Silicon Wafer Cleaning Equipment

Modutek strives to partner with our customers by developing the most effective and reliable silicon wafer cleaning equipment solutions. Our staff of knowledgeable experts can provide application specific processing solutions in semiconductor etching, resist strip, advanced wet etch and more.

The industry demands for effective and efficient semiconductor components requires that any contaminants and impurities be removed during the micro-fabrication process. Without it, the performance and functionality of components can be hindered, affecting end costs and potentially damaging the reputation of the manufacturer.

Microelectronic cleaning processes has become our specialty at Modutek. We’ve been the premier supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment for over thirty five years, and that experience is manifest in the design of our advanced wafer cleaning equipment. We offer various options for cleaning wafers that can be customized to meet the needs of your application. Our team of engineers and software developers works with you from the initial planning stages and design approval, to the final acceptance and installation process at your facility. You can be assured that you won’t find a better option when it comes to high quality and reliable equipment.


Silicon Wafer Cleaning Equipment Options:silicon wafer cleaning equipment

We offer a wide range of wet process equipment options. Whichever you choose, each comes with a one-year warranty on parts as well as an extensive customer support network. Consider your application’s specific needs when researching our equipment options:

  • Rotary Wafer Etching System: This dual tank system offers wafer cleaning with a convenient, compact design. The operator loads the wafer boats into the assembly and closes the fume door to begin the cleaning cycle. The carrier assembly is first transferred into the chemical process tank where it is continuously subjected to an agitation cycle over a pre-programmed time. The assembly is then moved to the quench tank, where it undergoes multiple Quench-Quick Dump-Overflow rinse cycles. Once the preset number of cycles is reached, an alarm sounds, alerting the operator. The assembly continues to spin until the RESET button is pushed.
  • Fully-Automated, Semi-automated or Manual Wet Bench Stations: Our wet bench stations can support your silicon wafer cleaning processing requirements. Our SolidWorks Simulation Professional and Flow Simulation software programs offer precise control over the cleaning process.

Custom-fit Teflon Tanks

Our silicon wafer cleaning equipment features Teflon heated tanks available in either a TFa Series configuration for our Recirculating Overflow Baths,  a TI Series configuration for our Static Baths, or a TT Series configuration for our Ambient Baths. Each is available in either a standard single or double load capacity, or custom sizes fit your specifications to fit easily into your wafer cleaning equipment. Beyond the options in configurations, you can choose between two heating options: Teflon inline heating or overflow weir immersion heating. Our Teflon tanks have a standard operating temperature range between 30⁰C – 100⁰C, with a heat-up rate of 2⁰C – 3⁰C per minute.

Call Us to Discuss Your Manufacturing Requirements

We offer the most advanced and reliable silicon wafer cleaning equipment in the business. As a leader in the semiconductor manufacturing and equipment industry, our team of experts utilize the most advanced cutting-edge technology available to provide a solution that meets your manufacturing requirements. In addition our equipment includes a one year warranty on parts and our customer support network. For more information or to get a free quote on any one of our products, call us today at 408.362.2000 or toll free at 866.803.1533, or e-mail us at

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