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Wet Process Equipment in Modutek's clean roomOriginally founded in 1980, Modutek Corporation began manufacturing wet process equipment components for the fast growing Semiconductor industry. Our specialties included the high temperature quartz heated baths, sub-ambient filtration systems, nitride etch baths and rinsing systems. Our original market was selling both to end users and support OEM’s of wet process stations.


Engineering and Manufacturing working togetherDuring the early 90’s environmental issues associated with the Semiconductor industry became a concern. To help support this growing market Modutek acquired Shannon Engineering and changed the name to Pollution Control Laboratories (PCL). This new environmental group was run as a Modutek subsidiary manufacturing air scrubbers, acid neutralization systems and chemical delivery systems. By the late 90’s Modutek dropped the subsidiary. From that point; these environmental systems were manufactured under the Modutek name.

Wet Process Equipment Station testing
As new technology advancements were make in wet process equipment, Modutek acquired Sysmax Inc. in 2002 which gave us automation flexibility, the Vacuum Etch System (VES) and Spin Process System (SPS). Both systems were unique to the industry because the VES etched aluminum under vacuum and the SPS rotated two wafer carriers and transferred them between etch and rinse in a very small footprint. Sysmax was also run as a Modutek subsidiary for two years, but all equipment now carries the Modutek Corporation name.


Modutek Corporation in San Jose, CA
Semiconductor wet process equipment manufacturers and the overall Tech Industry has weathered many downturns in business over the years. Since 2000, we have seen many of our OEM wet process bench manufacturers leave the industry. This gave Modutek the perfect opportunity to expand. With our complete background now in play, we have been able to position ourselves to become a turnkey bench manufacturing operation.


With each passing year, we have worked with our many existing and new customers to develop wet process equipment to meet their needs; Megasonic cleaning, IPA vapor dryer, Ozone Cleaning process Technology to name just a few. Please see our Company Profile below. This will give you an overview of our company growth over the years and why you should consider Modutek Corporation for all of your clean room and facilities upgrades and equipment purchases.

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