Wet Process Equipment Products

Modutek has an extensive supply of wet process equipment to meet all semiconductor manufacturing needs. The company’s product line includes rotary wafer etching systems, vacuum metal etchers, IPA vapor dryers, megasonic cleaners, and quartz tube cleaning stations. These products support common wafer cleaning and etching processes such as RCA clean, KOH etching, Piranha etching, silicon nitride etch, GaAs etch, and metal etch. Modutek’s product line delivers superior performance in a safe environment and offers the following benefits:

  • Wet bench stations are compact and ergonomically designed for economical operation with an emphasis on low total cost of ownership.
  • Excellent reliability, high operating precision, and accurate repeatability mean fewer defects, less waste and higher quality output.
  • In-house design and manufacturing, including software, means Modutek’s engineers can customize all aspects of a wet process line.
  • An available high degree of automation results in lower chemical usage, accurate chemical composition, and safe operation.
  • Integrating functions that include rinsing and drying reduces the number of separate stations and the amount of space required.
  • Advanced technology improves cleaning performance and reduces particle count for better manufacturing results.

Free Consultation on Process and Equipment Requirements

Modutek offers free consultation on new projects, project refurbishments, expansions or updates to existing wet process lines. For specific customer needs, Modutek’s engineers can propose equipment from standard equipment lines or specialized solutions for customer requirements. Modutek’s wet bench stations can be customized to fit into existing installations or can be added to an existing facility. For new installations, the equipment can be configured to provide a highly efficient fabrication line with excellent throughput, manufacturing superior quality products.

Wet Process Equipment and Semiconductor Manufacturing Products:

Rotary Wafer Etching SystemRotary Wafer Etching System
Modutek’s Rotary Waer Etching System, Model-SPS, offers an economical, ergonomically planned, and safety-oriented automated batch processor for precise chemical etching, developing, stripping, resist etching, wafer reclaim or cleaning of semiconductor wafers or substrates.


Vacuum Metal EtcherVacuum Metal Etcher Wet Process Equipment
Modutek’s Vacuum Metal Etcher, Model-VES, is a fully automated batch processor designed for precise wet chemical etching of aluminum layers on semiconductor wafers.


IPA Vapor DryerIPA Vapor Dryer
Modutek’s IPA Vapor Dryer (MVD Series) gives you a very competitive alternative to your drying requirements. One (1) single drying chamber allows for DI water rinsing and IPA Vapor Drying in one free-standing unit. IPA vapor is generated inside a standard one-gallon bottle, so bottle change is very easy and quick.


Megasonic CleaningMegasonic Cleaning
Modutek’s Megasonic Cleaning Equipment offers a precision cleaning system developed for unique requirements for the Semiconductor, FPD, Hard Disk, Solar, and Crystal industries. We work directly with Kaijo Corporation, the world leader in Megasonic technology.


Quartz Tube Cleaning StationQuartz Tube Cleaning Stations
Modutek’s Horizontal Quartz Cleaning Stations are designed and built around your quartz tube configuration. All quartz tube cleaners incorporate an acid spray cycle, rinse cycle, and an option dry cycle. Once the application is defined, we add appropriate options like holding tanks, programmable rinse cycles, bottle washer, and T/C sheath cleaner to complete your design.

Chemical Stations

Wet Process Equipment- Manual StationsWet Processing Manual Stations
Modutek’s manual wet benches are available in a wide variety of configurations. Standard construction will support both acid and solvent applications. Our standard wet benches and wet process equipment give you all of the process and safety features as our fully automated or semi-automated wet benches without the extra cost of robotics.

Wet Process Equipment - Semi Automated StationsSemi Automated Stations
Modutek’s Semi-Automated Stations like our manual wet benches, are available in a wide variety of configurations. Our semi-automated robots give you the process uniformity without paying the fully automated price. All robots are servo controlled with 3 degrees of freedom (see attached video).


Wet Process Equipment - Fully Automated StationsFully Automated Stations
Modutek’s Fully Auto Systems, like our Semi-Auto Systems, are available in a wide variety of configurations. We work with your engineering team to design the best-wet process equipment for your application. We handle all process sizes, from standard wafer carriers, glass substrates to 30” x 60” glass solar panels.


Stainless Steel Solvent StationsStainless Steel Solvent Stations
Modutek’s stainless steel line of solvent equipment is available in Dry to Dry configuration, Fully Automated, Semi-Automated manual bench, and Fume Hood design. With stainless steel construction solvent applications are easily achieved. Acetone, IPA, and photo resist striping are just a few process options available.


