Acid Neutralization System

Acid Neutralization System with reagent cabinet

Modutek Corporation designs and manufactures a complete line of self-contained Acid Neutralization System products that are compact, easy to install and inexpensive to operate. Continuous flow or batch acid neutralizers are available. These unique designs can be modified to fit the specific dimensional requirements of virtually any operation environment.  The Acid Neutralization System throughput capacity can also be tailored to meet the needs of industrial production facilities of all sizes.

System Benefits Include:

20 GPM Continuous Flow Neutralizer

  • Final monitor chamber for sampling and recording of pH wastewater discharge
  • Secondary containment standard
  • Automatic discharge only within desired limits
  • Indoor or outdoor installations are available
  • Completely self-contained

System Features Include:

20 gpm Acid Neutralization System

  • Available in many sizes
    Sized from 5 to 500 gpm.  Compact design with double containment and on board reagent tank option.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Installation
    Install our Acid Neutralization System indoors or outdoors, for ease of installation of plumbing connection and electrical hookup.
  • Fully Automatic Operation
    Treats acidic or alkaline wastewater streams in a fully automatic operation.

5 GPM Continues Flow Acid Neutralizer

  • Two or Three Stage Systems
    Two stage systems handle normal applications.  Three stage systems are used on the most demanding plant conditions.
  • Unitized Construction
    5 to 100 gpm system use unitized construction with ½-inch thick thermo welded polypropylene.  Larger sized designed with skid mounted process in polyethylene, fiberglass or lined steel.
  • Microprocessor-Based pH Control
    This ensures high accuracy, ease of calibration, and reliability of your system.  A digital chart recorder is used for continuous monitoring and recording of pH discharge to ensure acid waste neutralization requirements are met.


  • System Alarms
    • High and low pH system monitoring in final chamber
    • Liquid sensor in double containment
    • Low-level reagent storage tanks
    • Remote alarms can be tied into relays in the control panel

Facility Requirements

Control system – 120 VAC
Mixers and pumps can be 120, 230, or 460 VAC


Modutek offers a full range of chemical handling equipment and systems and can customize products to meet your specific manufacturing requirements. If you need additional information about our Acid Neutralization System products or want a quote or recommendation on pH neutralization treatment for your application, contact us at 866-803-1533.