Reducing Wafer Processing Time and Costs with a Wafer Etching System

Reducing Wafer Processing Time and Costs with a Wafer Etching SystemSemiconductor fabrication facilities and research centers can reduce wafer processing times and cut costs using Modutek’s rotary wafer etching system. The automated batch processor delivers chemical etching, stripping, cleaning and developing solutions for semiconductor wafers or substrates. The system features high precision, increased safety for operators and rapid processing in a compact design. It can increase throughput and process efficiency while maintaining or improving output quality.

Rotary Wafer Processing

Modutek’s Rotary Wafer Etching System is a wet bench with a dual tank design. The system’s carrier assembly takes the wafer boats into the chemical tank where it provides rotational agitation for a set time. The system then transfers the carrier assembly to the rinse tank for rinse cycles.

When chemical processing and rinsing is completed, the operator can place the carrier in the unload position and remove the wafer boats for drying. The system helps ensure consistency with its rotation of the wafers in the baths and with a rapid transfer from the chemical tank to the rinse tank.

Automatic Operation

Modutek’s wafer etching system features touch screen control and programmable recipes for fully automatic wafer processing. The automation system’s microprocessor can control up to five recipes that are programmed via the touch screen. The screen displays the recipe in use and process information.

When the operator starts the automatic process, the system takes control of the carrier and transfers it through the chemical and rinse cycles according to the programmed values. The rotation can be set at up to 80 rpm in a closed loop motor control for high precision. Process temperature can be controlled to plus/minus one half degree centigrade from ambient to 100 degrees. Process times, pre-rinse times and quick dump cycles can be set to between zero and 9999 seconds (166 minutes), and transfer from the chemical tank to the rinse tank takes less than 3 seconds.

System Features

Modutek’s Rotary Wafer Etching System is a compact, freestanding unit with a small footprint measuring 39 inches wide, 44 inches deep and with a 74-inch high back panel. It can accommodate multiple wafer sizes in one toll with a rotor change and it has a production capacity of up to 50 6-inch wafers or 25 8-inch wafers at a time.

The system features double containment construction and goes to fail-safe mode when N2 pressure loses electrical power. Two sensors monitor liquid levels and the system has over temperature protection. All parts of the system that are in contact with corrosive chemicals are made of inert plastic and Modutek can supply tanks and cabinets made from other material as an option.

Additional system options include the capability to handle larger wafer sizes, a chemical filtering and re-circulating system, a fume condenser, a gravity chemical fill system and a heating/cooling system in the process tank. The system can be fitted with an RTD sensor for temperature reading to 0.1 degrees centigrade and a resistivity monitoring system in the rinse tank is available, as are ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Modutek prioritizes the use of an economical and self-contained unit with an ergonomical design that offers a high level of safety for operators and improved process efficiency. The Model-SPS Rotary Wafer Etching System fulfills these goals and allows customers to update their systems with a proven solution offered by an experienced supplier. The available options increase flexibility and let customers match the system to the requirements of their application. When requirements are complicated or unclear, Modutek can help and propose solutions and options that meet the requirements of each customer.