Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Wet Bench Solutions

Our expertise and services in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and wet benches includes providing value added drawings: Electrical Schematic, Plumbing & Instrumentation Design, Solid Models, Flow Simulation and Spare Part Information will support you throughout the permitting process. This detailed documentation helps you maintain the station and all associated chemical etching and cleaning components throughout the life of the equipment.

Our experienced engineers and sales team can help you find you a cost effective solution for your wafer processing and chemical handling manufacturing requirements. Our commitment to customer satisfaction in providing high quality and reliable equipment is our highest priority. Contact us today to discuss your new or refurbished station and wet process component requirements. As one of the highest rated semiconductor equipment manufacturers and integration specialists in the industry, we look forward to working with our customers from start to finish as well as on-going equipment support.

Our Semiconductor Equipment and Wet Bench Solutions Cover the Following Applications:

  • BOE (Buffered Oxide Etch)
  • Chrome Etch
  • Flat Panel Display
  • GaAs Etching Process
  • KOH Etching
  • LED Process
  • MEMS
  • Metal Etch
  • Acid Neutralization Systems
  • Ozone Process, Photo Resist Strip
  • Ozone Process, Standard Clean
  • Plating
  • Positive Resist Strip
  • Precision Cleaning
  • SC1 & SC2 Clean
  • Silicon Etch
  • Silicon Nitride Etch
  • Solar (texturing, saw damage and chemical polishing)
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