Certifications and Support for Wet Benches and Wet Processing Equipment

Certifications and Support for Wet Benches and Wet Processing EquipmentWet benches and associated semiconductor manufacturing and processing equipment use corrosive chemicals in electrically powered equipment that must be designed to high levels of safety. Certifications of compliance with applicable standards are a key factor in giving customers the confidence that their equipment is well designed and safe to use.

Customer support is another important factor in achieving exceptional customer satisfaction. Guaranteed warranty support and a high level of customer service ensures that customers can operate the equipment they have purchased for their application. Modutek provides wet benches and wet processing equipment with extensive certifications, comprehensive warranties and customer support for service, repairs and customization to help ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their purchases.

UL508a Standard for Industrial Control Panels

Modutek’s electrical panels are wired according to UL 508a. The standard specifies safety features such as protection against live electrical parts and the grounding of electrical equipment. It gives guidelines for the sizing of circuits, the sizing and routing of wiring and the placement of disconnect switches. Such standards become extremely important for both the safety of the operators and the protection of equipment because compliance with them reduces the risk of overheating or short-circuits in the electrical system. When wiring and circuits are correctly designed and sized, they function safely without dangerous temperatures. When technicians can easily disconnect circuits to test or repair components, the risk of injury to personnel and damage to equipment are reduced.


The National Fire Protection Association standard 70 is the National Electrical Code. The code governs the safe design, installation and inspection of electrical systems. Where UL508a deals specifically with Industrial Control Panels, the NEC treats the same topics and risks for whole electrical systems and installations. In addition, it specifically addresses systems in hazardous locations. Modutek’s systems are wired to fully comply with NFPA 70 and the NEC and they offer a high level of safety and operational reliability.


The National Fire Protection Association standard 79 deals with the safety of industrial machinery. The standard focuses on electrical safety and reliable operation of electrical and electronic equipment in industrial machines. In addition to design elements common to industrial panels and systems as described in the UL and NEC standards, NFPA 79 deals with the physical environment and operating conditions of the installation. The standard specifies what operational safety controls are required, such as emergency off buttons and interlocks, and it gives guidelines for testing and for documentation. Modutek’s wet benches fully comply with this standard and are designed to provide safe, reliable operation.

Other Certifications, Standards and Support

Modutek’s wet benches are wired in accordance with the above standards but the company carries out additional testing and further certifications are available. All benches are tested using deionized water and they are guaranteed for one or two years. Extensive customer support for upgrades, customized solutions and field service is also available.

If required, Modutek can supply third-party certification for the above standards and also for a SEMI S2/S8 Safety Assessment, Ashare 110 Fume Hood Testing, CE Mark (European Testing), CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and AS/NZS3000: 2007 (Australian/New Zealand Standard). These certifications can give customers additional confidence in the high level of safety and exceptional quality of Modutek’s wet benches and in the compliance of Modutek’s systems with applicable standards.