Wafer Fabrication Equipment -Fully Automated Stations

Fully-Automated Acid/Base Stations for clean room applications

Wafer Fabrication Equipment Fully Automated Station

Modutek offers manual, semi-automated as well as fully automated wet process benches and chemical stations that make up an extensive product line of wafer fabrication equipment. In addition,  Modutek develops customized solutions to satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of customers. Modutek’s wet benches and chemical stations can handle both acid and solvent applications and all standard process sizes, from standard wafer carriers and glass substrates to 30″ x 60″ glass solar panels.

The fully automated stations use in house designs and the latest technology to improve process yields. As components become more densely packed, precise control of process times and chemical dosage become important for improving results. To comply with strict environmental regulations, chemical waste has to be minimized and neutralization of discharges ensured. Full automation means that human error is eliminated, chemical usage is reduced and the process is tightly controlled.

With Modutek’s SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Flow Simulation software, customers can improve etch rates and throughput while maintaining the highest output quality. The number of mistakes is reduced and the chemical dosage is calculated accurately. Tracking of chemical usage reduces waste and ensures correct usage according to the specific application. The process environment remains consistent at all times and processes are fully repeatable.

Modutek’s engineers work closely with each customer to design chemical stations and wafer fabrication equipment that meets the requirements of the each application. Standard equipment modules and software can be customized for any wet bench processing / etching or cleaning application. Modutek’s software engineers design and write all software in house. All robotic equipment is designed, assembled and tested in house at the Modutek’s facility in San Jose, California and all wafer fabrication equipment is tested there using de-ionized water. The result is that Modutek can offer unparalleled end-to-end customer support including final acceptance testing and comprehensive after sales customer service.

Benefits of Modutek’s Fully Automated Wafer Fabrication Equipment Include:


  • In house customization to meet customer process requirements
  • Precise automated process execution and reliable repeatability
  • Improved yield and reduced errors
  • SolidWorks Simulation software for accurate calculation of process parameters
  • In House robotic and software design
  • Complete design, assembly and test at one location
  • Over 30 years of continuous operation with outstanding customer support

Standard Features:

wet benches fully automated station 6

  • White polypropylene construction
  • Available in any size and length to meet you requirement
  • All stations wired per NFPA 70 & 79
  • PCL with touch screen/GUI (graphic user interface)
  • Servo motor motors with encoder feed back
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) with mushroom button and all safety interlocks
  • All process tanks with 1” lip exhaust
  • N2 head case purge with interlock
  • Photohelic with interlock to EPO
  • PVC safety shields
  • Teflon N2 gun and DI water hand spray
  • Continuous flow DI water manifold
  • Casters and leg levelers
  • One year warranty on all parts
  • 2 copies paper manual and one complete set of paperless


wet benches fully automated station 7

  • FM4910 (PVC-C) material of construction
  • Stainless steel construction for solvent application
  • Dry to Dry Process
  • Rear access design
  • Data logging
  • On line support
  • Resistivity monitoring control
  • All Teflon plumbing


  • In house SolidWorks Flow Simulator software with report and drawings including 3D model
  • In house SolidWorks Simulator Professional with reports and drawings including 3D model
  • Chemical management interface
  • Third party certification for NFPA 70 & 70
  • Semi standard, CE mark and NEC certification available
  • Seismic zone 4 structural certification
  • Fan Filter Units (HEPA)
  • Lift station designed into bench
  • Dedicated drains to carboy with DOT containment
  • Overhead deck lighting
  • Fire suppression system
  • Light tower (3-color)
  • Extended warranty available

Applications of Modutek’s Wafer Fabrication Equipment Include:


  • KOH Etching
  • Ozone Etching
  • Ozone Cleaning
  • SC1 & SC2 featuring Megasonic Cleaning
  • Precision Part Cleaning
  • BOE (Buffered Oxide Etching)
  • SPM Cleaning
  • Plating
  • Quartz cleaning
  • All solvent applications
  • Hot phosphoric (Nitride Etching)

If you need more information on any of Modutek’s manual, semi-automated or fully automated wafer fabrication equipment call us at 866-803-1533 or fill out our contact us form.