Wet Process Applications

Wet Process ApplicationsModutek designs and builds wet bench equipment that supports a wide variety of wet process applications. If your company needs innovative equipment to clean, strip and etch silicon wafers reliably and efficiently with an emphasis on short processing times and high yields, then Modutek can provide an effective solution. Both custom solutions designed for specific customer applications as well as standard equipment are available.

Silicon Wafer Cleaning Equipment and Support

Silicon wafer processing relies on thorough cleaning at various stages during the manufacturing process. Contaminants, impurities and residues from previous processing steps must be removed completely to produce high yields and quality semiconductor components. Cleaning steps such as pre-diffusion, post etch and film removal are handled quickly and reliably.

Modutek’s rotary wafer etching system is a flexible and compact dual tank solution for handling different cleaning tasks. After the operator loads the wafers and closes the fume door, the carrier is immersed in the chemical process tank where it is agitated for a pre-set time. The wafers are then moved to the quench tank for rinsing. After a programmed number of rinse cycles, the operator is alerted.

Equipment to Support Wet Process Applications

Wet bench stations used for wet process applications are supported with either manual, semi-automated or fully automated equipment. Modutek can customize the equipment to satisfy the specific requirements of a customer and also offers on-site service.

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Improving Wafer Processing Times

One of the most effective ways to shorten wafer processing times is by integrating IPA drying (which utilizes Marangoni drying), into the process.

ipa vapor dryer for wet processing applicationsModutek partners with customer engineers to design and build an IPA vapor dryer using SolidWorks Flow Simulation and Simulation Professional software. The dryer is customized to the client’s specific requirements and works with their current wet bench or with a new installation.The IPA vapor dryer uses a single chamber for rinsing and drying. The Marangoni drying system can use a freestanding cabinet or it can be integrated into the wet bench process. The dryer minimizes the use of IPA and works quickly, with a typical drying time of 10 to 15 minutes. Read More…


Develop Process

develop process using semi automated stationModutek’s semi-automated and fully automated chemical stations are available in a variety of configurations and can be used in photoresist developing. The fully automated stations offer excellent control and repeatability while reducing errors and improving yield. The semi-automated stations offer many of the same advantages at a reduced cost. Modutek handles all robotic and software design for these applications in house to insure that the equipment meets all customer requirements.  Read More…


Wafer Reclaim Equipment

wafer etching systemModutek’s Rotary Wafer Etching System uses automated batch processing to fulfill many wet processing application requirements including wafer reclaim. It uses a dual tank system to rotate continuously at up to 80 rpm in the chemical tank before transferring wafers into the rinse tank for Quench-Quick, Dump-Overflow rinsing. Operators can program the reclaim process recipe on the touch screen control interface and can monitor the results. The system can handle 50 six-inch or 25 eight-inch wafers at a time. Read More… 


Wafer Cleaning Process

Silicon Wafer Cleaning Solutions for Wet Processing ApplicationsThe cleaning process for silicon wafers and cells is a critical step in the manufacturing process of microelectronic components. The most common cleaning processes used in industry include RCA clean, SC 1 & SC 2 (Standard Clean 1 and 2), Piranha etch clean, pre-diffusion clean, and new cleaning processes that include ozone cleaning and megasonic cleaning. Modutek’s wet bench processing equipment fully supports all these wafer cleaning methods. The equipment is designed to handle all chemical processing safely and effectively to promote high through put and minimize contaminants to improve wafer yields. Read More…

Wafer Etching Process

Silicon Wafer Etching Processes for Wet Processing ApplicationsEtching processes are required to generate the structures and connections of the microelectronics on the silicon wafers. Modutek supports KOH etching with potassium hydroxide, silicon nitride etching with phosphoric acid, Piranha etch with sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide, metal etch in a vacuum metal etcher and Gallium arsenide (GaAs) etch. In each case the equipment can be designed and customized to satisfy specific customer needs by Modutek’s experienced team of process engineers. Read More…

Wafer Strip Process

Silicon Wafer Strip Solutions for Wet Processing Equipment ApplicationsProcessing engineers need to use various wafer strip processes during the manufacturing process of microelectronic devices. Modutek supports many strip solutions and can design custom applications if needed. Modutek’s equipment supports silicon nitride strip to remove silicon nitride in a hot acid bath; resist strip with an advanced ozone cleaning process; oxide strip in a filtered sub-ambient circulation bath; solvent based strip in temperature controlled stainless steel recirculating baths; and SPM photo resist strip with sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Modutek can also provide suggestions on various equipment options to provide the best possible solution for a customers requirements. Read More…

Modutek’s Experience in Wet Process Applications

With over 40 years of experience in wet process applications, Modutek can deliver equipment solutions ranging from simple, manual wet benches, to fully automated customized systems. Process engineers can rely on the expertise and experience of Modutek’s engineers to provide equipment that will help them improve the results and throughput of their applications.