wet bench technology available. At Modutek, we carry three unique wet bench or wet processing stations depending on your application requirements:

  • Wet Bench Manual Stations: Manual stations are the most cost effective option when selecting your new equipment. Able to support both acid and solvent applications, our manual benches are an excellent solution that offers a wide range of safety features and perks without the robotics.    
  • Wet Bench Semi-Automated Stations: These high-tech wet benches come in countless configurations perfect for any application. Semi-automated systems allow users to experience process uniformity at a lower price than the fully automated systems.
  • Wet Bench Fully Automated Stations: For technicians who need all the bells and whistles of full robotics, our fully automated stations are designed specifically for your business. Our in-house engineers generate unique operating software right at our facility, allowing your unit to come prepared to work straight out of the box.

Keeping You Safe

All of our wet processing equipment either meets or exceeds all current safety standards. Each wet bench comes standard with PVC safety shields, Emergency Power Off (EPO) with mushroom button, and safety interlocks, keeping you and your coworkers safe from harmful chemicals.

If you have any questions regarding our wet benches or how they can improve your research or product, give us a call today at (866) 803-1533 or (408) 362-2000. You can also email us at [email protected] for more information and one of our service experts will contact you to discuss your requirements and also provide a free quote.

Modutek Selected for Equipment at Michigan State University’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) Project

Modutek-Michigan-State-Case-StudyModutek Corporation, which specializes in custom wet process equipment for various industries, has been selected to provide equipment for Michigan State University’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) project.  The equipment Modutek will provide is a precision cleaning tool for superconducting radiofrequency resonators, which are the essential parts of FRIB’s linear accelerator (known as LINAC).

FRIB has been organized and established by Michigan State University (MSU) as a U.S. Department of Energy Office and designated as a National Science user facility.  This facility will be used to support the mission of the Office of Nuclear Physics.  The FRIB project will accelerate various elements from hydrogen to uranium to over 200 MeV/nucleon (about half the speed of light) in a superconducting linear particle accelerator which will create rare isotope beams through in-flight separation. These rare isotope beams will allow scientists to make new discoveries in nuclear physics, astrophysics, and in beneficial applications of rare isotope beams.

Built according to MSU’s specifications in a 6-month time period, the 33 ft. long precision cleaning tool from Modutek is designed to clean the accelerator’s Niobium (Nb) metal tubes with harsh chemicals in very controlled environments.   High-purity (RRR) niobium tubes and cavities are used as resonators in superconducting accelerators because of their mechanical and superconducting properties.   Modutek needed to design the equipment to insure that the niobium tubes would be cleaned to remove any impurities so the cabinet and bench material will hold up to constant exposure to acids and harsh chemicals.

The precision cleaning tool consists of a chemical delivery and reclaim system, parts cleaning compartment, cavity etch compartment, waste water pumping system along with 55 gallon waste chemical drums that allows acids to be purged and neutralized.  The tightly controlled system includes multiple toxic gas sensors, alarms and automatic door locks for added safety.  In order to insure against leads, all of Modutek’s welders and tools are certified for plastic welding and plumbing of the chemical tanks.

As with the linear accelerator’s process tool for Michigan State, Modutek’s projects are about providing customization in order to meet the customer’s requirements.  Their process tools, process tanks and components are built to customer spec under highly guarded proprietary agreements.

From its beginnings back in 1980, Modutek has expanded over the last 30+ years from a component manufacturing company to a custom wet process tool manufacturing company. This transition included a series of acquisitions, including a robotics company which promoted the development of automated wet benches.   When the semiconductor manufacturing became more environmentally regulated in the late 80s, the company developed products for the acid neutralization and also added pollution control capabilities.

Today Modutek provides precision cleaning equipment to both domestic and international customers who need any type of wet processing equipment. This includes chemical delivery systems for pharmaceutical, biochemical, nuclear and solar as well as going with the ebb and flow of the chip industry with wet bench manufacturing.  Modutek is a well-positioned company, with capabilities in both chemical delivery as well as being its own OEM — essentially providing a turnkey solution for wet process system integration in a manufacturing operation.

Elite projects that include the MSU superconducting linear accelerator which require highly specialized equipment have become Modutek’s trademark. “The intricacies of this project, with materials like Flametec and our quality-control on welding and other techniques, open up a world of possibilities for us,” said Wagner.   “I think our hands-on approach and responsiveness will continue to propel us forward.”

