Chemical Handling EquipmentChemical Handling Equipment for Manufacturing Operations

Modutek’s chemical handling equipment allows manufacturers to make workplaces more secure while saving money. Chemicals are stored safely, delivered to the manufacturing process in precise quantities and treated prior to disposal. Well-designed chemical handling equipment can fulfill these functions while reducing waste and keeping track of chemical usage. Detailed functionality of Modutek’s chemical handling systems includes the following:

  • Reception and Storage. Modutek’s equipment has flexible reception and storage options to meet the needs of specific manufacturing lines. Chemicals are kept securely in accordance with local regulations and low storage levels can be signaled to ensure a continuous supply.
  • Chemical Delivery. Chemical delivery systems are highly customizable for integration into manufacturing lines. Modutek offers varying degrees of automation for chemical use calculation, tracking and mixing. Equipment can be placed inside process stations or placed behind the lines in a space-saving configuration.
  • Chemical Disposal. Chemical disposal options include collection of chemicals and neutralization. Chemicals such as acids can be neutralized at the production line or at a separate neutralization site. Disposal takes place in accordance with environmental standards and includes production of the required records.

Modutek’s chemical handling systems reduce waste with precise calculations and measurements. Human error resulting in spills or in the delivery of inaccurate quantities is reduced. Chemical neutralization and disposal is performed in a controlled environment that reduces the use of neutralizing chemicals. Workplace safety is increased and the manufacturing line runs more efficiently.

Modutek offers a full range of chemical handling equipment and can customize products to meet specific manufacturing requirements. Specific products include acid fume scrubbers with a high removal rate of hazardous fumes; compact acid neutralization systems with low operating costs; customizable chemical delivery systems with flexible automation options; chemical lift stations that can be incorporated into a manufacturing line; chemical carts (also referred to as “chemical pump carts”, “chemical collection carts” or “chemical delivery carts”), for flexible chemical removal and treatment; and chemical collection systems with flexible sizing and containment options.

With extensive experience in chemical handling, Modutek offers effective solutions for manufacturers and research centers. All our chemical handling equipment uses the highest quality materials to manufacture reliable products that operate safely. By designing and building our own equipment, we can offer extensive customization and complete post-sales support. Read more about the products that make up Modutek’s chemical handling equipment product line below, and call us for more information and a free consultation regarding your chemical handling needs.

Acid Fume Scrubbers

Acid Fume Scrubber

Modutek’s acid fume scrubbers minimize water consumption and optimize fume scrubbing efficiency with automatic pH control of the scrubber water. Besides saving you water we offer a 99 percent removal efficiency rate. Our packed bed fume scrubbers utilizing packing material by Lantec ensures the highest standard of efficiency.
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Acid Neutralization System

Acid Neutralization System with reagent cabinetModutek Corporation designs and manufactures a complete line of self-contained Acid Neutralization Systems that are compact, easy to install and inexpensive to operate. Continuous flow or batch neutralization systems are available. These unique designs can be modified to fit the specific dimensional requirements of virtually any operation environment.
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Chemical Delivery Systems

Chemical Mixing & Delivery SystemModutek’s Chemical Delivery Systems are designed to interface with our complete line of wet processing equipment. From our fully automated line to our manual wet processing station we have a turnkey design to meets your clean room requirements. Large tote chemical containers with load cell interface allow you to control your chemical delivery in large volume eliminating frequent drum change.
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Chemical Lift Stations

Chemical-Lift-Staton-with-31Modutek’s Chemical Lift Stations allows you to pump used chemical and used rinse water directly from your wet processing station to your neutralization area. All chemical lift stations are designed to meet your flow requirements for single or multiple station layouts. As chemical enters the lift station tank our level sensors recognizes flow and automatically activates the pump.
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Chemical Carts

Chemical Carts
Modutek’s chemical carts allow for safe removal or dispensing of acid or solvent within your cleanroom. Chemical carts will remove chemical from your process baths and store them safety into a DOT approval container. The DOT approved container is double contained inside our cart.
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Chemical Collection

Large Collection tank with double containmentModutek’s Collection Systems are designed to give you flexibly when chemical collection is required. We offer many sizes and configurations to meet your containment requirements. From 5 gallon carboy units with DOT approved containers to large collection tanks, we support all applications. Our software system monitors and controls your disposal levels to keep your fab in continuous operation.
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