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Modutek’s precision parts cleaning systems provide an essential role that allows technology customers to meet performance and reliability requirements on critical parts and devices. Cleaning is required to remove contaminants like particles, organic residues, and metallic impurities from the surfaces of precision parts used in semiconductor and high-tech manufacturing. Modutek designs a complete cleaning system based on all your process requirements. We’ll work with your process engineers, equipment engineers, facility managers, and safety engineers to ensure proper design, installation, and performance throughout the project. During our design process, we incorporate the following things into a precision parts cleaning system:

Cleaning Methods Used in Precision Parts Cleaning Systems

This cleaning technique utilizes chemical solutions or solvents to dissolve or remove contaminants from surfaces. Various chemicals and formulations may be used depending on the type of contamination present and the material being cleaned.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency sound waves that typically range from 20-200kHz to create microscopic bubbles in the liquid cleaning solution. The implosion of these bubbles produces intense cleaning action which dislodges surface contaminants.

precision parts cleaning system
Megasonic Cleaning

Megasonic cleaning is similar to ultrasonic cleaning but operates at much higher frequencies, typically at or above 1.0MHz. It is highly effective at removing sub-micron particles during the manufacturing process of semiconductors, MEMs, and solar panels and can be used for delicate parts.

Cleaning Equipment

Batch Cleaners: For precision parts cleaning systems, batch cleaners are an invaluable asset. They consist of tanks or chambers where parts can be immersed in cleaning solutions or exposed to processes like ultrasonic and megasonic agitation. Batch cleaners provide effective cleaning capabilities while accommodating various part sizes and shapes.

Automated cleaning systems integrate various cleaning processes, handling, and drying steps within a single system. They are used in high-volume production environments and provide consistent cleaning results.

Cleanroom Environment

Precision parts cleaning systems are used in the semiconductor industry in a controlled cleanroom environment to minimize contamination. Cleanrooms have stringent air quality standards that include humidity, temperature, and particulate control to help eliminate potential sources of contamination during cleaning processes.

Contamination Control

Contamination control is critically important in precision parts cleaning. Below are some considerations regarding its implementation:

Part Handling: Proper handling techniques that prevent operator contamination include gloves and cleanroom-compatible tools when handling components.


Cleaning Solutions and Chemicals: Selecting appropriate cleaning solutions and chemicals is essential to efficiently eliminate contaminants without damaging parts.

Filtration: Filtration systems remove particles or impurities from cleaning solutions to provide consistent performance.

Drying: After cleaning, parts must be dried thoroughly to avoid watermarks and accumulation of residues. Spin drying or low-contamination drying techniques may be used.

Quality Control

Quality control measures should be implemented to verify the effectiveness of a cleaning process. This can include visual inspections, cleanliness testing using techniques such as particle counting or surface analysis, and validation of process parameters.

Specific cleaning processes and requirements vary based on the type of precision parts, contamination sources, and semiconductor manufacturing processes involved. Modutek works directly with customers to ensure their precision parts cleaning systems are designed to meet the specific cleaning procedures needed for each customer’s unique process requirements.









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