Chemical Collection Systems

Large Collection tank with double containment

Modutek’s Collection Systems are designed to give you flexibly when chemical collection is required. We offer many sizes and configurations to meet your containment requirements. From 5 gallon carboy units with DOT approved containers to large collection tanks, we support all applications. Our software system monitors and controls your disposal levels to keep your fab in continuous operation. With our collection system design and software interface, there is no down time due to our “fill/empty” control system.

We do not outsource or subcontract our chemical collection manufacturing or software design. All equipment is engineered and manufactured at our San Jose, CA facility. Final acceptance testing at Modutek is always available.

Benefit’s Include:

Touch Screen for Tank Farm Collection System

  • Many collection containment sizes available
  • Custom designed around your requirements
  • Eliminates operator interface
  • User friendly software
  • Improves throughput due to quick chemical change


5 gallon DOT approved carboys in clean room chase

  • Multiple configurations available
  • Double containment cabinet construction
  • Leak detection
  • Double wall plumbing available
  • Data logging available
  • Chemical drum or carboy will incorporate level sensing
    • Low/Low
    • Low
    • High/High
    • High
  • All level sensors displayed remotely


Chemical Collection Farm

  • Wet processing stations
  • Tech benches
  • Fume hoods
  • Plating station
  • Precision cleaning stations
  • Acid exhaust hoods