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Modutek provides extensive expertise in designing and delivering a full product line of wet processing equipment to meet the needs of customers. The equipment supports a wide variety of wet bench processes, which can also be customized to solve problems for specific wafer strip applications. Modutek offers the following silicon wafer strip process applications: 
Resist Strip

Modutek provides an advanced ozone-cleaning process for photoresist strip that does not require the use of harsh, expensive chemicals. The ozone cleaning process can effectively strip, etch, or clean silicon wafers at a lower cost than conventional methods while using an environmentally friendly and safe process.

Solvent-Based Resist Strip 

Modutek supports solvent-based resist strip processes using the SFa series temperature-controlled stainless steel recirculating baths. The baths can handle solvents that include IPA, acetone, and resist strip solutions and meet all Class 1 Div 2 Group D requirements. The process vessel uses 316L electropolished stainless steel designed for long life and operates up to 100 degrees Celsius. The baths are designed to handle all solvent applications and are available in a range of sizes as well as custom sizes.

SPM Photo Resist Strip

Photoresist strip using a sulfuric acid/hydrogen peroxide mixture SPM process is supported by Modutek’s QFa high-temperature recirculation quartz tanks. They provide fast, even heating within a seamless, sloped flange design. The operating temperature range is 30 to 180 degrees Celsius, with a heat-up rate of approximately 2 degrees per minute. The temperature control of the process can be maintained with an accuracy of up to +/- 1 degree Celsius. The quartz bath vessel consists of boron-free internally flame-polished virgin fused quartz, and Modutek can provide a wide range of standard as well as custom sizes.

Wafer Strip Process Solutions

Processing engineers who need to use various wafer strip process applications can be confident that Modutek can supply the appropriate equipment to meet their requirements. With over 40 years of industry experience and expertise, Modutek provides an extensive product line of high-quality, reliable wet processing equipment components. Contact Modutek for a free consultation to discuss standard equipment for typical wafer strip processes and customized solutions for applications outside the norm.