Using Wet Benches and Wet Bench Stations

Wet Benches - Fully Automated Stations

Industries using Wet Benches and Wet Bench Stations have a wide range of options from which to choose. Modutek designs and manufactures a variety of manual to semi-automated wet benches as well as fully automated wet bench stations. Wet Bench Station technology is used in manufacturing semi-conductors, some medical components, computer hardware and solar cells, among others. All integrated circuits are manufactured using Wet Benches and Wet Bench Stations.

As mentioned above, Modutek manufactures and carries a full range of wet benches that can be configured to meet your specific requirements. We provide various options that will work for your requirements and budget. Consider the following options when selecting equipment for your Wet Processing needs.

Manual Wet Processing Stations are used in many industries today that employ a Clean Room. They can be configured to your specifications to support both solvent and acid applications. Our engineers can design a wet bench station specific to your requirements.

There are a number of benefits to Modutek’s Manual Wet Processing Stations:

  • Designed to meet your specific process requirements
  • Low cost of ownership compared with Semi-Automated or Fully Automated Wet Benches
  • Competitive pricing for high end manual equipment
  • Meets or exceeds safety standards currently in place
  • Designed to allow for potential expansion

Since we design and manufacture Wet Processing Stations to our client’s specifications, we welcome your input to ensure we provide you the equipment that meets your requirements. Ask about the various options available for our Wet Processing Stations.

Semi-Automated Acid Stations are also designed and manufactured to your specifications. The robots included in our Semi-Automated Acid Stations are servo controlled. They have 3 degrees of freedom for precision developing, etching or cleaning processes. Each system also provides uniform processing without the higher price associated with a fully automated system. All Semi-Automated Acid Stations are designed and manufactured in-house which allows us to incorporate any of our many options within your final design.

The following are some of the benefits of the Modutek Semi-Automated Stations (wafer processing equipment):

  • In-house design and manufacturing, no outsourcing for robotic or software design
  • SolidWorks Simulation Professional software
  • SolidWorks Flow Simulation software
  • Touch screen for automation control
  • Servo motor automation

The Fully-Automated Acid/Base Stations are perfect if your application requires a hands-off approach. The Modutek systems can be configured to your specifications based on the information provided by your engineering team. Our systems can process a variety of wafer sizes from small wafer carriers to 30” x 60” glass solar panels. Robotics and software are also completed in-house; we work closely with your team to design the Wet Bench Station, robotics and software to your exact specifications.

Our Wafer Fabrication Equipment includes these benefits:

  • Design, assembly and testing are completed in one place
  • Robotic and software design is completed in-house, not outsourced
  • SolidWorks Simulation Professional software
  • SolidWorks Flow Simulation software
  • We have over 30 years experience and continuous operation
  • Our goal is to provide outstanding customer support after the sale

To learn more or get a quote on any of our Wet Bench and Wet Bench Stations, call us today at 866-803-1533.