Wet Processing Equipment

Modutek provides advanced wet processing equipment to meet all your manufacturing requirements. From our state of the art rotary wafer etching system, to our IPA vapor dryer, megasonic cleaner and quartz tube cleaning stations, we provide high quality and reliable wet processing equipment solutions that will address your manufacturing needs. For more information or to get a quote, call us at 866-803-1533.

Wet Processing Equipment Products:

Rotary Wafer Etching System

Rotary Wafer Etching System Top Deck View

Modutek’s Wafer Rotary Etching System, Model-SPS, offers an economical, ergonomically planned and safety oriented automated batch processor for precise chemical etching, developing, stripping, resist etching, wafer reclaim or cleaning of semiconductor wafers or substrates.
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Vacuum Metal Etcher

Vacuum Metal EtcherModutek’s Vacuum Metal Etcher, Model-VES is a fully automated batch processor designed for precise wet chemical etching of aluminum layers on semiconductor wafers. Wafers are etched under vacuum so that hydrogen bubbles, an etching reaction which causes “snow” and “bridging”, are immediately removed from the wafer surface and exhausted by an evacuating pump.
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IPA Vapor Dryer

IPA Dryer Front ViewModutek’s IPA Vapor Dryer (MVD Series) gives you a very competitive alternative to your drying requirements. One (1) single drying chamber allows for DI water rinsing and IPA Vapor Drying in one free standing unit. IPA vapor is generated inside your standard one gallon bottle so bottle change is very easy and quick. IPA bottle change is at deck level in our exhausted compartment with level sensor protection.
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Megasonic Cleaning

Megasonic Cleaning -Semiconductor wet processing equipmentModutek’s Megasonic Cleaning Equipment offers a precision cleaning system developed for unique requirements for the Semiconductor, FPD, Hard Disk, Solar and Crystal industries. We work directly with Kaijo Corporation the world leader in Megasonic technology. This gives us the opportunity to offer the latest Megasonic advances like the new Kaijo Quava Megasonic generator.
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Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations

Semi Automated Poly Silicon Tube CleanerModutek’s Horizontal Quartz Cleaning Stations are designed and built around your quartz tube configuration. All quartz tube cleaners incorporate an acid spray cycle, rinse cycle and an option dry cycle. Once the application is defined we add appropriate options like holding tanks, programmable rinse cycles, bottle washer and T/C sheath cleaner to complete your design.
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If you have any questions about our wet processing equipment or other products or need help in choosing the right equipment for your requirements, call us at 866-803-1533.