Modutek – A Leader Among Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers

Semiconductor Equipment ManufacturersFounded in 1980, Modutek Corporation started by manufacturing wet process equipment and related components to support customers in the semiconductor industry. With 35 years of experience in wet bench stations, high-temperature quartz-heated baths, nitride etch baths, sub-ambient filtration and rinsing systems, our in house experts know what it takes to produce high quality and reliable products that provide the support customers require.

The length of time our company has been in business speaks for itself. Modutek stands out from other semiconductor equipment manufacturers by continuously providing high quality and reliable products, innovative improvements along with outstanding customer service. Modutek has a long history of continuous operation working directly with customers to insure our products meet their requirements. Each of our products is manufactured according to a specific set of customer requirements to ensure quality and consistency in everything they produce.

As a leader among semiconductor equipment manufacturers, Modutek helped to support a growing market by acquiring Shannon Engineering in the early 90s and later changed the name to PCL (Pollution Control Laboratories). Run as a subsidiary of Modutek, they manufactured chemical delivery systems, acid neutralization and air scrubbers. During the late 90s, Modutek made the decision to drop the subsidiary. All of the environmental systems that were once manufactured under the subsidiary are now manufactured directly by Modutek.

New technological advancements are constantly being made in wet bench processes. Modutek gained automated flexibility, Spin Process System (SPS) and Vacuum Etch System (VES) in 2002 when we acquired Sysmax Inc. The VES and SPS systems were both new to the industry which helped Modutek garner new customers and increase their product offering. Both the SPS and VES systems operated with an extremely small footprint. While Sysmax Inc. operated as one of Modutek’s subsidiaries for a couple years, everything is now under the Modutek name.

Over the years, the semiconductor industry has gone through a lot of downturns. Many of our competitors ended up leaving the industry, but as a company we remained strong through it all. Modutek has been able to expand operations to become the enterprise we are today. The company continues to design and create wet process equipment that meet the increasing demands of our customers in the semiconductor manufacturing market.

Modutek’s Commitment to Innovation as a Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer


If you were to look back where Modutek was back when it started in 1980 and compare to where we are today, you could see how much our product line and service has significantly expanded. Part of the company’s philosophy which paved our success is a commitment to provide innovative products to meet all our customers’ equipment requirements and offer a total solution. We also strive to provide the best customer service in our industry among semiconductor equipment manufacturers. If you have any questions about any of our products, take a minute to discuss your concerns with one of the friendly customer service representatives by calling 866-803-1533 or email