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Optimizing the BOE Process for High-Precision Manufacturing

Optimizing the BOE Process for High-Precision Manufacturing

In the constantly evolving field of semiconductor manufacturing, achieving high-precision results is paramount. Buffered Oxide Etch (BOE) plays a crucial role in this process, providing the precise etching capabilities required for intricate semiconductor devices. This article guides process engineers in optimizing the BOE process for small-scale wet processing tabletop baths to large-scale wet bench systems. […]

Silicon Wafer Etching Processes for Wet Processing Applications


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in September 2016 and has been updated with additional information and reposted in June 2023. The production of semiconductor components relies on the etching of silicon wafers using various processes like KOH etching to create the necessary structures and connections. To meet etching requirements, Modutek offers cutting-edge wet […]

Isotropic and Anisotropic Silicon Wet Etching Processes


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Aug 2019 and has been updated with additional information and reposted in May 2023. Silicon wet etching is a crucial process used in the semiconductor industry to form various structures and patterns on silicon substrates. Isotropic and anisotropic wet etching techniques are two types frequently used in […]

Using Modutek’s Teflon Tanks with KOH and TMAH Etching Processes


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in June 2014 and has been updated with additional information and reposted in March 2023. KOH (potassium hydroxide) and TMAH (tetramethylammonium hydroxide) are two commonly used chemicals for etching silicon, glass, and other materials. The etching process involves dissolving the surface of the material, leaving behind a desired […]

How Better KOH Etching Results Are Achieved Using Teflon Tanks


While KOH etching is widely used, the process controls and the process tanks can play a major role in obtaining the desired results. Improved KOH etching means precise control of the etch rate and a low particle count. When the etch rate is exact and consistent, the etched shapes in the silicon wafer will be […]

How Process Controls Improve KOH Etching Results


While potassium hydroxide (KOH) etching is a versatile process for creating silicon microstructures, precise and responsive controls are required to get superior results. The KOH wet bench process is popular because KOH etches quickly and it is less hazardous than some other processes. Combined with accurate chemical delivery and reliable process controls, KOH etching can deliver exact […]

Improving the KOH Etching Process Using Teflon Tanks


Etching with potassium hydroxide (KOH) is commonly used for general purpose etching of silicon wafers because the process can be tightly controlled and because it is relatively safe. During the process, the etch rate is controlled through the temperature. When KOH etching is done using Modutek’s Teflon tanks, performance can be improved through tank features […]

Specialized Wafer Etching for Critical Wet Processing Applications


Improving the performance of critical wet process applications depends on selecting wet bench processes designed for the tasks at hand. Specialized equipment can support different etching and cleaning processes and can be used to make sure that the process selected can fulfill specific application requirements. Modutek’s wet process stations are specialized for the different processes […]

Advantages of Using the KOH Etching Process


The KOH etching process uses a potassium hydroxide solution to etch silicon wafers and produce microscopic structures in the silicon. In subsequent semiconductor fabrication steps, the micro structures are used in the manufacture of integrated circuits, processors and other electronic devices. Compared to other etching processes KOH etching is comparatively safe, etches silicon rapidly and […]

How the KOH Etching Process is Improved Using Modutek’s Teflon Tanks


Among the different approaches available to foundries that create intricate integrated circuitry on semiconductor chips, etching with potassium hydroxide (KOH) is frequently preferred for the error-free mass-production that it allows. The improvement in precision that the KOH etching process brings to semiconductor fabrication is attributable in large part to the use of deionized water. When […]