Take advantage of the specialized knowledge and experience that Modutek can provide for your unique requirements. Call us at 866-803-1533 to discuss your requirements and get a free quote.

Tips for Selecting the Right Wet Bench Equipment for Your Application

tips-for-selecting-the-righYou can save a substantial amount of time and money with the right wet etching equipment for almost any given application. Instead of leaving the next purchase to chance, work with a vendor you can trust that has experience and an in-house staff of experts. You need to find a vendor that you can build a lasting relationship with to ensure that you always have top tier wet bench equipment for your applications, now and in the future.

  1. Select Equipment That Is Made With High Quality Control Standards

Personal inspection is always recommended. However, a vendor that always follows ASTM and high personal standards can mitigate risk. Ongoing repair and support services can bolster quality control initiatives and increase the lifespan of new wet bench equipment. Poor internal quality control from a vendor or a supplier can result in numerous issues, including problems with installation or ongoing problems with overall application efficacy.

  1. Select Equipment With Custom Fabrication Options

You should not have to work around new wet bench equipment. Instead, let cutting-edge technology help make your next project a success. Explore custom fabrication options from a vendor that offers on-site repair and installation. Vendor tech support should also be a top priority when making a substantial investment in new equipment.

  1. Select Equipment From a “One Stop Shop” Vendor

Additions, repairs, and new parts all should go through the same rigorous quality control process your initial purchase went through. Optimal and fully functional wet benches and wet bench chemical stations will need continual attention as your needs change. Additionally, your purchase should be backed by a vendor that has the existing capabilities to provide everything you need to make new equipment fully functional for your application now and in the future.

  1. Select Equipment From an Established Vendor

Often, the vendor you choose to purchase equipment from is more important than the initial piece of equipment purchased. An established vendor will be able to provide continual parts and support. However, working with an emerging vendor can have more inherent risk. A new vendor might not have the existing customer base, financial stability, and general experience you need to get top equipment after an initial order. Purchase equipment from a vendor that has at least a couple of decades of experience and a strong reputation in the industry.

  1. Select Equipment From a Vendor With a Product Line That Will Meet Future Needs

Select wet bench equipment from a vendor that has the capabilities to meet your future needs. Instead of going through the rigmarole of finding a vendor that sells the equipment you need for your application on a regular basis, purchase equipment from a vendor that you can have a lasting relationship with. Get more than new wet etching equipment. Get involved with a vendor that will be able to help ensure all of your future projects are a success and provide ongoing support.

Modutek is a highly established vendor that has been providing high quality and reliable wet bench equipment to the high tech industry for over three decades. Contact us at 866-803-1533 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about how we can provide the equipment you need for your current application and how we can help your future projects and business prospects thrive.

Modutek’s Advanced Wet Benches and Wet Process Equipment

Wet-Benches-and-Wet-Bench-C2bModutek offers a full line of Wet Benches and Wet Process Equipment to meet your needs. These include Manual, Semi-Automated, Fully Automated, Linear Robot, Rotary Etch, Dry to Dry, and Stainless steel. These can all be designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

Modutek’s wet processing and wet bench systems provides high-quality and affordable semiconductor and batch immersion process tools with safety and reliability designed into every tool.  Modutek’s equipment is engineered to your processes and chemistry, with additional options that include megasonic and ultrasonic tanks, custom robots, materials of choice and exhaust options.

Modutek’s wet benches and wet processing systems are being used in major semiconductor, medical and solar fab facilities across the country, as well as worldwide. Our Wet Benches are designed for Semiconductor Etching, Cleaning & Striping, Solar Wafer Processing, University Research Labs, Precision Parts Cleaning and other related applications.

Wet Bench Sample Process Applications Include:

  • Etching: Nitride, Silicon Etch, Oxide, KOH and TMAH Etching
  • Stripping: Solvent Resist Strip, Acid Resist Strip
  • Cleaning: Pre-Photo, Photomask Clean, Pre-Diffusion, Pre-Epi, Wafer Reclaim, Pre-Panel Build Clean and Post-Saw Clean

Modutek has over 30 years of extensive experience creating semiconductor wet bench equipment, tanks and baths for many processes.  Our equipment can handle most acids, chemicals, solvents in ultra-clean environments.  We also have an outstanding record when it comes to safety, wet bench reliability, maintainability and cost of ownership. We offer several material choices including: FM4910 (PVC-C), Stainless Steel or Polypropylene.