Dry to Dry ProcessDry To Dry Process
Modutek’s Dry to Dry process equipment, like our Fully Automated Equipment, is available in a wide variety of configurations to meet your wet process equipment requirements. We work with your engineering team to design the best wet processing/etching or cleaning equipment for your application.


Fume HoodsFume Hoods
Modutek’s Fume Hoods give you the quick and low-cost means to exhaust hazardous chemicals away from your work service. Standard polypropylene construction will support both acids and bases applications. Our standard fume hoods provide all the required features for a safe working environment.

Process Components

Quartz BathsQuartz Baths Wet Process Equipment
The Modutek QFa Series of High-Temperature Recirculating Baths is the result of almost 30+ years of evolutionary bath design and a passion for establishing the quality standard in quartz baths. At Modutek, we define quality by the degree of safety, reliability, and cost of ownership integrated into every aspect of our baths.


Sub-Ambient Systems - BOESub-Ambient Systems / BOE Wet Process Equipment
The F SERIES sub-ambient filtered etch bath is our time-tested solution to providing continuous filtration while reducing acid consumption in your BOE (Buffered Oxide Etch) or positive resist develop processes. A low cost of ownership has been engineered into every detail of our filter etch bath, making it one of our most consistent performers.

Temperature Controlled CirculatorTemperature Controlled Circulator
The Modutek RCe Series of Temperature Control Recirculators was engineered to establish the highest standard for chiller/heater units. We have accomplished this by incorporating reliability, cost of ownership, and safety into every aspect of our design. The RCe Series is composed of a network of components and devices that continuously monitors the system.

Teflon Heated TanksTeflon Tanks
All Modutek Series Teflon tanks are available in three configurations: Temperature Controlled Recirculating Baths, Temperature Controlled Static Baths, and Teflon ambient baths. All models are available in standard carrier sizes for single or double capacity.


Nitride Etch BathsNitride Etch Baths Wet Process Equipment
The Nb Series silicon nitride etch bath is engineered to provide unparalleled process control, safety, and flexibility. This is accomplished by creating a two-tiered diagnostic system that monitors the temperature while maintaining the acid-to-water ratio through D.I. water supplementation.


Quick Dump RinserQuick Dump Rinsers
The DR Series dump rinser is our most efficient wet process equipment rinsing module. State-of-the-art engineering has eliminated particle entrapment, minimized rinsing time, reduced D.I. water consumption, and shortened dump time.


Solvent BathsSolvent Baths Wet Process Equipment
The Modutek SFa Series Stainless Steel Temperature Controlled Recirculating Bath is designed for all of your solvent applications. All solvent baths emphasize safety and meet Class 1 Div 1 Group D requirements.

Chemical Handling

Acid Fume ScubbersAcid Fume Scrubbers
Modutek’s acid fume scrubbers minimize water consumption and optimize fume scrubbing efficiency with automatic pH control of the scrubber water. Besides saving water, we also provide a 99 percent removal efficiency rate. Our packed bed fume scrubbers utilizing packing material by Lantec ensure the highest standard of efficiency.


Acid NeutralizerAcid Neutralization System
Modutek Corporation designs and manufactures a complete line of self-contained Acid Neutralization Systems that are compact, easy to install, and inexpensive to operate. Continuous flow or batch neutralization systems are available. These unique designs can be modified to fit the specific dimensional requirements of virtually any operation environment.


Chemical Delivery SystemChemical Delivery Systems
Modutek’s Chemical Delivery Systems are designed to interface with our complete line of wet process equipment. From our fully automated line to our manual wet processing station, we have a turnkey design to meet your cleanroom requirements.


Chemical Lift StationChemical Lift Stations
Modutek’s Chemical Lift Stations allows you to pump used chemicals and used rinse water directly from your wet process equipment station to your neutralization area. All chemical lift stations are designed to meet your flow requirements for single or multiple-station layouts.


Chemical Pump CartChemical Pump Carts
Modutek’s chemical pump carts allow for the safe removal or dispensing of acid or solvent within your clean room. Our chemical pump carts will remove chemicals from your process baths and store them safely in a DOT-approved container. The DOT-approved container is double-contained inside our cart.


Chemical CollectionChemical Collection
Modutek’s Collection Systems are designed to provide flexibility when chemical collection is required. We offer many sizes and configurations to meet your containment requirements. From 5-gallon carboy units with DOT-approved containers to large collection tanks, we support all applications.


Contact Modutek for all your wet process equipment needs. Modutek’s engineers and sales team will help you achieve your goals by selecting the best-wet processing equipment for your application. As a leading supplier to the semiconductor fabrication industry, Modutek is focused on delivering solutions that provide complete customer satisfaction. For more information, call us at 866-803-1533.