Megasonic Cleaning Equipment

Quartz Megasonic Cleaning Equipment

Modutek’s Megasonic Cleaning Equipment offers a precision cleaning system developed for unique requirements for the Semiconductor, FPD, Hard Disk, Solar, and Crystal industries. We work directly with Kaijo Corporation, the world leader in Megasonic cleaning systems technology. This gives us the opportunity to offer the latest Megasonic cleaning advances like the new Kaijo Quava Megasonic cleaning system generator.


Megasonic Cleaning Equipment

With our Indirect (MSI Series) bath design, you have the ability to remove 0.1 µm particles and operate at temperatures up to 140˚C. Our Direct (MSD Series) gives you the same results as our Teflon-coated Megasonic transducer. The transducer plate is located directly in the tank for quick installation or upgrades. This is ideal for SC1 applications and has a temperature rating of 70˚C maximum. In either case, our engineers work with you to design the most efficient Megasonic cleaning system for your application.

Megasonic Cleaning Benefits Include:

Megasonic Cleaning Equipment

  • Submicron particle removal
  • No cavitation damage
  • High power density
  • Full power cleaning (all transducers are powered simultaneously)
  • Maximum power Efficiency (Kaijo’s patented transducer bonding allows for maximum power transmission)

Megasonic Cleaning Features:

Megasonic Cleaning Equipment

  • Automatic frequency tracking system: Kaijo’s patented PLL system maintains a constant output independent of normal load variations. No remote power matching unit is required.
  • High-efficiency generator: The generator is highly efficient due to adaptation of Power MOS FET devices.
  • Upper & lower limit controls: Constant output monitoring to ensure that power is stable within user’s programmable limits.
  • Our standard 950kHz high-frequency system eliminates the risk of damage due to cavitation
  • Other available frequencies: 2MHz, 750kHz, 430kHz and 200kHz


Megasonic Cleaning Equipment

  • Power rating (3 versions available): Output Power: 600 watts, 900 watts, or 1200 watts
  • Oscillation: Voltage control oscillator (V.C.O)
  • Frequency Tracking: Automatic
  • Power Control: LED indicator display
  • Guard: THERMO lamp for heat sink overheat
  • Power: 200v -240v, 600 watt unit 6amp, 900 watt unit 10amp and 1200 watt unit 10amp

Megasonic Cleaning Applications:

Megasonic Cleaning EquipmentMegasonic Cleaning Equipment

  • Silicon
  • GaAs
  • Rinsing
  • LCD glass panels
  • Hard disks
  • Crystal elements
  • Masks


If you have any questions about how our Megasonic Cleaning Equipment can meet your unique process requirements, call us at 866-803-1533.