A Customized Design Integrated with Our Wet Process Equipment

All of Modutek’s wet benches, batch immersion systems, wet processing systems, chemical delivery systems and chemical handling equipment are fully customizable equipment, and can be engineered according to the specific use and constraints of your fab.  All of our wet bench systems are designed to be used with our automated chemical delivery systems and integrated chemical delivery and wet process systems. These systems can all be designed with flow guarantees by utilizing our SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Flow Simulation that provides the process flow characteristic you require. This advanced software will improve your etch rates and throughput which increases yields.  This gives you a turn laminar flow effect in process tank.

Customized Wet Benches, Wet Stations, Wet Processing Systems, Wet Bench Systems and Silicon Wafer Cleaning and Wafer Etching Systems:

All of Modutek’s wet benches and wet processing equipment are:

    • Flexible and Upgradeable according to your needs
    • Easy to Use and Well Controlled

All wet bench systems are designed from one of our flexible platforms to your process and fab design, via Modutek’s unique design process.

    • Low Maintenance

Modutek’s SolidWorks Simulation Professional provides easy to use, flexible and configurable controls. Modutek designs and manufactures all of its own robotics.

    • Designed Specifically to Your Requirements

Up-time and reliability is everything. Our design provides easy access to all component areas, and Modutek uses OEM, not custom components so spares and replacements are readily obtainable.

    • Production Ready

Quality and safety are designed and built right into our wet benches. We focus on equipment footprint, high throughput and low cost of ownership to meet your process needs. Our PLC and touch screen GUI allow for process recipes and data logging.

    • Designed for Safety

Modutek’s design elements, including exhausting, safety interlocks, material of construction, proper ergonomics, provide low maintenance and high reliability.

    • Highly Reliable

Field proven reliability developed from our 30+ years of experience. Each Modutek system is designed using our SolidWorks simulation professional and SoldWorks flow simulation software.

    • Well Supported

Modutek provides world-class service, installation and support. Our high quality Wet Benches and Wet Process equipment  provide reliability, precision, throughput, usability and up-time. Contact us by calling 866-803-1533 or by email from our site.

Modutek Introduces Water Ring Seal (WRS) Option in Quartz Baths Products

Quartz_Baths_ProductsModutek’s new Water Ring Seal (WRS) option will extend the heater life of your high temperature quartz bath……guaranteed.  With our new WRS option, any high temperature quartz bath comes standard with a 30 month warranty.

Our WRS design gives you a true 360˚ water ring seal under the top flange of the quartz bath.  This labyrinth seal creates a water seal barrier preventing chemical fumes from entering the heater cavity on any of our quartz bathsSimilar to the AquaSeal®, our WRS design gives you a continuous water flow and a second resource for this option.

Besides the 30 month warranty, the WRS design will help with:

  • Reducing inventory control due to extended bath life
  • Eliminating process down times
  • Overall facilities saving
  • Improving yield
  • Eliminating the possibility of shipping your current quartz bathin for repair once a year

Our two main high temperature quartz bath series for your WRS options are the Qa and QFa Series.  All Modutek’s standard quartz baths come with an Inconel heating element bonded to semiconductor grade quartz.   Our QFa series took the original Qa design and added circulation (overflow) features.  This gives you the ability to continuously filter your chemical in a closed loop design.

Both the Qa and QFa Series Constant Temperature Quartz Baths are a result of over thirty years of evolutionary bath design and a passion for establishing the quality standard in quartz baths.  Since 1980 Modutek has sold over a thousand high temperature quartz baths.  At Modutek, we define quality by the degree of safety, reliability, and cost of ownership engineered into every aspect of all our products.

Our Service and Support:

We provide one year warranties on all of our products, accessories and now 30 months on our WRS option for quartz baths.  Our field support team is available to answer your questions and resolve equipment problems by calling our toll free number: 1-866-803-1533.

Our Equipment:

Our two main high temperature quartz baths for the WRS option consist of our QFa Series and Qa Series.  Both are highly reliable and we have sold thousands of units over the years.  Below are some of the benefits of our Quartz Baths:

  • Nested 4 sided heating element 360º serrated overflow weir
  • Seamless, sloped flange design
  • Dual safety snap switch
  • Facilitates laminar flow while minimizing particulate contamination
  • Fast, more even heating
  • Minimizes damages resulting from runaway temperatures
  • Improves up time and reliability due to longer vessel life

Contact us directly through the web site or by calling 1-866-803-1533.  We will respond within 24 hours during week days.