Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations

Horizontal Quartz Tube Cleaning Station

Manual Quartz Tube Cleaning Station

Modutek’s Horizontal Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations are designed and built around your quartz tube configuration. All quartz tube cleaners incorporate an acid spray cycle, rinse cycle and an option dry cycle. Once the application is defined we add appropriate options like holding tanks, programmable rinse cycles, bottle washer and T/C sheath cleaner to complete your design. All tube cleaners include all required safety features with sign off drawings. Our expertise in developing quartz tube cleaning stations and outstanding customer support gives you the satisfaction you deserve. All process, etching or cleaning components are built and designed in-house giving you complete turnkey support.

Quartz Tube Cleaning Station Benefits Include:

Semi Automated Poly Silicon Quartz Tube Cleaning Station

  • Custom designed around your tube requirement
  • Automation option with program recipes
  • Multifunctional design
  • Rugged and reliable tube roller design
  • One piece construction up to 10’ in length

Quartz Tube Cleaning Station Standard Features:

Tube Wash

  • White polypropylene construction
  • Manual tube roller system
  • Back draft exhaust
  • Available in any size and length to meet you requirement
  • All stations wired per NFPA 70 & 79
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) with mushroom button and all safety interlocks
  • All process tanks with 1” lip exhaust
  • N2 head case purge
  • Photohelic with interlock to EPO
  • PVC safety shields
  • Teflon N2 gun and DI water hand spray
  • Continuous flow DI water manifold
  • Casters and leg levelers
  • One year warranty on all parts
  • 2 copies paper manual and one complete set of paperless


  • FM4910 (PVC-C) material of construction
  • Automated tube roller system
  • Hot N2 tube drying system
  • On board bottle washer available
  • One board T/C sheath cleaner available
  • Acid holding tank
  • Acid filtration system
  • Acid mixing
  • Rear access design
  • Third party certification for NFPA 70 & 70
  • Semi standard, CE mark and NEC certification available
  • Seismic zone 4 structural certification
  • Lift station designed into bench
  • Overhead deck lighting
  • Light tower (3-color)
  • Counter balance safety shields
  • Extended warranty available


  • Quartz tube cleaner
  • Epi tube cleaner
  • Poly Silicon tube cleaner
  • Bottle washer
  • T/C Sheath cleaner

If you need more information or a quote for a Quartz Tube Cleaning Station call Modutek at 866-803-1533.