Teflon Tanks

Heated Teflon Tanks

overflow Teflon tanksAll Modutek Series Teflon® tanks are available in three configurations: Temperature Controlled Recirculating Baths, Temperature Controlled Static Baths and Teflon ambient baths. All models are available in standard carrier sizes for single or double capacity.  We also build custom sizes to match any requirement.  Our module design allows for installation into any new wet etching station configuration.  It also allows for easy upgrades into your existing etching stations.  Heat sources are available in two options:  Teflon® inline heating or immersion heating in the overflow weir. We work directly with you to design the best layout configuration that fits your current clean room facilities layout. If you need more information about our Teflon Tanks, including features, options or configurations, or to get quote for your specific requirements, call us at 866-803-1533.

Available Models of Teflon Tanks:

  • TFa Series – PFA Teflon® High Temperature Overflow
  • TI Series – PFA Teflon® High Temperature Static
  • TT Series – PFA Teflon® Tank Ambient

Benefits of Teflon Tanks:

Teflon Overflow with Auto Lid

  • Modular design
  • Two available heat sources
  • All Teflon® fluid path
  • In house heater maintenance and repair
  • 360 degree overflow filtration
  • Uniform heating throughout the bath

Features of Teflon Tanks:

Static Teflon Tank

  • 360 degree serration overflow
  • Condensing refluxor – optional
  • Custom tank sizes available
  • Low level, High Limit, High Temperature and Drain Interlock standand
  • Ease of installation and repair of new or existing wet station configurations

System Specifications:

Teflon Overflow with Condensing Refluxor

  • Application: KOH and TMAH
  • Operating temperature range: 30 – 100º C
  • Process temperature control: ± 0.5º C
  • Heat-up rate: 2-3º C per minute (rate affected by size of system)
  • Teflon® refluxor with Teflon® cooling coils
  • One year warranty

Tank Options:

KOH Overflow Tank

  • Auto cover (pneumatically actuated)
  • Aspirator valve system
  • Teflon® gravity drain system
  • Remote operation timer switches
  • Model C1915a or C1115a Temperatur process controller / timer
  • RS232 Interface

Construction Materials:

  • All PFA Teflon®