IPA Vapor Dryer

IPA Vapor Dryer (Marangoni Drying) using gradient technology

IPA Vapor Dryer (Marangoni Drying) Top View

Modutek’s IPA Vapor Dryer (MVD Series) also known as Marangoni drying gives you a very competitive alternative to your drying requirements. One (1) single drying chamber allows for DI water rinsing and IPA Vapor Drying in one free standing unit. IPA vapor is generated inside your standard one gallon bottle so bottle change is very easy and quick. IPA bottle change is at deck level in our exhausted compartment with level sensor protection. IPA vapor is introduced through the top cover of the drying tank allowing for even vapor distribution. This reduces your IPA consumption and still gives you surface tension drying across all wafers or substrates. Ozone can also be introduced to the drying process to eliminate trace organic impurities. We work with your engineering team to design the best IPA Vapor Dryer (Marangoni Drying) for your application. We handle all process sizes from standard wafer (one or two) carriers to glass substrates. Our SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Flow Simulation give you the process flow characteristic you require. This advanced software will improve your drying time. All drying equipment is designed, assembled and tested at our facility in San Jose, CA. We do not outsource or subcontract our IPA vapor dryer (Marangoni Dryer) design. Final acceptance testing at Modutek is always available. All testing is performed using DI water. To get a quote on our IPA Vapor Dryer (Marangoni Drying) call 866-803-1533.

Benefits of IPA Vapor Dryer (Marangoni Drying) Include:

IPA vapor dryer (Marangoni Drying) in fab

  • Very low IPA consumption
  • No watermarks
  • No moving parts inside drying chamber eliminating wafer breakage
  • Most drying cycles completed in 10-15 minutes
  • Drying technology can be easily designed into your wet bench eliminating one transfer step

Standard Features of IPA Vapor dryer (Marangoni drying):

IPA Vapor Dryer (Marangoni Drying) full view

  • White polypropylene construction
  • 30” wide cabinet
  • All IPA Vapor Dryers wired per NFPA 70 & 79
  • PCL with touch screen/GUI (graphic user interface)
  • Multiple recipe function
  • Auto lid with foot switch open and double switch close
  • All Teflon fitting s, tubing and water valves
  • DI water degassing using membrane contactor
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) with mushroom button and all safety interlocks
  • Hot N2 dry feature
  • N2 head case purge with interlock
  • Photohelic with interlock to EPO
  • PVC side shields (removable)
  • Continuous flow DI water manifold
  • Casters and leg levelers
  • Light tower (3-color)
  • One year warranty on all parts
  • 2 copies paper manual and one complete set of paperless


IPA vapor dryer (Marangoni Drying) in clean room

  • FM4910 (PVC-C) material of construction
  • Manual lid
  • Ozone feature
  • Quick dump feature
  • Static eliminator
  • Data logging
  • On line support
  • Resistivity monitoring control
  • Third party certification for NFPA 70 & 70
  • Semi standard, CE mark and NEC certification available
  • Seismic zone 4 structural certification
  • Fan Filter Units (HEPA)
  • Overhead deck lighting
  • Fire suppression system
  • Extended warranty available


IPA vapor dryer (Marangoni Drying) touch screen view

  • Wafer drying
  • Ozone Cleaning